Keri & Jim’s Engagement Session ~ Falmouth Wedding Photographers

We got together with one of our special couples, Keri & Jim, recently for their bello love session. We first met them in November of 2013. Jim had reached out to us with a plan to propose to Keri and he wanted to further surprise her by having it documented. This was our first official proposal session and we had sooooo much fun! The honor and privilege of getting to bear witness to such a personal moment was not lost on us romantics.

I spoke several times with Jim leading up to the proposal to make sure we wouldn’t miss a thing. We brought some prosecco and a blanket and couldn’t wait to celebrate with them when Keri inevitably said, “Yes!” to this sweet thoughtful man who went to such lengths for his sweetheart. Click HERE for a peek at the proposal and private celebration that followed.

So when we got together again two weeks ago, it was like meeting up with old friends. Because we had spent the first photo session at the beach, we decided to mix it up and do something different this time. Here are a few of our favorite moments from our time together.

We started our session at Spohrs Garden in Woods Hole.

Happy times with our old pals….

Although they both attended the University of Connecticut at the same time, it wasn’t until they began working for a promotions company that their paths crossed. One day, as part of their job, they were thrown together and charged with driving a giant Dunkin’ Donuts truck to and from Portland, Maine for an event. Fifteen hours later, the two were fast friends. “There really is nothing like spending a ‘few’ hours in Masspike traffic to really get to know someone,” they told us.

Their first official date didn’t come until several years later, when they met for pizza “as friends.” One red potato with bacon pizza and several dates later and that friendship blossomed into something more.

Since then, Jim & Keri have added a sweet pug, Brewster, to the mix. And, now, nine years after that first fateful meeting they are preparing to wed at the stunning Branford House in Groton, Connecticut. We can’t wait to be there with them later this summer, to watch and bear witness as the “Yes!” we were so fortunate to see turns into, “I do!” We’re also pretty stoked to get to photograph at the Branford House. Don’t get me wrong, we feel super blessed to get to live and work in such an amazingly beautiful place, but it’s always fun and a kind of creative recharge when we get to go and shoot somewhere entirely new to us. Can’t think of a better couple to share that with than these two cuties!

After mooching around Spohrs Garden, we headed to downtown Falmouth to take their love to the streets. And, for me…those in between moments, when we’re not really yet ready to take photos often result in some of my favorite pictures. Like this next one…

Kisses and big happy smiles…with a little spring color and a touch of Americana thrown in….doesn’t get much better than that!

Arm-in-arm, with best friend by my side….this is where I always want to be.

A quaint little nook and some love nuzzling….yes, please!


These two are so happy together. Watching them make each other laugh and smile made it hard not to laugh and smile ourselves!

Cafe kissess….

…for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

In your eyes….the light the heat….I am complete!

Courtyard gardens and moments like these….this is summer on Cape Cod.

After nine years together, cuddling on the couch together starts to feel as effortless as breathing. I say this as someone who lives to cuddle on the couch.

Sweet, tender, thoughtful, playful wonderful Jim and his smitten, smiley, lovely Keri! You guys are ADORBS!

Hey now….

In your arms, is where I always want to be……love these moments with our bello couples!

A little back alley somethin’ somethin’…..ohhh yeah!!

Of course, I actually said something to that effect…which caused this reaction. You guys…..

Oh, the beautiful love….

And, like that…it’s a wrap for another super fun bello love session.

Keri & Jim….thank you both so much for making the trek all the way up & down here to the Cape to spend the evening with us. We loved every minute of our time together and hope you can feel that affection in these photos!! We hope too that as you look at them, you get even more excited for your big day and all the love & celebration sure to surround you!! We are so looking forward to seeing you both again, and getting your cute mugs back in front of our cameras!! Until then….Thank you! Thank you! Thank you…for being so warm, wonderful and welcoming and for putting so much trust in us!! It means more than you know!!!

Sending big hugs & love, Chris & Andy xoxo

Allison & John ~ Love floats

We really do feel very fortunate to get to know and work with some amazing couples. Not only are they beautiful on the inside & the out, but they are warm, welcoming, full of good energy and that special brand of love that new lovers share.

The way they love, with hearts wide open, is such a beautiful thing to get to see….and equally as enjoyable…to get to photograph.

Allison & John are no exception. In fact, the way they are together and the obvious love they have for one another is so sweet and so pure that being around them makes me want to drop my camera and throw myself at Andy.

Andy & I have been together for more than 15 years and those intense feelings of infatuation that drew us to one another back on the beaches of Marbella, Spain, are still there. But, time has a way of changing things. We have a history now. We have been together through hard times and glory days. We know each other better than we know ourselves. We have lifted each other up and sometimes, in a moment of weakness, we have let each other down.

The history we share has a way of covering the early passion and wild abandon with layers of stronger, deeper feelings of love, commitment, trust & familiarity. One is not better than the other. Rather, they are all part of the joy that is life.

It’s such a treat for us to get to regularly see new love, in all its sweet, unbridled glory….when the kisses are still new and the electricity nearly visible.

Sometimes, after a particularly good session with our couples, we drive home, holding hands a little tighter. The kisses taste a little sweeter and those old feelings bubble closer to the surface, making us appreciate the journey that has led us to today.

Allison & John did that for us and we hope these photos may one day remind them of this time in their lives and do for them what they did for us.

It’s amazing the way Allison & John light up at the sight of one another. They met on a ski trip to Tahoe, but even the snow couldn’t cool the feelings these two instantly had for one another.

Allison & John seemed so smitten with each other and so completely happy it was easy getting shots like this next one…I just love how their hands are intertwined…like they can’t touch each other enough!

Oh, and how they make each other laugh! Wonderful!

Allison & John live on the opposite coast, in San Francisco. They wanted a setting for their session that spoke to the Cape’s charm. So, we took them to a spot that is special to us, where Andy asked me to marry him and where I happily said, “Yes!”

These next few make my heart smile so big it hurts…

So sweet & sassy and full of love!

The look of love….

Allison & John did a lot of kissing during our session, and something tells me, that’s not unusual for them. Awww, buttercup, I love you!

I don’t know what it is about this next one, but I love it.

If you read this blog regularly, you’ve heard me say it a thousand times, but there truly is no better place than in the arms of the one you love….

I’m not sure which I’m obsessed with more….Allison’s killer legs or those too-cute-for-words shoes!

Like spying a private moment… it!

New love in all it’s wonderful glory….

The light at the beach was AHHHH-MAZING! And the pink hues of the rock just accentuated the fabulous light and made the electricity coming off these two even more electric!

A different perspective from the same moment….

I realized when I was putting the photos together for this post that we had very few of Allison & John looking at the camera and I think it’s because they are just so into each other that the rest of the world kind of goes away when they’re together. How nice is that?

One of my faves from the day…just as the sun is about to dip below the horizon.

If their love could be described by a sunset, this would be the perfect description….

As would this…

Thank you Allison & John for taking time out of your brief visit home to come play with us. We had such fun hanging out with you both and documenting your love. You two are wonderful and we can’t wait to be there with you when you say, “I do!” later this summer. Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xo

The Perfect Reflection…

We first met Andrea & Will last Thanksgiving. Like me and Andy, Andrea is American, originally from San Francisco, and Will is English (although unlike Andy he is also Scottish, on his mom’s side).

They had initially contacted us last year to see about doing a family portrait session here on the Cape. Andrea’s family has an amazing house on the beach in Woods Hole and they were all coming together to celebrate the holidays.

It was a bittersweet session for us. We instantly fell in love with Andrea & Will, who are as perfect a match as they come. And Andrea’s family is some of the warmest people you could ever hope to meet ~ her mom, Joan; dad, Ed; brother, Jamie and his wife, Monica, along with their adorable son, Maslen (he seemed to love the camera almost as much as the camera loved him!). Sadly, Joan was battling cancer, and this time, it appeared the cancer was winning. We immediately understood the importance of the photos for her family.

It was a cold day, but that didn’t stop everyone from bundling up and heading out to enjoy the beach that they had enjoyed together for so many years. The house, which has been in Ed’s family since 1926, had always been a haven for the family and was Joan’s favorite spot.

Sadly, Joan’s battle with cancer ended in January. Having lost my mom before my wedding I could relate to what Andrea must have been going through. My mom died a few years before Andy & I were married, but her absence on such a special day in our life was surely felt. And it was clear at Andrea’s wedding that her mom was never far from her thoughts.

Andrea wore the veil her mom wore when she married Ed some 30 years prior. The favors for guests were some of Joan’s favorite things…needlepoint and coconut haystacks. A beautiful needlepoint pillow with Andrea’s & Will’s initials that Joan had made in anticipation of the wedding was carried by Andrew, the ring bearer.

The day itself was perfect…warm and sunny. The ceremony took place at the quaint old stone Church of the Messiah in Woods Hole. And the reception was appropriately held at the family’s beautiful home.

Andrea worked closely with wedding planner Allison Liset of Elegant Engagements to create an elegant and playful setting for the party, and what a party it was!

There were lots of funny and moving speeches during dinner, along with a very funny song written for the happy couple by two of their friends. They also had a Scottish dance band that led the guests through some romping line dances.

The day was the perfect reflection of Andrea & Will and the love they share, both with each other and with the people closest to them. I admit, I got weepy more than once. It was an incredible day and I have no doubt, Joan was there enjoying every second.

Here are a few of our favorites from Andrea & Will’s amazing day:

Andrea’s gorgeous Jimmy Choo Shoes…simple, elegant, understated…totally droolable!

These beautiful earrings feature Andrea’s mom’s favorite stone….lovely!

I can’t say I’ve seen many men look so good wearing a skirt, but Will pulls it off and then some! Total hottie!

After their, “I do’s,” Andrea & Will enjoyed a quick car ride back to the house. We just love stealing these private moments.

When we did Andrea’s family portrait session back in November, there was a shot we got of Ed gently leading Joan through the bramble down to the beach. It was one of our favorites from the session, and Andrea’s too. This series is very reminiscent of that for us. The joy on their faces just makes my heart smile!

I just love how serene Andrea & Will look in this one. It’s like nothing else in the world matters, just being in each others arms!

A few more shots from the beach, including a couple of fun ones capitalizing on Joan’s beautiful veil Andrea wore in honor of her mom…I love these!

Bling, bling… Kind of a funny juxtaposition of these gorgeous rings (and all they symbolize) resting on a prickly beach rose bush.

Introducing the happy couple…

Andrea’s dad gave one of the most beautiful, and heart-felt speeches we’ve heard in a long time. It moved most people to tears, including yours truly…along with half of the catering staff. Ed spoke of his relationship with his lovely wife and how he wished the same for Andrea & Will. He got a standing ovation when he was done….

A little Scottish step dancing..

The perfect summer evening…

Ends with a kiss…

And here are just a few details from the day:

A great big thank you to Andrea & Will for entrusting us to capture such a special day in your lives and for being so much fun to work with. We have had such a great time getting to know you both over the past year, from that first family photo session through our engagement session in NYC to your incredible wedding day back here where it all began for us. We wish you much love and laughter as you continue to build your life together.

We’d also like to thank Andrea’s family and also Will’s family for welcoming us with such open arms. It has been both an honor and a privilege to get to know all of you. Watching you all together has been really special. You epitomize the word family and make it look effortless! With love and hugs to you all, Christine & Andy xo