Aimee, Rick ,Tess & Brooks Family Session ~ Wellesley Photographer


We’ve always said we didn’t want to just be wedding photographers to our couples…just two more vendors there for one day and then gone from their lives once our job was done. No, we’ve always wanted more! For us, it’s always been about building lasting relationships. We want to get to know our couples in a deep and meaningful way, one that turns into a lasting friendship. And, that’s exactly what’s happened with Aimee & Rick.

Like so many of our wonderful Bello Family members, Aimee & Rick have been in our lives for several years. We first met them when they reached out to us about photographing their Ridge Club wedding here on Cape Cod. Flash forward ten years and we’ve been there with them to document not only their engagement and wedding, but also the arrival of their baby girl, Tess and then again a few years later, after baby brother, Brooks, joined the party. We’ve also photographed Aimee’s sister and her family and the sisters’ parents for a big group family session.

It has been so wonderful to see where life and love have taken Aimee and Rick, to watch their family grow and blossom. And blossom it has!

Here are a few of our favorite moments and photos from our recent trip to Wellesley to hang out with this lovely little tribe.

Just love the faces on these two beauties as Tess gives her baby brother a great big hug! It’s so obvious how totally smitten Brooks is with his big sister….look at his face as he chases her! Love these two!!!

01 kids running

Our sweet, adorable, happy bello family….so much love!


Such a good big sister, and such an adoring baby brother. Tess & Brooks, you have our hearts!

02 siblings hug

Beautiful, bright, feisty, fabulous…Tess.

03 lovely Tess

Brooksie is such a trooper…he’s been through more surgeries than anyone of his young age should have to endure. He was born with a cleft pallet, which doctors have been working hard to correct. Still, he remains the happiest, sweetest wee one. Just love him.

05 family fall photos

And big sister, Tess, is just as full of life, love and everything wonderful. Aimee & Rick, you sure are doing something right with these two sweet peas!

04 lovely Tess

I mean come on…


They really do love each other…it’s the sweetest.


Oh, the happiness that comes from watching children be fully joyful!! Nothing like it!


We spend a lot of time on our family sessions…so everyone can feel comfortable enough to really let their guard down. We even build in time for some real play…in this case, a few rounds of Duck, Duck, Goose.


It is in these moments where life’s sweetest pleasures lie.

07 duck duck goose

Run sweet, Tess, run!


When the games are finished our love bugs collapse in a heap of laughter.


…which provides the perfect setting for a silly family photo.


Married nine years and still going strong…


Aimee is such a good mom…having learned from one of the best! I don’t know how she’s endured what she has with Brooks and all his surgeries. I get to see so many amazing moms with their sweet babes, and when they look at each other, you can just feel the connection. There’s nothing quite like the momma & child relationship. Saying that, Tess & Brooks have quite a special relationship too. I just LOOOVE this adorable candid moment Andy caught of them as we were heading to our next photo spot. I just love everything about it…from Brooks’ adorable T-shirt and glasses, to the way he’s trying to impart some bit of wisdom on his confident big sister. Just love it!

06 family fall photos

Happy family….


Why hello little man….what big eyes you have. “The better to see straight into your heart with!” Swooon! This face!! Just yummy!


Can we talk about these two for a second?

08 boston childrens photographer

I mean come on!!! I usually take the kiddos off on their own for a minute and we just chat…about school, upcoming events…how silly Andy is…whatever. And it is in these moments, that I am able to capture photos that I like to think truly reflect the personalities of my subjects. Makes my heart sing every time!

09 boston childrens photographer

As do moments like these….


And these….Mmmmm good!


And with that, we say goodbye to this wonderful, playful, super sweet family….for now!


Aimee & Rick….THANK YOU!! For opening your hearts and lives to us once again and for sharing your sweetest boos with us! You guys are very blessed with a lot of love in your life and we’re so happy you continue to share that with us! Until next time….big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Meet Sweet Baby Tess ~ Boston Newborn Photographers

We love photographing weddings. Being invited to bear witness to two people coming together, surrounded by those closest to them, as they commit their lives & love to one another is a pretty incredible thing. Being entrusted with documenting all that love & celebration, to preserve the memories for our couples, their families, and future generations to enjoy…well, it is, to say the least… a humbling responsibility and also an absolute labor of love.

We feel really blessed to get to work with some amazing couples, who very often become friends…and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Relationships are what we are all about…both documenting them and building them with the people we photograph.

So, there is no greater compliment than when a couple comes back to us years after their wedding and asks us to document the next happy chapter in their lives…babies.

I LOOOOVE me some baby time! Andy is like the Pied Piper of children. His nieces and nephews worship the ground he walks on. Although he doesn’t have the official title, for all intent & purpose he is uncle to many of our friends’ kids, and even children he’s never met flock to him and vie for his attention. But babies…I think they make him a bit nervous and he’d prefer to wait till they’re a bit bigger and can play with him. My husband…the big kid!

Me? I could eat babies up. I love the way they smell, the way they smile when they have gas. I love the sounds they make when they eat and the way they just know how loved & safe they are in the arms of the people who care for them.  They are completely vulnerable, yet they know exactly what they want and when they want it…no indecision there. They are sponges for knowledge and yet personalities often seem formed long before we realize it. They bring out the very best in us and let us see the world though untainted eyes.

They are purely and simply….love come to life.

So, I was very happy when Aimee & Rick, one of our couples whose wedding we photographed almost 4 years ago, called to share with us the happy news…they had a baby girl, Tess. And, could I come by their Wellesley home to take some photos of her in her first few weeks of life, they asked. Generally, newborn photos are best done 8-10 days after baby is born, when it’s easier to get those sweet nudie, scrunched up, sleeping photos of them.

Tess was a bit older…into her third week, but she was still every bit delicious and so, so fun to be around. She did make us work a bit harder, but it was worth it, and Mom & Dad….we hope you agree!

Tess’s sweet digs…

baby's crib

Fueling up for her photo session…

baby feeding on bottle

Food coma success!! Makes my heart smile!

naked baby sleeping

Apparently, Tess’s too! Love me those gas smiles!

newborn smiling & sleeping

In the safety of her Daddy’s strong arms….heavenly!

sleeping baby

Mommy & Daddy time…

baby with mommy & daddy

A little finger snack from Dad…

baby with mommy & daddy

Oh mommy…you love me so good! Baby bits just make me giddy…

baby with momma, newborn feet

Love is….moments like this!

newborn getting kisses

Andy & I haven’t been blessed with our own children, but we know many and see the wonderful ways they change lives. I can’t help but think that Aimee’s & Rick’s faces say it all in this next photo. You look down at your baby, this tiny life you created with your love, and the love you feel for it equals nothing else in the world. I get weepy just thinking about it. And, there are some more of those delicious baby bits again…can we talk about the wrist chub? Seriously?!

baby hand

Mmmmmmm-mmmm goodness!

sleeping newborn

It took a while to really tucker Tess out, but she finally got there, just in time for a little snuggling with mom & dad.

parents with sleeping baby

Hey there sweet cheeks….

sleeping baby & feet

Aimee & Rick, thank you so much for welcoming us back into your lives, for inviting me into your beautiful home and sharing your super sweet, crazy beautiful little girl with me. She is delightful and Andy & I hope these photos serve as happy reminders of this exciting…and fleeting…time in your lives. They grow so fast and so much will change really quickly, but we hope these photos will forever keep those first few weeks of Tess’s life close at heart!

It was so great seeing you both again and getting to be a part of yet another exciting, love-filled milestone in your lives! Congratulations and thank you! I loved our afternoon together!

Big hugs, Christine xoxo

PS … If you ever need a babysitter when you come visit your folks on the Cape, feel free to give me a call! Tess is a delight!