Holly & Paul met in college, although not quite the way one expects to meet the person they will one day marry. Holly was a student at Providence College. Her dorm had strict rules about no boys after hours, but Holly’s room was on the lower level and often used by girls in the building to sneak friends in after curfew.

Paul was attending Mass Maritime Academy, but was in town to visit friends in Holly’s dorm and had to sneak in through Holly’s window to get to them. It was a quick hello…the kind you’d expect to make as a stranger sneaks in your window. And, neither of them thought much of the other until two years later when they were introduced through mutual friends at a concert.

“Paul was cooking hamburgers while we were tailgaiting and I offered him hand sanitizer because the thought of him touching all that raw meat without washing made me sick!” Holly told us. As a fellow half Italian gal, with a grandmother who was obsessed with washing hands, I totally get this.

Apparently her clean streak struck a chord with Paul, who remained by Holly’s side for the entire concert. “At first, I didn’t realize he was interested in me. I just found it odd that he was next to me every time I turned around,” she confessed.

Paul continued to pursue his hand-sanitizer-toting hottie via Facebook and the two arranged to meet up the following weekend and instantly became an item, who has been inseparable ever since.

Fast forward six years, and they are now planning their wedding for next summer at the beautiful Wychmere Harbor Club in Harwichport…and we cannot wait!!!

We got together with these two lovebirds a few weeks ago here on the Cape for their bello love session (aka engagement session, or as one of our adorable brides likes to call it…our snuggle session). It was our first time meeting Paul, but Holly has been part of our Bello family for quite some time now. We first met her when we photographed the wedding of her big sis, Michelle, back in 2007. Since then, we have got to see & photograph Holly when we did a family session for her, her brother, John, sis Michelle & her hubby, Dan, and Holly’s super sweet parents, John & Susan.  See more from our time together HERE. Michelle & Dan have had us photograph them and their kiddos almost every year since their wedding. We adore them and have had the pleasure of watching their 3 lovebugs grow!!! You can see some of our time with them HEREHERE, HERE and HERE.

We absolutely LOOOOVE it when we get to photograph weddings from the same family…it’s like coming home for us! And, we especially love it when families are as sweet as Holly & Michelle’s family. It’s extra fun when the couples are as adorable as these two! So, without further ado….please say hello to Holly & Paul!

I mean seriously…are these two cute or what??? And, like sooooo many of our couples, these two claim to be “pretty awkward when it comes to having (their) pictures taken.” Yeah, whatever! You two are crazy cute and so much fun to photograph!

When they’re not giggling together, they’re being super adorable, like this….

I love this next one…you can kind of feel their apprehension about being photographed, but they’re so stinkin’ cute about it.

Smooching in front of relative strangers has a way of giving folks the giggles….and that’s just how we like it!

Love this perspective of that same moment, as captured by Andy, through spaces in a rock wall…so fun!

Real, gonna-make-you-live-longer-laughing and smooching….love. love. love.

Holly & Paul’s super sweet  pooch, Reilly, decided to join the party for a few shots. Such a sweet family….

Falling in love with these guys….

Not sure who was walking who here…..but he’s one handsome pooch all the same. And, can we talk about the fall afternoon light? Heavenly!

Back to some one-on-one cuddle time….and, of course, more delightful giggles!

Yay for love that includes lots of laughter!!! And kisses….

Yeaaaaah…soooo awkward! PLEASE!!! Fabulously sassy is more like it!

Such sweetness…..PS…wild grapes are really yummy…if you can get past the slime.

Sunset snuggling….stupendous!

And, into the woods for a little bit of A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

Cannot wait to see these two snuggling like this in their wedding gear…we’re going to have too much fun!!

One more fabulously smile-filled moment before we call it a wrap….

Holly & Paul thank you sooooooooo much for entrusting us to document this very special time in your lives! Holly we had so much photographing Michelle & Dan’s wonderful wedding and just know we’re going to find ourselves documenting just as many beautiful, love-filled moments for you & Paul, and we can’t wait!!! Thank you both for letting your guard down and letting us in to see just how adorable you are together. We know it can be intimidating being photographed by the two of us, while being asked to snuggle & snog, but you guys did AHHHH-MAZING and we hope you can see that in these moments of love! Thank you both, too, for your patience as we took longer than we hoped to get these photos to you….we hope you find it was worth the wait! 🙂 Again, we had so much fun with you guys, and Reilly too, and can’t wait to do it all again next summer. Until then, thank you, thank you, thank you! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo