Kira & Adam’s Heritage Museum & Gardens Wedding ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Our last wedding of the season could not have ended on a sweeter note than with the beautiful Heritage Gardens wedding of Kira & Adam. We first met these two lovelies back in July, when we photographed their e-session at Kira’s dad’s home in Centerville. We knew from our first chat via Skype that we would have fun with these two and they didn’t disappoint.

The fun and love was only amplified at their wedding last month. It was one of those idyllic fall days in October, when the air is cool, but not cold, the sky blue and friends & family were ready to celebrate! Their ceremony was held on the Flume Garden lawn, with the waterfall behind them, and birds still singing in the trees. It was perfection!

Surprisingly, this was our first time photographing a wedding at Heritage Museum & Gardens, but we sure hope it’s not our last….what an absolutely spectacular setting!!

Following the ceremony, guests walked up the path to a (heated) tented reception, just outside the Heald Center. And guests danced and delighted in the love & joyful celebration until late in the night.

The day started at the quaint Dan’l Webster Inn, where Kira & Adam each got ready separately. Dressed in a personalized robe, Kira gets the finishing touches on her make up by the talented folks at Beauty Muse Bridal. Hair by Cheryl Zercoe-Webb of Salon One in Wellesley.

Looking stunning in her Aire Barcelona gown and adorable custom-designed and initialed wedding flats by New Balance, where Kira works. Loooove that personalized touch!

Getting a little help with her veil and checking out the finished look….isn’t she lovely!

Beautiful Kira…

Lacey details and off to see her soon-to-be husband.

Love this next one as Kira spies herself in the car mirror as she gets ready to head to Heritage Gardens.

And, in another room at the Dan’l Webster, Adam finishes dressing and gets ready to meet his bride.

A little help from his sweet Dad, Allan…

And, he waits…..

For that first look….awww, love his open-mouthed expression of approval and appreciation! So cute!

Oh, the happy faces of love, how they do make my heart smile!

More happy….

Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping. For only the  hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together.  For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow. ~ The Prophet

The light and intimacy of this particular garden was the perfect backdrop for portraits of these two…

Just so lovely….

Adam is such a tender gentleman with Kira. Loved how he grabbed her hand as they walked to join family.

And, after signing the Ketubah, they joined guests gathered for the ceremony on the Flume lawn. Oh how happy are these lovely faces. Adam flanked by his beautiful momma, Karen and dad, Allan.

I just love outdoor ceremonies. Guests always look so happy…..

Kira & Adam’s AHHH-DORABLE ring bearer, Collin, and flower girls (left to right) Emily, Talia, Madison & Zoe….all taking their jobs quite seriously. Too much cuteness!

More happy guest faces….as they watch Kira make her way to Adam…

Kira, flanked by her beautiful momma & proud papa, Nancy & Ron.

I love when couples take a moment during the ceremony to look out at their family & friends and take in all of the love being directed at them. So beautiful…

With this ring, I thee wed.

Zoe decided mid ceremony that there weren’t quite enough petals scattered…much to everyone’s delight!

Another reason I love outdoor ceremonies so much is that they often inspire this…..

Kira’s smile is infectious and beautiful. Love her.

And with a kiss, it’s official….our new missus & mister!

Greeted with a standing ovation. Wooo hooo!

Loooove Adam’s expression and Kira’s reaction to him!!! Just love!!!

We did it!!!!

More happy…

Some pretty details, including flowers by Fancy Flowers and tent by Undercover Tent, with catering by the always fabulous Casual Gourmet.

The Horah is one of my favorite wedding traditions….so much fun and love and good times!

Reacting to toasts….

Cutting of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake, courtesy of the Casual Gourmet…holy deliciousness! And, the first dance.

Talia absolutely stole me heart…what a precious little girl. She was so attentive to her family, especially her great grandma, who she is dancing with here. Watching the way she looked at her and gave her such undivided attention just melted my heart and made me miss my own Grandma & Grandpa. This really is a special little girl! Love her!

Dancing with their flower girls….now, no pressure or anything meant here, but Kira & Adam would make amazing parents if that was something they wanted in their lives. These two are just so wonderful together and obviously have a lot of love to give. {Swooon!}

Sparkle-licious ending to a perfect day!

Kira & Adam, thank you so much for choosing to share this incredible day of love & celebration with us!! We hope you enjoy this sneak peek as much as we enjoyed being there to document all of that goodness!! You two are wonderful and we are so happy to have met you both and got to share in this chapter in your lives. We cannot wait for you to see the rest of the photos and look forward to seeing where life takes you both next!

Until then, big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo

Keri & Jim’s Branford House Wedding ~ Mystic Connecticut Photographers

Keri & Jim’s wedding was something Andy & I had been looking forward to for nearly two years! Even though we get to witness a lot of “I dos,” it’s not often that we’re also there for the, “Yes!” that inevitably leads a couple to the aisle. But, we were there for Keri’s, “Yes!” and that made also being there for her and Jim’s “I dos!” that much more special!!!

Back in the fall of 2013, a very sweet Jim had reached out to us because he was planning a romantic weekend on the Cape with his girlfriend, Keri, and he was going to pop the question and ask her to marry him. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that!! He reached out to us because he thought it would be nice to have that moment captured in photographs. Having never photographed an actual proposal before, we were super excited for the opportunity to be in on such an intimate moment.

Jim & I spoke over the phone and in emails for several weeks, planning how it would all go down. And, as if the love Gods were shining down on us all, Jim got an unseasonably warm November day to sweep his girl off her feet. As expected, Keri said, “Yes!” and so began the wedding planning. You can read more about them and their proposal HERE and also check out their super sweet spring love session HERE.

Andy & I have grown quite fond of Keri & Jim over these many months. They are two of the sweetest, kindest, most sincerely loving, happy, wonderful, fun people and we just knew their wedding would be full of the kind of love & goodness that makes getting great photos a cinch….and even better….makes us LOVE what we do!

The wedding itself took place at the stunning University of Connecticut’s Branford House, located at the seaside Avery Point in Groton. Originally built in 1903 by wealthy railroad magnate Morton Freeman Plant, the 31-room Tudor style granite mansion was designed by his wife, Nellie, and named after the town where he was born. Eventually, the mansion was sold and ended up in the hands of the State of Connecticut. It became the property of the US Coast Guard for a time, and then was turned over to the University of Connecticut as a branch campus.

With a unique history, the Branford House is a truly stunning backdrop for a wedding, and it was super fun for us to be somewhere new!

We arrived in Groton the day before the wedding to check out the area and find our spots for pictures…..and there were LOTS of great spots!! We then popped in on their welcome party later that night, to meet their families. Everyone was super welcoming, which made us even more excited for the big day.

The morning of the wedding, I met Keri & the girls at the Red Door Spa, in the Mystic Marriott, where Keri, Jim, their wedding party and nearly all of their wedding guests were staying. Loved that!

In this first photo, Keri is getting her wedding day make up applied, while her super sweet and doting MOH, Kate, looks on.

After hair & make up were done, the girls all headed to the Branford House to get dressed. With all of its stunning woodwork & detailed architecture, the Branford House was a picture perfect back drop for getting ready! Such a treat! But, the best part was that Keri was smiling the entire time. Sometimes brides get so caught in the moment of getting dressed that they pull really funny/serious faces. I’m often having to say, “happy thoughts” or “happy faces” to remind them to relax. But, with Keri, it was all smiles….all day!  See what I mean as Keri gets tied into her dress by Kate & another bestie, Justine…

I love the look on Keri’s lovely momma’s face as she watches her baby girl get dressed. Momma Jeannine and Justine help put the finishing ties to the dress, and she’s soon ready to go.

Love her girlfriends’ reactions….Sweet Jolene got a bit emotional. Awwwwww!!

Our gorgeous gals: Tara, Justine, Jessica (Jim’s cousin), Keri, Kate, Jolene & Jessica (Keri’s cousin). Pretty ladies + pretty light + pretty room = pretty easy job for me.

The arched doorways and stunning fireplace mantle made for a perfect frame for our lovely bride. Isn’t she ga ga gorgeous?!!

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Jim gets a little help with his cufflinks from his best man, Brian, as the rest of the guys get ready too.

Love the nautical inspired bowties from Vineyard Vines….almost as much as this candid moment Andy captured as Frank (who’s married to Jim’s cousin, Jess) takes a selfie with Jim’s lovely momma, Gail.

Our handsome groom. I love this photo Andy captured of Jim….he looks so seriously serene, and this may have been the only time all day he wasn’t smiling the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. Watching Jim make his way to the ceremony was particularly sweet. He was BEAMING….like a kid on Christmas morning who got everything on his wish list!

The lovely guys: Joe, Jason, Frank, Jim, Brian, Jason (Keri’s big brother) and Scott. Such warm, fun, funny guys! Love them!

Jim is an only child and the apple of his momma’s eye. Watching her relish how happy her son was on this very special day was such a treat. Jim’s proud papa, Richard, was also a love! Truly, such an awesome group to not only work with, but get to know and welcome to our bello family!

Keri makes her way to her soon-to-be hubby, flanked by her mom & dad, Jeannine & Peter. Is she beaming or what???!!!

As was her main squeeze…..if this isn’t the look of love, I don’t know what is!

More happy…..

As perfect as their proposal day and engagement day were, their wedding day could not be topped….perfection in every way!

Father Shawn Smith infused a lot of humor into Keri & Jim’s ceremony, which seemed perfectly befitting this fun couple!

Happy friends & family look on, showing their love & support with more happy smiles…

Audrey (Jess’s & Frank’s baby girl) listens sleepily during the ceremony…..what a little cherub, eh?!!!

With this ring….

Gail & Jeannine fight the wind on the point to light the unity candle. It made for some giggling by everyone. Love that!!

And with that….our new mister & missus are married. Happy. Happy. Happy!! Now off for some photos….

After the family portraits on the lawn, we took the bridal party to the front of the House to take advantage of the shade and cool building facade. This next shot makes me laugh because it was taken right after Andy got pooped on by a very angry seagull. There were several birds circling above us as we were photographing the bridal party. They were squawking and seemed irritated we were there. One let us know exactly how he felt. Ironically, I heard the splash as a portion of the sizable deposit hit the floor, right next to me, and I thought to myself, “Phew….that was close.” I looked up and the bridal party had this reaction as they realized the bird got Andy, who took it like a trooper and laughed it off. We got a picture of him too, but will save that one for Jim & Keri. Love the reactions of everyone…this was such a fun group! Totally worth getting pooped on. (Easy for me to say.) Happily, Andy was able to clean up and no one was the wiser…plus, it makes for a great story for Keri, Jim and their friends.

And then there were two….two very happy people.

Love these two together so much!!!

A little stroll to the lighthouse at sunset…..ahhhhhh!

A couple who laughs together stays together….

Jim gives us the thumbs up….she said Yes! AND I do! Woooo hooo!!

Love, smiles and delicious kisses…..This is love!

Such joy…and a backdrop that rivals any of the Newport Mansions. Could be my new favorite place to photograph!

The gorgeous Sperry Tent and beautiful cake by Coastal Gourmet Caterers.

Love the besties’ selfie introduction (and obviously so do J&K)….you guys rock!!

The new Mr. & Mrs……let’s get this party started!

In your arms….it’s where I always want to be….

Warm embraces as the setting sun streams into the tent. Just beautiful!

Love this sweet gal….way to rock the toast Katie!!

Jim & Keri reacting to all the love directed their way…eat it up guys! Eat up all that glorious love!

Sunset…..Mmmmmmm good!

Gail gets all emotional dancing with her sweet boy, as a tear runs down her beautiful face. So lovely!!!

Meanwhile Keri & her crazy dad get down on it….you go you two!!! Me & my dad went nuts to Shout at my & Andy’s wedding. I’ll never forget Dad turning to me while we’re on our backs on the floor and saying, “You make me wild, Chrissy!” It is in these moments of connection that our strongest memories are formed. Blessed are we who let love rule!!

And, who also play with cake…..deeeeelicious!

Get it guys…get it!!

Life is to be lived large and celebrated with great passion….today and always.

Dance like no one is watching….and smile with your whole heart.

For when the night comes our dreams shall be made of this….

Jim & Keri….I wish words could do justice to how much we appreciate you both, your families & friends and how warmly you all welcomed us into your lives and into this amazing day of love & celebration!! Your wedding was the stuff from which fairy tales are made. And, your love is both inspiring and contagious!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! For sharing your beautiful hearts and this beautiful day with us!! We feel so grateful to have been able to be there to document all of the love & goodness that sprang from a Yes that warm November day and led us all to this. You will forever hold a special place in our hearts as we hope these photos hold a special place in yours!! We adore you and feel so happy you found your way into our life!! More to come soon!! Big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxox


Emily & Eric’s Sandwich Wedding ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you might remember Emily & Eric from our super fun Ohio engagement session with them back in October. And, if didn’t see it, you’ll want to check it out HERE! It was one for the memory books, complete with an adorable and obviously smitten couple, chickens, cows, classic red barns, and flowing fields of wildflowers….all that good Americana awesomeness.

Emily & Eric are busy teachers/administrators at a private boarding school in Barnsville, OH…population 4200, give or take a few…and had a hard time stealing away from work. So, they asked us to come to them for their Bello love session. Being huge fans of getting to work in new places, we happily said, “Yes!” And, are so glad we did, as it was a total blast, setting the tone for a wonderful relationship with these two sweethearts.

Their wedding, held a few weeks ago in the backyard of Emily’s parents’ Sandwich home ~ Toad Acres, was equally as amazing….no…better!! It was a picture perfect Cape Cod day ~ sunny and warm, but not too hot and very little humidity. We, their family and friends and our happy couple could not have asked for better.

Aided by the fabulous Allison Liset, and her wonderful team at Elegant Engagements, Emily & Eric made some wonderful (And, dare I say, super fun to photograph) choices for their wedding, including Emily’s A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. Anthropologie tea-length BHLDN wedding dress. We don’t see many short dresses and I say, “Why? Why? Why?” They’re so fun, chic and perfect for a backyard soiree! I just loved it!! And it suited Emily to a T!

They also had some really cool details, like vintage inspired cast iron chairs at long family style wooden tables, topped with lace runners and beautiful seasonal flowers by Lilac Florals, under one of Sperry Tents‘ classic sailcloth & wood post tents dotted with stringed cafe lights. And, when Emily said she wanted a jazzy, non-traditional band, we immediately suggested Carte Blanche, which truly was the perfect compliment to them and the vibe they were creating.

It really was a perfect day in every way, right from getting ready with the guys at the house and the girls at the Dan’l Webster Inn in downtown Sandwich.

It was actually a bit of deja vu for us as we’d photographed the wedding of Emily’s super sweet sis, Pam, seven years ago. Pam also married an Erik, Erik with a K, and they also had their wedding at their family’s home, with many of the same dream team vendors. Emily even got ready in the same suite as Pam. And, Jackie from Wedding Tresses did her hair & make up, like her big sis.

Below, Emily gets the finishing touches on her stunning wedding day look. Can we talk about those beautiful eyes and porcelain skin? Stunning!!!

Eric gets a little help from Emily’s brother, Sam, and soon-to-be brother-in-law Erik.

Emily is a vision in her beautiful dress and Stewart Weitzman shoes. The pearl necklace she borrowed from her mom, who only wore it once at her wedding. It was the perfect accessory!!!

Eric’s mate, Alex, happily gets ready, along with Erik.

Emily surrounded by her super sweet gal pals: (left to right) Katie, Maisy, Liz (Eric’s sis), Sarah and Pam (Emily’s sis and former Bello bride).

Eric & his mates: (left to right) Alex, Sam, Alex, Erik & Musa. Love the real smiles!!

Eric looks so serene waiting for a first glance at his beautiful bride….

Happy. Happy. Glorious happy!

Love the elegant, yet wild look to Emily’s bouquet. And, these two…..could they be any cuter!?! I think not!

Sweetness personified in these two!! And, an we talk about the Great Gatsby like setting….looooove it!!

Beautiful, radiant, brilliant, wonderful Emily…

A perfect match + the perfect day + a picture perfect tree swing = a wedding dream!

Emily’s parents’ home is right on a pond and the setting was spectacular for their special day. How could these two not smile???

As did their friends arriving for the start of the ceremony…

Alex greets guests as they arrive. Love the smile!

More smiles….all day long!

Candid photos of guests arriving to support their friends are some of my faves of the wedding day….you can just feel the love & joyful celebration brewing.

Musa & Katie walk down the aisle while members of Carte Blanche provide the soundtrack. So much happiness…

This next one is one of my faves from the day. As Emily & her crazy sweet parents, Wendy & John, headed out of the house to make their way down the aisle, they stopped briefly and shared this moment and a few words. I would love to know what they were saying, but if their expressions are any indication, I’d say there were lots of love in those words. Just beautiful!!

Here comes the bride… these moments too. In Eric’s expression, as he & Emily lock eyes, I can feel the hope, promise, and true love that weddings carry….just the best!

John moved by the moment…..LOOOOOOVE his proud papa expression!! And, Wendy’s too! Love these guys!

“I do!” “I will!” Always & forever….

Toe to toe and hand in hand, I pledge my heart to thee….

The look of love and the kiss that says forever…

We did it…..wooooo hoooo!

Hugs of happiness….

Kisses & cuddles and a blanket of wisteria, oh my!

Love these two together…..

Eric’s family toasts Emily with the happy couple’s signature 1691 whiskey, ginger lemon cocktail in vintage ball glass jars. So cute!

Emily’s cousin looks for his name on the adorable clothesline place card holder.

Toasting with oysters, Cape Cod style…..Yeaaah!

More beautiful, happy faces. Like the photos of guests arriving, candid photos during cocktail hour, particularly at outdoor weddings, are just the best!! Love when our couples opt for the first look to do all of their family photos before the ceremony. It leaves lots of time for capturing happy moments like these…

And these….Sarah & Katie with their super sweet fellas.

John enjoying himself….so fun!!

Picture perfect details….

And sweet sounds from the band…

Tender moments of love during first dances as Mr. & Mrs…..ahhhhhhh!!!!

Life…it’s all about love and perspective!

Toasting the happy couple….such wonderful toasts at this wedding!

A big hug from mom! Be still my momma-lovin’ heart!

If every day could be just like this….the stuff from which dreams are made.

Getting silly with the cake cutting…

Sharing a sweet moment and dance with dad. I see this and in my head plays the song, “These are the days you’ll remember,” by 10,000 Maniacs.

Get it, girl….

Sarah & her boyfriend, Ben, performed a very sweet serenade for Emily & Eric. It was lovely, just like these two.

Emily & Eric taking in all the love & tenderness….

What more perfect way to cap off a perfect evening than with fireworks over the pond? Razzle, dazzle, delightful!!

And, before we end this post, we wanted to share just a little sneak peek from Emily & Eric’s rehearsal dinner the night before at the Dan’l Webster Inn. What a wonderful night of toasts and sharing and general loveliness!

Thank you Wendy & John for once again including us in another incredible family day of love & celebration!!! You two are so blessed to have such an incredible family!! We love you guys!!! Denise & Jim, thank you both for inviting us to share in the rehearsal dinner pre-wedding celebration extraordinaire and for welcoming us with such open arms & open hearts!! Emily & Eric….how do we begin to thank you for everything? You two were such wonderful hosts in Ohio and have made us feel like an important part of your wedding. We’ve truly loved every minute we’ve spent with you both and look forward with great excitement and expectation to the wonderful journey that lies ahead of you both!!! May your always be surrounded by such love & support! May your love light the sky like fireworks and may you always remember this incredible weekend and all of these love-filled moments when times get tough and the challenges that life and marriage can bring feel too much to carry. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this time, these days, and your beautiful love with us and for letting us preserve these memories for you and for future generations to enjoy!

With big love & deepest gratitude, Christine & Andy xoxo