It was hands down the hottest day of the year and, perhaps, the hottest day I’ve experienced in 18 years of photographing weddings….and there have been some stinkers. Andy had to change clothes a couple of times and despite the semi-permanent/wedding-proof mascara gifted to me by the lovely Katrina Hess, my face literally melted off. Ironically, our beautiful bride, Laura, looked as cool as a cucumber the entire day. It was astounding to me. But, that’s kind of how Laura is…super chill…and lovely and kind, sweet and super smart, ….and drop dead gorgeous. Being there on July 20th as she & her equally awesome now-husband, Dean, said, “I do!” was an honor and a privilege, and the heat aside, it’s a day I won’t soon forget.

Laura & Dean first met the summer after high school, in 2008. Laura grew up in the Boston area and often came to the Cape during the summer. Dean grew up in Ohio and his camp friend, Brittany, had invited him to the Cape. So, he and a friend drove 600 plus miles for a bon fire on the beach, where sparks flew after he met Brittany’s friend, Laura. The rest, as they say, is history and last month, these two lovely people said, “I do!” at the picturesque Wequassett Resort in Harwich….on the hottest day of the year. Did I mention that already?

All of their friends and family were just lovely, having made the trek to Cape Cod, from various parts of the country, to be with these two special people as they formally merged their lives.

I have to admit, we got a lot of great photos and it was reeeeeeaaallly hard to pick some to highlight in this post. In the interest of time, I’ve limited to mainly the earlier part of the day, where the love and joyful celebration shined brightly.

Laura getting buttoned into her crazy beautiful Pronovias wedding gown by her MOH, Lisa, as flower girls, Maeve & Finnley look on.

I just love Maeve’s face as she takes in the process….I can’t help but wonder what she’s thinking in this princess moment.

Bridesmaid and bestie, Brittany, getting ready, alongside some of the Laura’s Cape-inspired wedding details, including the beautiful flowers by Meredith Fancy of Fancy Flowers…can we talk about the adorable Kelly & Katie navy striped sandals!?

Laura’s gorgeous wedding day hair & make up, and that of her beautiful bridesmaids, was courtesy of the fabulous ladies at Artworx Hair Design.

Dean getting ready for the big day with his besties, also at Wequassett. Love the socks, Dean!

Getting some help with his tie from his very sweet dad, “big Dean.” Love the way “little Dean” is looking at his dad with such pride and gratitude. Wedding days really are a wonderful opportunity to reflect on one’s blessings. Love that!

Dean’s younger brother, Albert, pours Laura’s younger brother, Tom, a drink. Among the gifts Dean gave all his groomsmen was a very nice bottle of scotch. Nice one!

Cheers to love & best friends.

Nearly 11 years of building a relationship to last led to this moment….and their smiles (so full of love & excited anticipation) say it all. Oh, how I love a first look!

Hello lovies…

By your side is where I always want to be…

Just loved how these two were together…they needed very little prompting in terms of posing and just really embraced the moment, which when that happens with our couples or even with our family portrait sessions, always makes me so happy. Just being….swoon!

Laura & Dean’s super sweet pooch, Kirby, even made the trip from Ohio for the wedding. Looooove me some pupper time!

The happy family…

Hey girls….

We’ve often had our couple kiss and ask their friends and family to celebrate the moment. It can feel really goofy and sometimes we get or or two who balk at the idea….TOM! 😉 But, I just love the real, smiling faces that these silly moments carry with them.

Remember how I might have mentioned that it was a little hot at their wedding? (take note of the cold/iced facecloths Wequassett gave to everyone to help them cool down). Well, it was soooo hot, in fact, that Wequassett’s fire alarms went off…no idea why, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the wiring had melted or something….seriously, it was that hot! The fire department showed up and it took nearly an hour to turn off the alarms, which just added another fun layer to the day and to the wonderful memories everyone will have. Thanks Mr. Firefighter for taking a moment to pose with the fellas. They loved it! And so did we!

Dean wiping down after photos are done and guests, looking very cool, begin to arrive for the ceremony.

Laura & her besties taking a little AC break before the ceremony begins.

While Maeve & Finnley stock up on petals.

I looooove me some flower girls….are they delicious, or what?!!

Here comes the bride, on the arm of her super sweet, dad, Joe. Just love how her eyes are locked with Dean’s and they stayed that way as she made her way down the aisle.

Eyes filling with happy tears, Dean watches his bride-to-be. Ahhhhh…this is love!

So much love…

It was a very sweet hand-off as Laura’s dad took his daughter’s hand and placed it, very tenderly, in the hand of her soon-to-be-husband. I can just feel the emotions coursing through Dean’s parents as they watch in the background. So much love in such a simple, but meaningful gesture!!

So much love…

Oh and the smiles, how they did shine as bright as the sun….

Dean’s cousin, Josh, did a great job leading the ceremony. Well done, Josh!!

We’ve seen a lot of sand ceremonies here on the Cape, but this super cool glass ceremony was our first. The glass pieces they poured together will be turned into a sculpture. I LOVE that! I also love this sweet moment as Laura’s lovely momma, Faith, wipes away happy tears.

The butterflies were everywhere…like colorful symbols of love & faith from above.

Laura’s expression is so sweet as she hands her vows back to her MOH, Lisa. Best friends walk beside us through it all. Here’s to best friends!!

Taking it all in…

Heart-felt reactions to Dean’s vows…love it!

The look of love.

With this ring…

…and a kiss, we are wed!

We did it!!!

Oh the joy.

We stole Laura & Dean away for a few minutes to get some sunset photos by the dock, a Wequassett favorite.

These two…just love the way they can’t get enough of each other.

Heading back to join cocktail hour, Laura & Dean are greeted by Dean’s mom and her sister… Hey ladies.

Cocktail hour is one of my favorite times of the wedding day…all the big high pressure parts of the day are over and you can just feel everyone really relaxing into it.

The Wequassett takes great pride in the events they put together and they always like their wedding couples to have a moment to themselves as all the details and months of planning come together in a big reveal. Here, Laura & Dean are taking it all in…

Dinner with a fabulous view…

Laura & Dean, thank you soooo much for choosing us to document this amazing time in your lives. We knew from your first email, Laura, when you told us “I literally teared up looking at the moments you captured, and imagined how special it would be to have photos like that of our wedding day,” that we wanted to be a part of your wedding. We sensed a great love between you and shared with family & friends and we knew there would be lots of magic for us to see and capture and, as expected, you and your incredible wedding didn’t disappoint!! Thank you for welcoming us with such warm, open arms and hearts!! We loved every moment of our time together and hope these photos inspire more happy tears for many happy years to come!! Big love to you both, Christine & Andy xoxo