Randi & Mike’s Wequassett Wedding ~ Cape Cod Photographers

We’ve known Randi for what feels like a lifetime. We knew her before she met Mike, before she and he became engaged…something Randi’s family (and secretly we) had long been pushing for….and before she moved to NYC to start her amazing fashion business, Spoon Fashion. We have witness lots of wonderful changes in Randi’s life and have loved bearing witness as she blossomed into the incredible, happy, fun, sweet, kind, brilliant, beautiful “Selfie Queen” that she is today! 😉 (insiders nod to Ryan, Anette & Leigh)

We first met her & her equally wonderful family seven years ago, when Randi’s mom, Terri, called us in anticipation of the wedding of her son, Ryan, Randi’s big brother. He hadn’t actually popped the question yet, but would be doing so during the family’s annual July 4th pilgrimage to the Cape. She asked us to come meet them the day after the planned proposal to talk wedding photography. She also thought it might be fun to do a family photo session while everyone was together.

We had little idea that our first meeting all those years ago would result in the deep friendship we have with this family, who have become more like our own extended family.

Happily, Anette did say, “Yes!” and we were there again when they said, “I do!” at that same spot where our first meeting took place….at the beautiful Wequassett Resort in Harwich. We got to be there with them again, three years later, when Randi & Ryan’s sister, Leigh, married her true love, Zach, in another beautiful outdoor ceremony, this time at the stunning Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston, and, again, every year in between for family portrait sessions.

We’ve seen Terri & her sweet hubby, Alan, welcome new members into their happy clan and watched with full hearts as this wonderful family of five expanded to eleven. It has been a joyful journey with these amazing people and we’ve loved sharing every minute of it with them.

This latest happy chapter led us back to the Wequassett, where Randi & Mike committed their lives and hearts to one another in front of family & friends. Getting to be there, watching the love between Randi & Mike blossom with each family photo session has been such a joy. Seeing them standing beneath the flower covered chuppah, hold hands in the warmest embrace, as they committed themselves to the incredible odyssey that is marriage, was the icing on a beautiful cake, one created layer by layer with these amazing people.

It was so fun to see each sibling’s unique way of celebrating their marriage, both in the details chosen and the relationships themselves. Randi & Mike are super sweet, totally smitten and full of fun. And their wedding reflected that, in all its magnificent glory.

I’m crazy about Randi’s stunning Kwiat wedding band, so unique and simply beautiful…just like Randi…to say nothing of her sexy Jimmy Choos and Naeem Khan wedding gown.

Getting a little help from her beautiful, stylish, awesome momma, Terri, and Mike’s equally fabulous mom, Bella. Isn’t she a vision?!

Randi’s big brother, Ryan, and some of Mike’s mates enjoy their groomsmen gifts, cool ties by Vineyard Vines.

Bella helping our bella bride put on her shoes. I mean, come on….Randi you are just GORGEOUS!!

Mike gets a hand putting on his tie by groomsman extraordinaire, Mo. Such a fun group of guys!! And, that smile….think someone’s happy to marry his “girl of my dreams.”

Happiness is marrying your best friend, with those you love most there supporting you. Love the expression on the face of Mike’s super cute dad, David.

Randi chose to get ready with just her mom & Bella, which was very sweet. Equally sweet was when her best girlfriends stopped by for a quick hug and words of support before Randi headed off for her first look of Mike and some family photos. The girls joined us later. Love the way Randi’s dear friend, Shilpa, embraces her with such joy.

Mike and his mates. So cool that they all wore their own Navy suits.

Heading to the first look for photos…looking very happy!

Love these moments…when our couples see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Soooo excited to see her soon-to-be hubby.

Oh, the joy & excitement….

Beautiful…the flowers, by Columbine Floral Design in Boston aren’t bad either! Romantic, whimsical, and all girl.

These two….just love how they love!

Anette & Ryan’s newest family member, Baby Taryn, was  napping and couldn’t make this photo, but it was just too good, and too them, not to share. Terri & Alan with their three kids, their spouses (Ryan & Anette; Leigh & Zach and of course Randi & Mike) and adored grand babies (Dillon & Jaden) love to have fun!! And we love to have fun with them!!!

Our favorite family portraits are always ones that let the personalities of our families shine through, while evoking happy emotion. This portrait of Mike & Randi with Mike’s parents, Bella & David, and his beloved Grandma Henney totally makes my heart smile big.

The gang’s all here and ready to celebrate love…

Sweet Olivia, the daughter of Randi’s good friend and bridesmaid, Alexis, was loving her role as flower girl. Randi was pretty stoked she was there too. Gorgeous girls!!!

Randi and her girls….pretty in pink in their gorgeous Amsale dresses.

Signing the ketubah is such a nice moment for a couple. Besides legalizing the marriage in the eyes of the Jewish religion, it also provides a time for family members to share their thoughts and feelings with the couple. Everyone took a moment to share something with our couple and it was just so lovely.

Randi & Mike take in all the love & well wishes being directed their way…

That moment…..even if a couple opts for a “First Look” to do their photos before the ceremony, there’s still a lot of emotion that gets packed into that moment when the groom waits for his bride to make her way to him. And, when they lock eyes….you can feel the sparks!

Randi got emotional as her mom and dad handed her off to Mike. It was a lovely moment

A hug from mom…such love & pride on her face. Just beautiful!!!

The look of love…happy to be exactly where they are, in exactly this moment.

Friends look on with shared joy….

Randi & Mike had the officiants read their vows for them and it was so beautiful!!! They each said such beautiful, heart-felt things and Randi’s reaction to Mike’s words, and the way she held his hand, left me wanting to get married all over again!

With a stomp and a kiss….and it’s official….

The new Mr. & Mrs…..Happy. Happy. Happy!

Serenaded with bubbles….

Love these two…

Kisses and cuddles and newlyweds, oh my!

Happy. Happy….

Mike does this super cute thing where he kisses Randi’s sweet little nose, and I just love her enjoying the moment, wind-blown and all!

Hummuna, Hummuna!

Hey cuties….


Love these new lounging fire pits the Wequassett added during their renovations last year….the perfect spot to sit and take it all in….

Love the details Randi & Terri put together….just beautiful!

Erica, one of Randi’s good friends and bridesmaid, enjoys cocktail hour with friends….love these candid moments during cocktail hour, and getting to do the photos before the ceremony allows us the time to capture wonderful moments like these. We love that!

The new Mr. & Mrs. met with happy high fives as they make their way to their reception.

Randi & Mike showing off some mad skills on the dance floor. And, their cake was topped with engraved spoons, gifted to the couple in honor of Randi & her family.

Ryan, Anette & Leigh gave one of THE best speeches/roasts we have ever seen. Aided by a slideshow of photos of Randi & Mike, they hit it out of the park and had everyone (us included) laughing and smiling and celebrating how wonderful these two special people are!! It was absolutely delightful!

Hard to contain the laughter…love it!  “If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.” Charles M. Schulz.

As if the gift of their wonderful speech wasn’t enough, her siblings gave Randi, the Queen of Selfies, this selfie stick and Christened it with a group photo! I want a copy of that photo!! Soooo fun!

Getting down with her gal pals.

Mike’s mates give him a little lift…

Guests get down on it….

A perfect ending to a perfect fairytale wedding…

Randi & Mike, I think you know by now how much we adore you both, but getting to be a part of your wedding was something so special and we absolutely LOVED every moment of your incredible day!! You two are such wonderful individuals, an incredible couple and are so blessed to be surrounded by such love & support!! We happily include ourselves among those who love & support you! We hope you can feel that in these special moments we captured for you!! Cannot wait to share the whole collection with you, but hope this sneak peek tides you over for a bit…shouldn’t be long until we send you everything! Until then, we thank you sooo much for sharing such a day with us!! We look forward to watching where life takes you both next!! Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxoxoxo

We’d also like to extend a special thank you to Linda Matzkin at Hopple Popple and Kalson Pang at Wequassett for working so hard to make the day a complete dream!

Kate & Hugh’s Woods Hole Wedding ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Despite their size difference, Kate & Hugh are one of those couples that when you see them together, it’s hard to deny that they just FIT together…..and I mean, fit perfectly! They share the same sense of fun, abundant love for one another, and a sincere passion for living life to its fullest.

Their wedding, at Kate’s family’s summer home in Woods Hole, was a true reflection of those things they hold most dear. It was also quite a party! With 400 guests, a 28-person bridal party and dancing that seemed like it might never stop…it was a day filled with love & happy celebration! It was so wonderful to watch Kate’s parents, Nancy & Craig, beam with pride over their baby girl and the union they so obviously supported, all while throwing a party of Great Gatsby-like proportions. It truly was an amazing day, and, Andy & I were honored to have been there to document all of that joyful exaltation!

Here’s a peek at their F A B U L O U S wedding:

Kate’s stunning Monique Lhullier wedding gown and make up by the talented Katrina Hess. Hair by the fabulous Marisa Marino of Stilisti Salon.

Simply gorgeous! And, that happy expression was the one she was wearing all day long!

Sexy hot pink Christian Dior shoes and some seriously sexy bling to match! Looove!

Kate’s super sweet momma, Nancy, was beaming (and getting a little welled up) with pride and love for her sweet girl, as she sees her dressed and ready to marry her best friend.

The excitement builds….

Kate’s besties react to seeing their gorgeous friend…

Meanwhile, down the road a bit, Hugh gets dressed and ready with his favorite guys. Part of his wedding wear included these cufflinks that belonged to his grandfather and namesake, former Governor of New York Hugh Carey.

Looking good in his custom-designed Vineyard Vine tie, featuring flags with his & Kate’s initials.

Thumbs up to the cool ties….

Having some fun with his mates…

Hugh arrives in style for the ceremony, then takes a moment for a quick photo with his guys, including his best man and little brother, Donnie.

Kate & her proud papa, Craig, ready to enter the church….love these emotional expressions. Weddings are so freaking awesome!

I love this photo and the appropriate symbolism of the past, the present and the future depicted in the reflections seen in the church doors.

Giving away his baby girl….LOOOVE! Seriously, be still my daddy-lovin’ heart!

And embracing his new son……more love!!!

The love & laughter, oh how it did flow….

Hugh & Kate’s flower girls were crazy cute and really getting into the ceremony….

As a surprise to their guests, Hugh & Kate delivered the communion during their wedding mass. So lovely.

The new Mr. & Mrs.! Yaaahoooo! (if only people would put down their cell phones and bask in the glory of the moment!

Hugh is a little too tall for the car they made their get-away in. Watching him try to squish in was precious….almost as much as Kate’s face as she watched in delight.

The happy couple….

We went to the house Hugh’s dad had rented to do some photos, but first, a little snack for our newly married couple….I really LOVE candid moments like these. Totally my faves.

A vision…..

The old house has such character…and Kate’s stunning dress suited it perfectly.

Heading down to the gardens for photos….

Jumping for joy….

Hugh’s guys and his girl…..so fun!

Our sweet couple….

Love and a pink, heart-shaped bush….it was meant to be! Seriously…a pink, heart shaped bush! It’s like it was made for this moment!

Hot pink and ready to party….

Hugh & Kate and their bridal party sailed over to the reception, captained by Kate’s dad….does this look like an ad for Ralph Lauren or what??

As they approached the party, Hugh & Kate released some balloons…..letting their love rise to the heavens. Ahhhhh….

Meanwhile, a staff of several dozen from The Catered Affair prepared for dinner, canopied beneath a gorgeous Sperry Tent, with flowers by the incomparable Winston Flowers.

Love this super sweet basket-weave cake by Icing on the Cake.

One of Hugh & Kate’s signature drinks…..looks as good as their guests. Hello sexies!

Cocktail hour candid moments…my faves.

Hugh’s beautiful momma, Pam, digs in to the raw bar.

As Hugh & Kate make their arrival to the reception, greeted by lots of happy waves.

Trying to corral 400 people was no easy feat…but we did it. Wooo hooo!

Yay for love…and for Hugh & Kate!

This is what I strive for…..love like this, after so many years. Truly, is there anything more beautiful?

An entrance for the ages…..you go gurls!

Kate & Hugh’s dance had all of the fun, flair and love you’d expect from these two. And, their guests ate it up!

The final twirl….delightful!

Kate & Hugh’s party kicked off straight away, with our happy couple joining The Sultans of Swing for a bar or two of song! So awesome!

The sun sets as dinner is served….so Great Gatsby!

I had to grab my tripod when I saw this moment, as one of the flower girls, dances on her own during dinner. Like a fairytale come to life!

And, a little while later the party kicked into high gear with some Vineyard Vines inspired limbo. Kate & Hugh provided a ton of ridiculously fun hats for their guests to play with…LOVE!! Check out Cheesburger head following up his wife for some limbo action. AMAZEBALLS!

“Hey sharky, I wanna eat you up”….so playful & fun! Thanks guys!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

The night ended as high as one can, with Hugh & Kate taking center stage and leading one of the most amazing renditions of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. I love this view of them in embrace, as their friends & family cheer them on! Just wonderful!

Kate & Hugh…what can we say?! Your wedding was just so incredible, with memories made that will surely last a lifetime! Thank you so much (and thank you Nancy & Craig) for inviting us in and allowing us to be a part of all of that wonderful love & celebration! We had so much fun and hope these photos serve as happy reminders of all of the fun you so obviously had for many happy years to come! More to come soon!! Special thanks too to Jen from Pink Polka Dot Events for being amazing and also to Kat Hanafin for helping us capture some of the fabulous details and happy exchanges during cocktail hour. With lots of love & big hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo