Maryellen & Kevin’s Mashpee Family Session


Spending time with our families is super important to Andy & me. Our moments together aren’t nearly often enough, so when we do gather, we savor our time with one another.

Recognizing how important family time is for so many, we find it an honor & a happy privilege to be invited to document gatherings for some really warm, wonderful, incredibly loving families, who open their hearts and lives to us and ask us to preserve the fleeting moments of togetherness in photographs.

We were recently asked to photograph an afternoon of togetherness for one such family. Maura & Patrick had reached out to us to photograph Maura’s family during their time together in Mashpee. We actually met Maura & Patrick a few years ago, when they were planning their Cape Cod wedding, but it didn’t work out that we could be there to capture that happy celebration.

So, we were thrilled when they reached out to us again more recently to photograph Maura’s side of the family and also her and Patrick’s new little bundle of love, Cullen.

Please say hello to Patrick, Maura, baby Cullen and their crazy cute fur baby, Riley. We met these guys at Maura’s parent’s beautiful New Seabury home. Her dad, Kevin, watches as we photograph his growing family…

01 M&P on dock

Babies change everything and make family life so much richer. I think these happy, albeit slightly sleep-deprived new parents would agree.


Who’s a happy boy? Cullen is…that’s who!

01 maura & Patrick

Nighty night sweet pea!


We actually got to meet Maura’s baby sister, Katherine, and her fiance, Dan, months before the session, when we got together with them to discuss their plans for their Wychmere wedding next summer. Happily, we are able to be there for this exciting family milestone! Wooo hooo! Say, “Hi!” to Dan & Katherine….are they adorable or what?


They were so nervous about being photographed they kept giggling….

03 Dan & Katherine

Which besides making me totally giggle, also makes for some super cute exchanges!! Just adore these two! Cannot wait for their e-session later this fall!


Katherine & Maura’s super sweet parents, Maryellen and Kevin….the proud grandparents to baby Cullen. It must be so wonderful as parents to watch your kids grow and blossom, to stretch out their wings and take flight in life, to bring more life and love to the family. Just can’t imagine how wonderful that feels, but their faces say it’s pretty wonderful!

04 cape cod family photographer

The whole gang, including Maura & Katherine’s super sweet sister, Megan, who was a total trooper wheeling onto the dock and down to the beach. Thanks Megan…you rock!


Sisterly love!! As one of three sisters myself, this sister is one I wish I had of my two sisters now that we’re all grown up. Hey Deb & Kim…what do you say we make this happen!!??


Patrick getting baby Cullen settled and ready for one more family pic…such a sweet pea!

05 baby beach photos

Hey pretty ladies…

06 sisters

Sunset at South Cape beach.


Thank you all so much for a really lovely evening! It was wonderful getting to know you all a bit better and made us even more excited about next summer’s celebration! Cannot wait for more giggles with you, Katherine & Dan!! Thank you most especially Maura & Patrick for making our gathering possible and for reaching out to us again! It means a lot that you kept us in mind after all this time and that we were finally able to have your beautiful faces and most especially your beautiful babe in front of our cameras! Cullen is a total lovebug! Looking forward to photographing you all again soon! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy


Thanksgiving Family Session ~ Cape Cod Photographers

We’ve said this before, but we really do love it when our wedding couples come back to us to share the next happy milestone in their lives….children. Not only do we get to spend time with our ole’ pals, but we get to share in the excitement of where their journey from marriage has taken them.

It’s like getting invited to the first chapter reading of a fabulous hit novel, as read by the author. Okay, that’s a little goofy, but we really do love it.

A couple of weeks ago, while they were home for Thanksgiving, we got together with MaryHelen & Kurt, one of our super sweet and ridiculously fun bello couples who said, “I do!” at the Hyannisport Golf Club a few years ago. To illustrate how fun these two are, their first dance song was Huey Lewis’s “The Power of Love.” I mean, come on! Too fun!

In August of last year, MaryHelen & Kurt welcomed a sweet little boy, named Leo, into their world of fun. We’d been following their progress on Facebook, and were so happy when MaryHelen’s mom, Helen, reached out to us to schedule a session  with Leo over the holidays.

We had done a session for Helen’s other adorable grandkids two summers ago (Click HERE for a peek.) and she wanted to add Leo’s sweet little face to her family wall of love. Her living room walls are covered with giant photos of the kids we’d taken. It’s a bit humbling walking in and seeing our work displayed in such a beautiful way. We’re so grateful that our work has such meaning to our families. {happy sigh}

The day we’d planned to get together was as one might expect at the end of November….COLD! But, we braved the chilly temps and headed out for some fun at a local park in Osterville. Here’s a peek at our time together…

Leo & Gammy enjoy a stroll..

MaryHelen and her sweet boo. Is he an angel or what?

Talk about a mini-me. Leo looks just like his proud papa. Love!

Our happy family….can we talk about the hat on little Leo and that beautiful stare? Mmmmmmm!

We were so happy when we learned that MaryHelen’s sister, Johanna, and her three sweet monkeys, Katherine, Thomas & Matthew, would be joining us. Family….it is everything! And we just adore these sweet, fun, playful, loving families! Yaaay for family!

Johanna and her sweet little man….love the sun flare coming through the wooden train Thomas was sitting in. And, that expression…delightful.

Matthew is the class clown of the family and we just LOVE his rambunctious, loving nature. Big kisses Matty….

Sweet, momma-lovin’ Katherine is growing into such a lovely young woman-to-be. Hey beautiful.

The whole gang…and a little warming up snuggle with Gammy.

Back at Helen’s, little Leo refueled with some Mmmmm good yogurt. Is there anything cuter than a little boo feeding him/herself? I think not!

Big thanks to you Helen for once again sharing your beautiful family with us! We loved getting to meet Leo and seeing his sweet and adoring cousins again. MH, Kurt & Johanna…as always, it was great reconnecting. Thank you all for braving the cold and coming out to play with us! We hope your Thanksgiving was full of love & joyful celebration and that these photos serve as happy reminders of your time together! Until next time, sending big love & hugs to you all (including those who couldn’t make it ~ Jim, Andrew, Lisa & Emmett), C&A xoxo

Brewster Family Session ~ Cape Cod portrait photographers

When children enter our lives, a subtle shift occurs that changes, well, everything. Their presence is far more than simply +1.  Even news of their arrival brings unexpected experiences…some good, some terrifying.

Children give us new reasons to grow. Without thought, we readily leave selfish pursuits behind to tend to their every need. Children teach us patience, test our resilience and push us to expect higher standards for ourselves.  They open us up to new ways of loving that seem beyond the realm of possibility.

That is not to say it’s easy. No, children can be difficult and precocious. They are boundless energy unleashed at times when we most seek peace. They are rambunctious and fearless, stubborn and sometimes downright ornery. Yet at their core they are pure goodness…souls born to love….completely free of judgments and without prejudice.

Children are everything we were and all we hope to be. And simply because of their presence in our lives, we become better versions of ourselves.

Andy & I don’t have children of our own, but we have been blessed with many incredible children in our lives, including the children of our Bello families. And, the time we spend with them has certainly made our lives richer.

A couple of weeks ago, we spent an afternoon with one of our long-time bello families. Thomas, the younger brother of Rachel, one of our brides from 2005, was coming to the Cape to visit his mother, Susan, and Susan had contacted us about photographing Thomas with his wife, Kathleen, and their little girl, Eliza.

We had done the same thing for Rachel, her husband, Chris, and their little girl, Sabine, two years ago, so we were happy to get to see Susan again and spend some more quality time with Thomas and his family. Here are a few of our favorite moments from our time together.

A little tea time toast with Mommy & Daddy…Cheers!

Swings…what is it about swings that makes children light up with sheer delight and lets their parents harness their own inner child? Don’t know, but whatever it is….we love it!

Picking pears with Nana and raspberries with Mommy…Can we talk about Eliza’s eyelashes for a second? Oh, if mascara makers could only bottle what babies have naturally!

Love this…If you roll your mouse over the next image you’ll see Kathleen & Thomas getting down with Eliza! Too cute!

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When I look at this next one, I hear Debby Boone’s 70’s classic “You Light Up My Life” playing in my head. Could Kathleen & Thomas look any prouder of their little girl? Love it!

If ever there was a sweet-as-pie face…this next one of Eliza is surely it! Deeee-licious!

This next series makes me smile…love Eliza’s reaction to getting a little too close to the prickly flower…

Susan has this fabulous koi pond on her property and the koi are massive, but Eliza showed no fear as she excitedly fed them with mom & dad at her side…

Climbing the apple tree with Daddy….oh, the joy!


Just hanging out under the apple tree with her blue bucket…

Off to collect some apples…

A quick change, followed by some snacks and a little snuggle time…

Love these two photos…while I was focused on Thomas & Kathleen’s reaction to their little girl, Andy was behind them, focusing on Eliza’s reaction to them. Oh, the love! See what I mean about how children change our lives!! Makes my heart smile BIG!!

More evidence of how families become richer with the addition of children…look at all of the adults faces as they watch Eliza….{heart}

Family photo…

I still can remember being a young girl and the way I felt when my Dad held me…it was the safest place in the world!

Wanna play?

Yup! This next one is contender for my personal fave of the day….Eliza reminds me of Cindy Lou Who (from the Grinch) with those gorgeous big blue eyes of hers and her cute curly strawberry blond hair & red bow!

Dollies are to little girls what Manolo Blahnik’s are to their grown up counterparts and these next photos say it all…

After three hours together, Eliza was ready to call it a day and attempted to head in for dinner. Here are two perspectives of the same moment….while I wanted to capture the reach in its entirety, my talented husband went in for a closer look at the story and focused on Eliza’s delicious legs. I love it…right down to her spread toes and the dirt on her knee! Precious!

Thank you Susan for sharing your beautiful family with us once again! It was so great seeing you & Thomas again, and finally meeting Kathleen & lovely Eliza! Children grow up so quickly, and so we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of these early years for many happy years still to come.

With love & hugs, Christine & Andy xo