Kate & Hugh’s Woods Hole Wedding ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Despite their size difference, Kate & Hugh are one of those couples that when you see them together, it’s hard to deny that they just FIT together…..and I mean, fit perfectly! They share the same sense of fun, abundant love for one another, and a sincere passion for living life to its fullest.

Their wedding, at Kate’s family’s summer home in Woods Hole, was a true reflection of those things they hold most dear. It was also quite a party! With 400 guests, a 28-person bridal party and dancing that seemed like it might never stop…it was a day filled with love & happy celebration! It was so wonderful to watch Kate’s parents, Nancy & Craig, beam with pride over their baby girl and the union they so obviously supported, all while throwing a party of Great Gatsby-like proportions. It truly was an amazing day, and, Andy & I were honored to have been there to document all of that joyful exaltation!

Here’s a peek at their F A B U L O U S wedding:

Kate’s stunning Monique Lhullier wedding gown and make up by the talented Katrina Hess. Hair by the fabulous Marisa Marino of Stilisti Salon.

Simply gorgeous! And, that happy expression was the one she was wearing all day long!

Sexy hot pink Christian Dior shoes and some seriously sexy bling to match! Looove!

Kate’s super sweet momma, Nancy, was beaming (and getting a little welled up) with pride and love for her sweet girl, as she sees her dressed and ready to marry her best friend.

The excitement builds….

Kate’s besties react to seeing their gorgeous friend…

Meanwhile, down the road a bit, Hugh gets dressed and ready with his favorite guys. Part of his wedding wear included these cufflinks that belonged to his grandfather and namesake, former Governor of New York Hugh Carey.

Looking good in his custom-designed Vineyard Vine tie, featuring flags with his & Kate’s initials.

Thumbs up to the cool ties….

Having some fun with his mates…

Hugh arrives in style for the ceremony, then takes a moment for a quick photo with his guys, including his best man and little brother, Donnie.

Kate & her proud papa, Craig, ready to enter the church….love these emotional expressions. Weddings are so freaking awesome!

I love this photo and the appropriate symbolism of the past, the present and the future depicted in the reflections seen in the church doors.

Giving away his baby girl….LOOOVE! Seriously, be still my daddy-lovin’ heart!

And embracing his new son……more love!!!

The love & laughter, oh how it did flow….

Hugh & Kate’s flower girls were crazy cute and really getting into the ceremony….

As a surprise to their guests, Hugh & Kate delivered the communion during their wedding mass. So lovely.

The new Mr. & Mrs.! Yaaahoooo! (if only people would put down their cell phones and bask in the glory of the moment!

Hugh is a little too tall for the car they made their get-away in. Watching him try to squish in was precious….almost as much as Kate’s face as she watched in delight.

The happy couple….

We went to the house Hugh’s dad had rented to do some photos, but first, a little snack for our newly married couple….I really LOVE candid moments like these. Totally my faves.

A vision…..

The old house has such character…and Kate’s stunning dress suited it perfectly.

Heading down to the gardens for photos….

Jumping for joy….

Hugh’s guys and his girl…..so fun!

Our sweet couple….

Love and a pink, heart-shaped bush….it was meant to be! Seriously…a pink, heart shaped bush! It’s like it was made for this moment!

Hot pink and ready to party….

Hugh & Kate and their bridal party sailed over to the reception, captained by Kate’s dad….does this look like an ad for Ralph Lauren or what??

As they approached the party, Hugh & Kate released some balloons…..letting their love rise to the heavens. Ahhhhh….

Meanwhile, a staff of several dozen from The Catered Affair prepared for dinner, canopied beneath a gorgeous Sperry Tent, with flowers by the incomparable Winston Flowers.

Love this super sweet basket-weave cake by Icing on the Cake.

One of Hugh & Kate’s signature drinks…..looks as good as their guests. Hello sexies!

Cocktail hour candid moments…my faves.

Hugh’s beautiful momma, Pam, digs in to the raw bar.

As Hugh & Kate make their arrival to the reception, greeted by lots of happy waves.

Trying to corral 400 people was no easy feat…but we did it. Wooo hooo!

Yay for love…and for Hugh & Kate!

This is what I strive for…..love like this, after so many years. Truly, is there anything more beautiful?

An entrance for the ages…..you go gurls!

Kate & Hugh’s dance had all of the fun, flair and love you’d expect from these two. And, their guests ate it up!

The final twirl….delightful!

Kate & Hugh’s party kicked off straight away, with our happy couple joining The Sultans of Swing for a bar or two of song! So awesome!

The sun sets as dinner is served….so Great Gatsby!

I had to grab my tripod when I saw this moment, as one of the flower girls, dances on her own during dinner. Like a fairytale come to life!

And, a little while later the party kicked into high gear with some Vineyard Vines inspired limbo. Kate & Hugh provided a ton of ridiculously fun hats for their guests to play with…LOVE!! Check out Cheesburger head following up his wife for some limbo action. AMAZEBALLS!

“Hey sharky, I wanna eat you up”….so playful & fun! Thanks guys!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

The night ended as high as one can, with Hugh & Kate taking center stage and leading one of the most amazing renditions of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. I love this view of them in embrace, as their friends & family cheer them on! Just wonderful!

Kate & Hugh…what can we say?! Your wedding was just so incredible, with memories made that will surely last a lifetime! Thank you so much (and thank you Nancy & Craig) for inviting us in and allowing us to be a part of all of that wonderful love & celebration! We had so much fun and hope these photos serve as happy reminders of all of the fun you so obviously had for many happy years to come! More to come soon!! Special thanks too to Jen from Pink Polka Dot Events for being amazing and also to Kat Hanafin for helping us capture some of the fabulous details and happy exchanges during cocktail hour. With lots of love & big hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Ginny, Bill & Gang ~ Falmouth Family Photographers, Cape Cod

Every year for the past several years, we’ve had the pleasure of photographing Dan & Michelle, one of our former brides & grooms, along with their ever-expanding family. Sometimes, we just get together with their nuclear family, while other years, Dan’s parents & siblings join the party. And others still, Michelle’s parents & siblings get on board the bello fun bus.

This year, it was Dan’s family’s turn for some photo fun. And, as we have done every year, we met the family at Woodneck Beach in Falmouth, where we first photographed Dan & Michelle for their pre-wedding engagement session (aka love session). But, this year, something new and unexpected happened. We were literally chased off the beach by the most aggressive, nasty little no-see-ums any of us has ever encountered.

Honestly, it’s was shocking. As soon as the sun lowered in the sky, those little blood sucking monsters popped out of wherever they’d been hiding and came at us with a vengeance.  The kids were getting eaten alive. We all were. It was so bad we had to cut our session short and will reschedule a do-over next year. Booo hoooo.

Happily, we were able to get a few shots of this wonderful, loving clan before the swarm descended. Here are a few of our favorite (non-scratching/itching/biting) moments from our time together.

The gang at high tide…poor Liam is already rubbing his eyes and this was as soon as we got to the beach.

Where it all began for us, with Dan & Michelle, and their beautiful kids, Mackenzie, Cameron and new to the family, baby Will. Click HERE for a look at our last session with these lovebugs.

Dan’s brother, Mike, and his lovely wife, Christina had come to us this past fall for a maternity session, as they excitedly awaited the arrival of their little boo, Liam. Click HERE for a link at our last session with them.

Dan’s nephew, Eamon, was really more interested in getting wet than he was having his photo taken…who could blame him, the water was inviting. 🙂 Love this series of Dan’s brother-in-law, Dann, chasing after his son trying to get him back for photos. How much do I love the look of success on Eamon’s face? Sooo much!!

Will is having fun with his grandpa, Bill, who the older kids all call Old Fella (can you stand it? Too freaking cute!), while Nana Ginny looks on.

Christina, Mike & sweet Liam. These guys waited a long time for their little man and we could not be happier for all of them to have found their way to one another. We just know that Liam is in for quite an amazing, love-filled life! Woooo hoooo for that!

Dan’s sister, Megan, with her hubby, Dann, and their kids, Lily and Eamon. Some girly goofing around, cousin style, with Mackie & Lily.

Eamon is a hoot. He definitely marches to his own beat…just like his parents and we love that about him! And, can we talk about that gorgeous head of hair?!

The original family: Dan, with sis Kerry, mom Ginny, dad Bill, sis Megan, and brother Mike.  Love this happy family!

Throughout the session, Eamon kept wanting to get in the water (and I mean IN the water), which we found totally awesome. Dad….not so much. 🙂

Mackie thought it was pretty funny too, as it meant everyone chased after Eamon to get him back on dry land. Here they run back to the rest of the family.

I don’t know how Will slept through the no-see-um assault, but we’re oh so glad he did….delicious! And, then wide away, he plays with Nana!

Hello beautiful…all of Michelle & Dan’s kids have the same gorgeous blue eyes they inherited from their Daddy.

Run Lily Run! (if you’ve never seen it there’s a really cool German film called Run Lola Run, which I loved, almost as much as watching sweet Lily run wild on the beach at sunset.

Lovely Lily and her equally lovely cousins, Mackenzie & Cameron…

Big thanks to all of you for bearing with some pretty icky conditions at the beach. As always, it was wonderful seeing you all and we appreciate you taking time out of your weekend to come see us. We look forward to trying again…perhaps at a new location?…next year! Until then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of our brief time together. Much love & big hugs to you all, Christine & Andy xoxo PS…Michelle & Dan, we’ll see you again soon! xoxo

Lauren, Garrison & Family ~ Chatham Family Session, Cape Cod Photographers

We first photographed Lauren & Garrison and their families six years ago, at their amazing Wequassett wedding. Since then, we have photographed them and their ever-expanding family during their summer visits to the Cape. And, we LOVE it! It’s like a reunion every summer, a chance to see the passing of time in the changing faces of their sweet babes.

We last photographed them together last summer when they came to visit Lauren’s dad, Tony, at his lovely seaside home in Chatham. This year, the whole gang was there, Lauren, Garrison, their two ADORABLE children~Julia and Oliver; Lauren’s dad, Tony, and his wife, Kimberly; Kimberly’s daughter, Sybil, and Lauren’s brother, Adam, and his sweet girl, Chaia, and their friend, Julie. Tony’s brother and his wife, Peter & Anne, were also there.

Kimberly really wanted a group shot of the whole family, a photo of the grandkids and some casual candids of everyone hanging out in the backyard, which is exactly how we like to do our sessions.

When we do larger family sessions we like starting with a group shot of everyone, because let’s face it…during these busy times it’s not often the whole family can get together all at once, so when they do, documenting those gatherings becomes super important.

I know one of my favorite possessions is a family picture I took (on a tripod) with my entire family…my dad, sisters, our hubbies (sadly our nieces & nephews hadn’t joined the party yet), my aunts & uncles, cousins & their kids, and my beloved grandparents. Even the family dogs got in on the shot. The photo has a prime spot on my bedroom dresser and I smile every time I look at it, thinking about all of the good times we’ve shared, all of the memories made, and how much life changes….we lose family members and gain new ones, and the circle of life continues.

When we got together with Lauren & her family, it was a perfect August summer afternoon. It’s funny to see how children changes the dynamics of a family. They get all of the attention, rightly so. And, they also dictate the pace of how things will go. Oliver was feeling less than excited about having to sit still for a photo. But, the family (and we) were patient and with the help of Andy doing a really silly dance behind me, we got what we had come for…..

Oliver kept taking breaks….but sometimes it’s those unrehearsed, in between moments in life that are where the magic can be found. The photo on the left makes me lose my breath for a second. The light is heavenly and there’s something about a wee boo carrying his favorite lovies that just pulls at my heart strings. Add a big smile and forget about it….I am yours, little man.

In these next photos are Tony & his beautiful wife, Kimberly (right) and his sweet brother, Peter, and his lovely wife, Anne. I love photographing couples who’ve been married many years. It’s easy in life to get comfortable with your partner and take things for granted, but stopping to take a moment to have a portrait together has a way of reminding each other of the things that made you want to get married so many years ago.  It’s something Andy & I need to do more for ourselves!

The grandkids picture wasn’t quite as easy as the couples. Oliver just wasn’t having it. But, we were able to snag a quick one before he high-tailed it out of there. I actually love that he’s standing! I’ve said it before, but perfection really can be found in the imperfect.

Sweet Sybil and the family pooch, Chester, share a smooch. Mother & daughter…Ahhhhh. Oh, how I reeeaaaallly wish I had a photo like this of me & my mom. Sadly, she hated having her photo taken and she died several years ago, before Andy & I ever thought about starting Bello…sigh. But, getting to photograph moms & daughters somehow makes me feel closer to her, because I know she’d love what we do and if she were here today I think we’d both suck up our discomfort in front of the camera and let Andy capture a moment like this ….

Adam and his sweet girl, Chaia, being silly….LOVE.

Beautiful Julia and her equally beautiful little brother, Oliver.  Can we talk about the hand on the belly for a second? love it!!

The adults had made some serious bubble making supplies, including home made bubble mix and these fabulous bubble makers, made by attaching string to wire handles. They made the biggest, coolest bubbles ever! Love the way Chaia looks almost as if she’s a dancing matador as she gives the bubble making a whirl.

Oliver delights as he watches the monster bubble his big sister creates…

Girls and curls and flowers and twirls….heavenly.

Snuggling with daddy and eating cereal off his belly…deee-licious!

Momma snuggles…Mmmmm good!

Kisses and standing tall with Daddy….super cool, Oliver!

LOOOOVE this next one Andy captured. It’s a real moment for father & son. Melts my heart!

Adam’s friend, Julie, helps Chaia put her hair in braids….such sweetness!

Cutie cousins being silly together…life is good!

The family, enjoying themselves much as they were when we first photographed them six years ago….yaaaay for families that laugh and play together!!!!

Kimberly & Tony, thank you so much for reaching out to us to photograph the whole gang this year. It was so wonderful seeing you all again and watching you play and have fun together. We hope you love these photos and the memories created as much as we loved spending the afternoon with your beautiful family and documenting your time together! Lauren & Garrison…as always, we adore you guys and your sweet babes. It’s such a treat for us to get to see you guys every year and see how much the kids grow & change. Thank you for keeping us in your lives and continuing to share yourselves with us in such a warm & wonderful way! Sending big hugs and lots of love to you all! Christine & Andy xoxo