Katie & Richie’s Falmouth Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Photographers

nobska engagement session

We call them Love Sessions for a reason….because we absolutely LOVE doing them. Well, that’s not entirely true. We do love getting to photograph our couples during that exciting and anticipatory time before their wedding. But, really, the engagement sessions, or love sessions, as we like to call them, offer a great way for us to get to know our new couples better before their big day, and for them to relax and feel comfortable with us and in front of our cameras, because let’s face it…..most of us are not terribly comfortable when someone points a camera at us expectantly. I know I’m certainly not, and neither is Andy.

Katie and Richie, however, seemed perfectly at home in front of our cameras and the camera obviously loves them! Toward the end of our time together, Richie was saying he was going to leave his job and go into modeling full time (yes, it was said tongue in cheek, but we think it’s not a far fetched idea!). And, Katie, as a former Miss Massachusetts, well, she seemed to have no problem being in the spotlight…especially when sharing the spotlight with her sweet mister! Photographing them together was soooooooo much fun!

Happily, this was not Katie & Richie’s first time in front of our cameras. We first met them last summer, at the Bourne Farm wedding of Richie’s super sweet sister, Kerri. Click HERE for a peek.

We had so much fun with Kerri & Ritchie’s family, who are seriously the sweetest people on the planet! So warm, welcoming, full of love, warmth and just so ready to have fun! And, after having now met Katie’s equally wonderful parents, we just know that Katie & Richie’s Wequassett wedding this summer is going to be a love-fest of epic proportions!!! And, we can’t wait to be there to share in and document all that love and goodness!!!

We got together with Katie & Richie last weekend at Nobska Lighthouse, a place near and dear to them. Both families have homes here in Falmouth, and they try to come down as often as they can during the summer, so it seemed the perfect place to tell their story.

So, without further ado…say hello to Katie & Richie….

knobs lighthouse engagement session

Come on….are they adorable or what? Some of my favorite photos from our love sessions are captured during those in between moments, when our couples aren’t entirely aware of us or our cameras.

nobska lighthouse engagement session

A different perspective from that same moment above (on right).

nobska lighthouse engagement session

Love these happy, smiling, beautiful faces!

nobska lighthouse engagement session

Richie practicing his GQ look….nailed it!! And, Katie loving every second. Ahhhh, the look of love!

falmouth engagement session

Sweet kisses…

falmouth engagement session

cape cod photographers

Lookin’ pretty sexy….

cape cod wedding photographers

Hey baby….right this way….

cape cod engagement session

Sneaking in some snuggle time….beach hut style.

falmouth photographer

beach shack lovers

More sweet kisses…

cape cod photographers

cape cod wedding photographers

Love the happy, full-of-love looks on these two beautiful faces!

cape cod beach photos

So much cuteness….

couple kissing on beach

My ridiculously talented hubby has a knack for finding such fun, creative perspectives. This next photo is a perfect example of that.

couple kissing in beach grass

Hi gorgeous….

couple kissing on beach

Love the playfulness in this next one. These two have so much fun together…no matter what they’re up to. Love that!

falmouth beach engagement session

couple on beach, nobska lighthouse

Happy. Happy. And more happy!

couple in love, piggyback, beach engagement session

The look of love….ahhhhh!

couple holding hands on beach

Peek-a-boo, we see you Nobska!

nobska lighthouse

We ended the session with a quick stop at Katie’s folks’ house, so we could snap a few pics on the family boat, where Katie & Richie love to relax and soak in the summer fun.

falmouth photographers, couple on boat

hummuna hummuna

couple kissing on boat

And, with a final kiss….

couple kissing on boat, falmouth wedding photographers

…we bid farewell to these two lovelies! Until next time…

couple on boat, cape cod photographers

Katie & Richie…thank you both so much for spending the evening with us and for sharing your beautiful love in such a open way. You guys are adorable together and we had so much fun with you both! Andy & I cannot wait to be there with you when you say, “I do!” in a couple of months. We expect there will be lots of love, celebration and happy tears (perhaps my own). Until then, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek from our time together. More to follow soon! Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Lauren & Dustin’s Falmouth Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Lauren & Dustin worked for the same staffing company in NYC for three years, but didn’t really know each other very well. Then, during a chance meeting at the West Palm Beach airport, something clicked and their road to love began.

Lauren was in Florida visiting family, and Dustin was there visiting friends. They had both found themselves in the airport Chili’s, looking to kill some time before their flight home. They ended up having a drink next to each other and began chatting.

“It was love at first buffalo bite,” Dustin jokingly told us.

“It was the first time we had really spoken to each other outside of ‘hello’ in the office,” Lauren said. “(That time in the airport) opened the door to many conversations to come when we returned to NYC. We spent a couple of months talking and flirting, and sending goofy emails, before we started dating. But, I had a feeling from the start that there was something different about him.”

Fast forward five years, and this sweet, chilled out, lovely, adventurous pair is planning to marry at Oyster Harbors Club in Osterville, and we are super excited to get to document all of the love & joyful celebration sure to surround them!

Like many of our out of state couples, Lauren & Dustin had commissioned us to photograph their wedding before we actually all met. Lauren had been referred to us by her lovely planner, Jen at the Pink Polka Dot (Big, love-filled thanks, Jen!!! You rock!!). After spending a bit of time on our website, they recognized one of our couples, Stefania & Justin, who it turned out were close family friends. I think that may have sealed the deal for them with us. Wooo hooo!! We just love when we have personal connections like that with our couples…makes it feel like our Bello Family really is one big happy family!

Without further ado….here’s a look at our latest Bello Family members….Dustin & Lauren. Are they adorable or what?

Who knew buffalo bites could lead to this….

When we asked these two what they love most about each other, Dustin told us that he loves how funny & cute Lauren is, and I have to say, listening to them giggle uncontrollably at the start of our session totally had me giggling right along with them. Just ADORABLE!!!

Love this slightly more serious and definitely serene portrait of our love birds…..plus, some more giggles.

Hummuna, hummuna

There is no better place, than in the arms of the one you love….the end!

Except maybe when joined by your fur baby. Sweet little Meadow Mae joined us for a few beach photos. She’d had recent surgery, so she couldn’t stay long, but she sure seemed happy to have a break from her cone of shame. I really hope Faithy never has to wear one of those! (Faith is our new rescue dog, who we shamefully haven’t blogged about yet….note to self!)

Happy girl….

Down to the harbor for a little chillaxing. Love the photo on the right…feels like an ad for some cool, hip new something-something. These two make cool look easy!

Lauren & Dustin explained to us that they prefer more natural, photojournalistic style photos….yaaay, so do we!!! It’s not always easy to put a couple in a place where the light and background are just right, while Andy & I run around them popping shutters like crazy people, and have our couples not only look natural, but also not feel overly posed. It sounds easy, but it’s really not. That said, I like to think we achieved our goal….

Down to the dock for some more canoodling.

Cute. Cute. Cuties.

On the way back to their house, we had to stop at the beach to take advantage of that gorgeous warm sunset light we’re so blessed with here on beautiful Cape Cod.

Love how content Lauren looks in the photo on the left….and how bubbling with happy they both in the one on the right. You guyssss….

Going, going, gone. One of my all-time favorite ads is a lifesavers commercial featuring a dad and his little girl, sitting under a tree on a hill, watching the sun set in the distance. The dad says, ” Going, going, gone,” as the sun disappears beyond the horizon and the little girl turns to him and says, “Do it again, Daddy.” This photo makes me think of that. LOVE!

Lauren & Dustin, thank you both sooooo much for entrusting us with documenting this happy time in your lives!! We cannot wait to be a part of your wedding later this summer and to get to meet the rest of your families! Until then, we hope you enjoy these photos and that they serve as happy reminders of what’s still to come!! Big hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo


Kerri & Billy’s Falmouth Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Life is a like a woven tapestry. Strands of thread, intersecting and forming connection to create something larger and more meaningful. This is how I think about Kerri & Billy’s love story, like an afghan created over many years, looping with moments of intersecting lives, yet not fully wrapping them in its embrace until the time is just right.

Kerri & Billy both grew up in Milton, MA. Their grandparents were friends and their moms went to the same high school. And, when they were just babes, Kerri & Billy even attended the same day care….two sweet, unsuspecting little lives growing up and moving along destined paths, ever leading one to the other.

Although they knew who each other was in high school, they never really spoke until college. “I always knew the name Billy B., (But), whenever we were at the same parties I was too nervous to talk to him. I think I was just intimidated by how cute he was,” Kerri told us.

In September of 2011, these two, adorable, fun, loving people finally met at a Bruins’ hockey game they attended with mutual friends. Finally, the stars aligned and love struck hard.

“We were at a bar after the game and Billy gave me a head not to come over from across the bar and I walked right over (haha, so smooth Bill),” Kerri told us. “We talked for what I thought was about three hours and he asked me if he could kiss me…ahhh, it wasn’t even our first date. We kissed all the way home, before I got dropped off back at my apartment. I’m not sure it was love at first sight or what, but I definitely knew I liked him a lot right away. Things just got better and better the more we talked. I would get butterflies every time we spoke.”

“I do think it was a mix of love at first sight and fate,” Billy told us. “I defitinely believe that things happen for a reason and I really believe that meeting Kerri that night was meant to be.”

These two cuties will say “I do!” later this summer at a place very special to Andy & me….Bourne Farm. It is where we both said, “I do!” just a couple of weeks before Kerri & Billy actually met…it’s like we were destined to be their photographers!!!!

We got together with these sweethearts last week at Kerri’s grandmother’s home in Falmouth, where Kerri and her family (and now Billy) spend a lot of time during the summer. “My favorite thing to do with Kerri is everything we do when we are down the Cape…whether it is hanging on the boat, taking a bike ride on the bike path, or just hanging in the backyard enjoying a few drinks,” Billy said. So, we thought….what better backdrop for a bello love session than a place so rich with meaning for our sweet couple.

The boat on which they spend many an afternoon fishing and just relaxing….they look pretty relaxed right here!

I just love that their lives seemed destined to arrive here….in the warmth of each others’ embrace!!!

These two were so fun to photograph. They just love being together and it’s so obvious to see. They are silly and sweet with each other and needed no help being absolutely adorable in front of our cameras!! Love them!!!

May all your tomorrows feel like this…

“LOOOOOVEEE, exciting and new….come aboard. We’re expecting you!! And, love….life’s sweetest reward. Let it flow….it floats back to you!! The Loooooveee Boattt! Soon, we’ll be making another run!!! The Loooooveee Boattt!”

Here, is where I was always meant to be….


In your arms and by your side…..swoon!

Love these two….

I mean come on….are they cute or what?!!

Where you go, I will surely follow….

This is how these two often look….smiling from ear to ear, completely happy to be together! LOVE!!

beach beauties…

The kiss….

Happy. Happy. Happy!

Kerri & Billy, thank you both sooooo much for opening your hearts to us in such a warm & welcoming way! Right from our first meeting, we knew you two were people we wanted to get to know better and that your love story was one we soooo wanted to tell! You guys are absolutely adorable together, but you’re also just really wonderful individuals, who have felt more like old friends than a couple who’s wedding we’re going to photograph. Thank you so much for making us feel that way!!! Loved hanging out with you both before, during and after the session and cannot wait till we get to see you both again!! Until then, we hope you enjoy this little sneak peek….more to follow soon!! We hope you love the photos as much as we adore both of you!

With big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo

PS…special thanks too to Deb, Mike & Ritchie for also making us feel super welcome!! You guys are wonderful and we can’t wait to meet the rest of the gang!! xo