Maryellen & Kevin’s Mashpee Family Session


Spending time with our families is super important to Andy & me. Our moments together aren’t nearly often enough, so when we do gather, we savor our time with one another.

Recognizing how important family time is for so many, we find it an honor & a happy privilege to be invited to document gatherings for some really warm, wonderful, incredibly loving families, who open their hearts and lives to us and ask us to preserve the fleeting moments of togetherness in photographs.

We were recently asked to photograph an afternoon of togetherness for one such family. Maura & Patrick had reached out to us to photograph Maura’s family during their time together in Mashpee. We actually met Maura & Patrick a few years ago, when they were planning their Cape Cod wedding, but it didn’t work out that we could be there to capture that happy celebration.

So, we were thrilled when they reached out to us again more recently to photograph Maura’s side of the family and also her and Patrick’s new little bundle of love, Cullen.

Please say hello to Patrick, Maura, baby Cullen and their crazy cute fur baby, Riley. We met these guys at Maura’s parent’s beautiful New Seabury home. Her dad, Kevin, watches as we photograph his growing family…

01 M&P on dock

Babies change everything and make family life so much richer. I think these happy, albeit slightly sleep-deprived new parents would agree.


Who’s a happy boy? Cullen is…that’s who!

01 maura & Patrick

Nighty night sweet pea!


We actually got to meet Maura’s baby sister, Katherine, and her fiance, Dan, months before the session, when we got together with them to discuss their plans for their Wychmere wedding next summer. Happily, we are able to be there for this exciting family milestone! Wooo hooo! Say, “Hi!” to Dan & Katherine….are they adorable or what?


They were so nervous about being photographed they kept giggling….

03 Dan & Katherine

Which besides making me totally giggle, also makes for some super cute exchanges!! Just adore these two! Cannot wait for their e-session later this fall!


Katherine & Maura’s super sweet parents, Maryellen and Kevin….the proud grandparents to baby Cullen. It must be so wonderful as parents to watch your kids grow and blossom, to stretch out their wings and take flight in life, to bring more life and love to the family. Just can’t imagine how wonderful that feels, but their faces say it’s pretty wonderful!

04 cape cod family photographer

The whole gang, including Maura & Katherine’s super sweet sister, Megan, who was a total trooper wheeling onto the dock and down to the beach. Thanks Megan…you rock!


Sisterly love!! As one of three sisters myself, this sister is one I wish I had of my two sisters now that we’re all grown up. Hey Deb & Kim…what do you say we make this happen!!??


Patrick getting baby Cullen settled and ready for one more family pic…such a sweet pea!

05 baby beach photos

Hey pretty ladies…

06 sisters

Sunset at South Cape beach.


Thank you all so much for a really lovely evening! It was wonderful getting to know you all a bit better and made us even more excited about next summer’s celebration! Cannot wait for more giggles with you, Katherine & Dan!! Thank you most especially Maura & Patrick for making our gathering possible and for reaching out to us again! It means a lot that you kept us in mind after all this time and that we were finally able to have your beautiful faces and most especially your beautiful babe in front of our cameras! Cullen is a total lovebug! Looking forward to photographing you all again soon! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy


Wellesley Newborn Session ~ Boston Family Photographers

We’d been excitedly awaiting news of the arrival of Ashley’s & Patrick’s new baby, but we didn’t expect that it would come just hours after she was born. Literally, less than three hours after giving birth, Ashley sent us an email saying that their daughter, Libby, had been welcomed to the world, and momma & baby were doing great.

“Can’t wait for you to meet the little nugget,” Ashley wrote.

I mean, come on….how lucky are we to get to work with such amazing people who share such intimate news with us in such a loving….and super speedy way? It’s just so awesome and also incredibly flattering!

Ashley had first reached out to us last year, when her oldest daughter, Winnie, now 14-months old, was born. She had hoped to do a newborn session with Winnie. But, as any new mom knows….life can get really busy and sometimes the things you want to do get passed over for the things you have to do. But, with her second pregnancy, Ashley was determined to document the experience.

I first got together with Ashley & Winnie last month at the family’s Wellesley home for a maternity/Winnie session and we had a great time! I got some photos of Winnie on her own….she’s such a little charmer, and then took some of Ashley looking ridiculously beautiful at nearly 37 weeks pregnant. Honestly, it was mind blowing how much pregnancy suits Ashley. See for yourself HERE.

After our time together, I was really looking forward to seeing Ashley & Winnie again, and having some new baby time. There’s something so amazing about documenting those first couple of weeks of life, when babies are just sleeping, eating, pooping machines, who grow and change in a blink.

It can be hard for parents to document that time on their own. Let’s face it, when you’re not sleeping more than an a couple of hours a night (if you’re lucky) it’s all you can do to brush your teeth, never-mind get your camera out and snap photos of the sweet little energy-sucker responsible for your temporary sleep deprivation.

Normally, for the maternity & newborn sessions, I work alone, because having both Andy & me there can be a little too much. Since we do these sessions in the comfort of our couple’s home, we’re often working in a confined space, so having one photographer works better and, it can be a bit less intimidating for new moms & dads to show a little skin when there’s just one camera pointing at them, and not two.

Plus, if you’ve read this blog before, you know….I’m crazy for babies! Andy is the Pied Piper of children. As soon as they’re old enough to speak, kids will flock to Andy like he’s made out of candy…truly. It’s something to see. Even kids he’s meeting for the first time hang on his every word…it’s one of the things that made me fall for him. But, when it comes to fragile bambinos, I think he’s a little intimidated. Me….I could eat them up at any age, but I’ve got a soft spot for the wee ones. I love the way they smell. I love the challenge of trying to interpret their unspoken cues and how sometimes just a warm, loving touch is enough to completely soothe them.

Being able to interact with newborns, to photograph all of their sweet little bits, and calm them with a quiet whisper…..I don’t know, it stirs something in me and just feels right. And, when those newborns belong to a couple Andy & I got to photograph when their new family was first born with the words, “I do!” well, that sends me over the edge and makes my baby-loving heart purr! (Hint, hint to all of you bello brides & grooms still maybe reading this blog.)

Without further ado….here’s a look at lovely Libby, just two weeks old and six and a half pounds of pure Yummy!

I don’t know what’s more delicious, her perfect little ear, her heavenly soft shoulder fur, or those few sweaty little strands of hair on her perfect head.

Libby how lovely you are….every precious little bit.

Majorly munchable…

Woot Woot….my sweet sleeping owl. I’m not normally one for props when it comes to babies. To me, less is more and a naked baby is as perfect as it gets. But, this hat was just too cute and it was one Libby’s big sister, Winnie, wore a lot in her early months. If we’re going to use props, I can’t think of any better than those that have real personal meaning. I just love it!

Libby’s big sisters are quite excited about the addition of the fourth girl to the family. Happily, Molly & Meaghan, who are from Patrick’s previous marriage, were able to join us for a bit of this session. They are super sweet girls and are such great big sisters to Winnie & Libby. Love these happy girls and can’t wait to spend more time with them!

Hey cuties…

Four fabulous girls…sugar & spice and everything nice!

Winnie being as young as she is isn’t exactly cooperative when it comes to asking her to do certain things for a photo. But, she was totally on board with holding her new baby sister. We had about 5 minutes of over-the-top cuteness as she showed off what a good big sister she is….honestly, it was too much. At one point she was “rocking the baby,” which looked a bit more like shaking the baby than rocking, but mom & dad were close by to reel in our excited little girl.

Oh, it’s so hard being a big sister, eh Win? Love this exchange almost as much as the sweet girl hamming it up. Libby is just taking it all in stride. Adorable!!

Meanwhile, big sisters have some fun of their own….pretty in pink!

Meg enjoys a little one-on-one time with her baby sister. Oh, the look of love…precious!

Sisterly love at its best! Hey, look who’s awake….can we talk about those big beautiful eyes for a second? Just like her gorgeous momma!

A quick snack break for our star model…as her attentive sister looks on. Such sweetness.

And with a full belly, she’s fast asleep….held safely in the hands of mom & dad. If only life was always so good.

Love. Love. Glorious love! Patrick & Ashley take turns with their sweet, sleeping girl.

Hands and hearts and sweet baby feet.

Andy & I love light, bright scenes for our photos, but I wanted to try something new and opted for a few “low key” shots with Libby and I just LOOOOVE them. Low key involves using a black background so that the subject becomes the sole focus. What do you think?

Well, I have a feeling much has changed in the week since I met & photographed Libby. Happily, Andy & I will be getting together again with this sweet family later this summer. Can’t wait to see everyone again! Until then, big, big thanks to Ashley & Patrick for entrusting me with their sweet girls. You all have been so warm & welcoming and I have absolutely loved our time together. Thank you so much for sharing this special time in your lives with me in such an open way! I hope you love these photos as much as I have loved getting to know all of you. I hope too that they serve as happy reminders of this amazing time in your family’s life. With big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo



Ashley & Winnie Maternity Session ~ Boston Family Photographers

I’ve always thought pregnant women were magnificent. There’s something so incredible about a body growing, feeding,  and sustaining life inside itself that just blows my mind.

I’ll never forget something I saw years ago, back when I used to commute to work in Boston, on the train. It was a stinking hot summer day and I was sitting across from a very pregnant mom-to-be in a pretty sundress that was clinging tightly to her beautiful round belly, when all of a sudden her belly moved.

I’m talking, alien-like, holy moly, this-baby-wants-its-head-on-the-other-side-of-your-body kind of moving. I literally gasped when I saw it and had to hold myself back from asking to touch her belly. It was so cool and completely mind-blowing at the same time….undeniable proof that there was another life inside that pretty young woman. So totally awesome.

I never thought then, that many years later, I would get to photograph expectant moms, in all of their super-human glory. I never imagined that they would entrust ME with their perfect bellies….inviting me to document this beautiful, vulnerable, incredible, powerful, emotional time in their lives.

It’s such an intimate exchange we share and I am beyond humbled to do this love-filled work. I don’t gasp anymore when I see a baby move inside its momma, but I do squeal with delight and ask for a feel.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Ashley, an expecting mom to 14-month-old Winnie. Ashley is the dear friend of one of our Bello brides, Aimee, whose wedding we photographed several years ago, and have since had the pleasure of photographing her crazy cute little girl, Tess, and Aimee’s extended family.

Ashley had first reached out to us last year. She wanted us to photograph Winnie when she was just a newborn. But, as any working mom with a newborn knows…life can be cuckoo and it just never happened for us to get together.

Until now….

I traveled off Cape to photograph these two sweet ladies at their home in Wellesley. I had so much fun with them and cannot wait to meet baby #2 when he/she makes their debut next month.

In the meantime, here’s a look at sweet Winnie and her beautiful momma…who makes being 8 months pregnant look way too easy….and glamorous!

Winnie was having so much fun with this colorful toy….I just love the tongue out in concentration, and the far away perspective before she notices her new friend is gone.

A quite outfit change and some more toys to play with….can we talk about those angelic eyes for a second? I want to much her like she’s munching on that block!

Another change and a little snack time….birds and flowers and eyelashes…oh my!

Playing with Grandpa….woooo hooo for funny grandpas!

We decided to give Winnie a little break and headed outside to check out the snow. I predict a snow bunny in the making. Winnie was crazy for the snow, delighting in it…and even having a taste. Can we talk about the lamb hat? Come on!!

Playing with her sled and her sweet Nana Gail. I don’t know whose face lights up more when she smiles…but both gorgeous faces had me smiling from ear to ear!

Back inside and between wardrobe changes…the tights and no top…I can hardly stand the off-the-charts cuteness, particularly as she holds lammy by the tail!

Now for some momma time….heeelllllloooo beautiful!!! I mean, come on!!!

Ashley is stunning and pregnancy suits her in a way that takes this photographer’s breath away!

A little vintage wet plate look….

Heavenly curves highlighted by heavenly light…

Are we happy about Baby #2….ohhhh yeah!!!

I just love these next two of Winnie. The left one I just love…don’t know why. And, the one on the right speaks to Winnie’s curiosity and her sense of wonder. Just adore this sweet girl!

Ashley, thank you so very much for sharing this exciting time in your life with me. I absolutely loved photographing you & Winnie and cannot wait to meet your new little lovebug when he/she joins the party in a couple of weeks. Until then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of our time together and some special time with your sweet girl! Thank you too to your mom & dad for their warm welcome, and to sweet Kensey for keeping Winnie smiling! Looking forward to seeing you all again, to meeting Patrick, Meg & Molly and introducing you all to Andy when we get together again this summer for some family time! With big love & hugs, Christine xoxo