Betsy, Josh & Family ~ Cape Cod Photographers

We first met Betsy & Josh six years ago, when we photographed their AMAZING  Chatham wedding. We’ve kept in touch over the years and their names always come up when we meet with a new couple and they ask the question, “What happens if it rains?”

Let’s face it, no one wants rain for their special day, particularly if you’re coming to Cape Cod as a destination wedding. Sun-drenched sand dunes, silvered cedar shingles, sailboats, and summer fun are what come to mind when most people think about Cape Cod.

We do, however, get our fair share of rain here, and so it’s good to have a back up plan, particularly when planning an outdoor ceremony & tented reception. But, even with rain, it will still be one of the best days of your life, we tell them.

Betsy & Josh’s wedding was the perfect example of this. They were supposed to have an outdoor ceremony, on a bluff in Chatham, with a tented reception to follow.  And, though it doesn’t happen often, theirs was one of those days when the rain came fast & hard and lasted all day. I mean, there was no break in the weather. To make matters worse, when Betsy & her bridesmaids showed up to the salon the morning of the wedding to have their hair & make up done the doors were locked and all of the lights were out.

Yet through it all, Betsy remained cool as a cucumber. We’d seen lesser brides crack under the stress of the wrong color lilies. But, there was Betsy, facing the storm of the summer and no salon….yet, through it all,  she was happy.

“All I care about is I get to marry Josh today. He’s the man of my dreams,” she said.

Perhaps their family & friends were reacting to Betsy & Josh’s upbeat attitudes, or maybe because they are such wonderful, loving, super sweet people, they attract equally fabulous people to them, or maybe it was just the rain….whatever the reason,  their wedding remains one of my all time favorites.

People really had a blast. The love in the air was almost palpable and though folks had to dodge heavy rain to get to the bathrooms, no one complained. Quite the contrary…it was a celebration of epic proportion.

Here’s a look back at our very happy bride….love the sheer joy on Betsy’s face. Makes me happy!

Unfortunately, we hadn’t seen Betsy & Josh after their wedding until a couple of weeks ago, when we got together with Betsy’s whole family for a reunion and bello family session. It was so great to see everyone again, and to meet Betsy & Josh’s son, Kyle, who is a total love bug, and a little ball of energy.

Here are just a couple of photos of our dear friends Betsy, Josh & Kyle. We love you guys and hope you love these photos as much as we loved spending some quality time together again after all these years.

Our happy family…

A momma’s hug…there are few things better in life than this!

Except maybe some one on one time with Daddy…

There are those expressions of utter delight so often found on the faces of these two exceptional people. Run, Kyle. Run!!

Mmmmmm good…

Catch me if you can, Daddy!

Love is…moments like these!

Thank you Betsy, Josh, Kyle and the whole family for welcoming us back into your lives with the same warm smiles & heart-felt embraces. We adore you all and feel blessed to have you in our bello family! Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxoxo

Woodneck Beach Family Photos w/Dan & Michelle ~ Falmouth Photographers

I recently stumbled upon a quote by Austrian artist/photographer Ernst Haas that made me feel so good about the photography Andy & I create.

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”

I love this idea because what I love so much about photography is the way it allows me to document the one thing I respond to most in the world…{LOVE}. Love between two people romantically drawn to one another. Love between a mother and her newborn baby. Love between a man and his aging father. Love between strangers drawn together in joy or tragedy.

Pure. Simple. Unfettered. Glorious, Love.

Sometimes, I have such strong feelings of love for the people in my life I feel certain my heart will grow too large. But, in this feeling comes incredible joy and immense gratitude. And, intensifying those feelings is the idea that what we see, what we capture in the couples & families we photograph, is somehow a reflection of what we are. Truly, it’s just the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.

Trends in photography will come and go, and sometimes I wonder if we ought to infuse more of them in our work. But, Haas’s idea is more appealing to me. And, without realizing it, I think it’s been the foundation on which Andy & I have built bello….we shoot from the heart and, in so doing, we are able to show our couples and families, through images of stolen moments, that they are what we all most desire to be…LOVED.

Such was the case a couple of weeks ago, when we got together with one of our favorite couples, Dan & Michelle!

Last year was the first time in four years that we didn’t get to spend time with these two sweeties and their gorgeous girls: Mackenzie & Cameron. Mother nature seemed determined to keep us apart. Every day we’d scheduled to get together for their annual portrait ended up raining. And, in the end, the stars just didn’t align to bring us together.

Happily, luck was on our side this year, and a couple of weeks ago we reunited for our annual family photo session at Woodneck Beach in Falmouth, a place we had been going with them since we shot their engagement session back in 2006.

It’s so fun to see the changes each year brings to their family, and the two year break left me feeling a tad old, as the girls, Mackenzie & Cameron (who we’ve know since they were babes) seem all grown up. They are delightful, energetic, crazy sweet, funny, wonderful little people and we all agreed that we need to schedule another get together just to play and leave our cameras behind.

Here are a few of our favorite moments from another joyful love-filled afternoon with this wonderful family who knows how to love BIG!

A little hermit crab hunting to start our photo adventure…

Hola famalia. And, can we talk about how cute Little Miss Mackenzie is with her adorable specs. This is one girl who enjoys being photographed, almost as much as she enjoys playing with her doting photographers.

These girls have the most crazy beautiful eyes. Cammie you are simply mesmerizing!

Time for a little sister snuggle before they’re off…

The pride on Michelle’s face in this next one makes my heart sing. She & Dan are truly blessed!

Mackie writes her name in the sand…

Coy Cam, oh how the camera does love you.

Best hug…EVER!

Mmmmm good!

This next one could be my all time fave of these two little rays of sunshine. Their personalities are just shining through. Love, Love, Love!

Another fave…

And from a different perspective…can you tell which one is mine and which one is Andy’s?

Some momma lovin’. That there is some good stuff!

“If I could save time in a bottle. The first thing that I’d like to do, Is to save every day, Till Eternity passes away…Just to spend them with you.” Jim Croce

Mackenzie breakin’ it down, beach style, in her sporty new sweatshirt from Nana! Way to rock it out, Mackie!

A fun perspective of Cam in her new sweatshirt from Nana. Too cute!

Wrapping up the family fun with a big yellow bow!

Thank you Dan, Michelle, Mackie & Cam for a super fun afternoon! We love getting together with you guys and so very much appreciate the faith you put in us, year after year. Although we may be helping preserve important memories for you & your families, you, and all of our other wonderful couples/families are helping us become better versions of ourselves….reminding us where it all starts & ends…with LOVE. With big hugs & kisses, Christine & Andy xoxo

Ronnie, Frank & Family ~ Truro photographers ~ Cape Cod

I’ll never forget the first time we met Ronnie. It was six years ago, at the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth. She was a guest at the wedding of one of our fabulous bello couples, Beth & Jeff, whom we still keep in touch with today. Hey guys…thinking of you with love!

At the wedding, Ronnie came up to us and was so kind and complimentary. I can’t remember what it was that so impressed her about us. I guess she liked the engagement photos we’d done for Beth & Jeff. But, without having yet seen their wedding photos, she already wanted to hire us to photograph her daughter, Kim’s, wedding. And, well, it’s hard to say no to Ronnie.

She is a little firecracker of a woman. What she lacks in stature, she more than makes up for in personality. And, though blood may run through her veins like the rest of us, it’s love & laughter that really make Ronnie go. And, go she does….a mile a minute.

She’s a teacher by trade and it is THE perfect job for her. No…it’s not her job, it’s her calling. Besides being a big kid herself, Ronnie has the patience of a saint. She is one of the kindest, most sincere, generous, kind-hearted people you could hope to meet. I have no doubt she is that teacher, the one all the kids love and come back to years after leaving her class.

Like anyone who meets her, we immediately loved Ronnie. And, were happy to have been welcomed into her family fold. We’ve photographed both of her daughters now. Click HERE for a link at the latest wedding of Lauren & TL, back in 2010, at the Wequassett Inn in Chatham. And, that same year, we also photographed the wedding of Ronnie’s dear friend & fellow teacher, Claire, whom we also love & adore. For a look at Claire & Dave’s fabulous Boston wedding click HERE. And, for a look at nuptials number two on Cape Cod, click HERE.

Earlier this summer Ronnie reached out to us again to photograph the whole family, who was getting together at their house in Truro. With Kim & Lauren married and living in different states, it’s not often they all get together. So, for Ronnie and her very sweet, funny and incredibly doting husband, Frank, it was a reason to celebrate. And, they wanted to document the occasion with photos.

Andy & I, of course, were more than happy to oblige. Forming these kind of deep & lasting relationships with our “clients” (so not the right word for so many of the families we photograph) is the thing we love most about our work…mainly because it makes it feel a whole lot less like work.

We took the hour long drive to Truro to meet up with the gang a couple of weeks ago and were immediately greeted by lots of hugs and kisses…how many people can say that’s how they start their work day? Okay, I admit, most work days don’t start anything like that…it’s usually just us in sweats and untamed hair, staring at computer screens editing images for hours on end. But, when the day involves hugs & kisses from our old friends you almost forget about the other days.

After reuniting and getting to meet Kim & Mark’s super sweet lovebugs, Hadley & Wake, we headed out to the family garden to get folks warmed up again in front of our cameras. Then, off to the local beach for some fun in the setting sun. Here are a few of our favorite love-filled moments from our time together.

A big hug for daddy. Mark just soaks up the lovin…

Our beautiful family…from left to right (TL, Lauren, Frank, Ronnie, Hadley, Kim, Mark & Wake) Love you guys! (oh, and happy news…Lauren & TL are expecting their first baby. Yay! for the circle of life!!!)

Sisters and their growing families. These two just make my heart smile…getting to see our couples lives grow & expand with more love & goodness. It’s just so heart-warming and so fun to document!

The baby bump…sweetness!

Getting young kids to smile AND look at the camera is no easy task, but having Ronnie & Frank dancing & singing in the background sure does help…not to mention make Andy & me smile…big! You two are the best!

Love is….a lifetime beside your best friend and a wonderful family you created together. { Swoon }

In the dunes of the Cape….you’re the (family) I’ve looked for. Come with me…and escape! (If you know this song you’re old, like me.)

Strutting their stuff…

Can we talk about sweet Hadley for a minute? Too precious!

Hadley running to Nonnie! Be still my heart!

Playing in the sand….sweetness!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you, sweet Wake! Couldn’t you just eat up this little man? Delightful!

Happy days…

I absolutely love the way children make the most out of life’s simplest pleasures. We could learn a lot from them! Go Hadley, go!

I LOVE these next photos of Hadley. The one on the left in particular just pulls at my heart-strings, mainly because I sometimes feel that way about Andy. Like the harder I squeeze him, the more he’ll know much I can’t live without him. Mmmmm good!

A little fun time with Auntie & Uncle! Lauren & TL…you’re going to be fabulous parents! Can’t wait to meet the little people you create!

Aunties are the best! More tickles, Auntie…more!!!

We captured a very similar photo of Lauren & TL at their wedding. They got a boat to speed them away from their reception and TL got in the water and carried Lauren to the boat. It was waaaay romantic! Love you two!

Parenting is the hardest, most rewarding job there is…and the rewards are moments like this.

“Where there is love, there is life.” Mahatma Ghandi    AMEN to that!

Life’s greatest moments are the ones in between the seemingly most significant ones. Like these…

Look guys, a hermit crab! Cool!

Beautiful Lauren in all her momma-to-be glory. (completely unposed moment)

Ronnie & Frank….and a love to be admired.

This next one is my favorite and makes me think of this quote: “Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you.” ~Jacques Prévert

Ronnie…in all her wonderful, lovable, uber fun glory!

Thank you guys for an incredible afternoon of laughter and celebration! It was so great seeing you all again and watching you together. We adore you and thank you for always making us feel like part of the family! We hope you love these photos as much as we love you! Chris & Andy xoxo