Jac & Mitty’s Falmouth Wedding ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Jacqueline & Mitty are like peanut butter & chocolate…alone they’re pretty awesome, but together…..well, it’s a winning combination that’s hard to beat! We first met these two lovebirds earlier this summer, when we got together for their bello love session.

It’s not often that we first meet our couples just minutes before photographing them and still hit it off right away, but that’s exactly how it was with these two. They’re just super cool people…fun, warm, funny, and absolutely beautiful, both inside & out.

I knew even before meeting them that we were going to like these two. Before our love sessions, we give our couples a little survey with questions that let us get to know them a bit better. Andy & I provide our own answers too, to help couples feel a little less intimidated to share personal info with us. Jac & Mitty sent back their survey…all 4 pages of it…and it was like Christmas morning. Not only did we get a real inside look into who they are, and what they love about each other, but with every single, thoughtful word they were welcoming us in to their world with open arms & open hearts. And, that is gold to us.

More often than not, our couples send back surveys with one line answers…and we get it…we’re all busy and who has time for something so seemingly trivial. But, Jac & Mitty’s answers were so much fun to read. Jac’s replies were particularly verbose….which I suppose I could relate to, as anyone who’s ever got an email from me can attest…I’m never at a shortage of things to say. But, they weren’t just chatty responses, they were seriously heart-felt. And, in their words it was easy to see how much these two love & care for each other.

Their wedding a few weeks ago, in the backyard of Jac’s grandfather’s ocean front Falmouth home, was the perfect testament to just how BIG these two love …and not just each other, but their families & friends and life in general. It was such an honor to bear witness to that kind of love & celebration. It was the kind of wedding you never want to end (Well, the kind of wedding you’d never want to end if you could put down your 20 pound cameras and join everyone breaking it down on the dance floor, which we were seriously tempted to do.)

I could keep going on about how much we adore these two, but I know most folks come here to see photos…so, I’ll just let the photos do the talking. We hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into the love & celebration that was Jac & Mitty’s wedding day!

Beautiful Jac…with eyes as blue as the ocean…love this girl and her Sex in the city hairstyle by the talented team from Artworx Hair Design. Make up by Dani Wagener.

Ga ga gorgeous!!! Jac is a vision in her Ramona Keveza wedding gown. Just beautiful! And, to think, all she said to us when we first met was how awkward she is in front of the camera and how she can never take a good photo….yeah, whatever!

Mitty and the guys were getting ready at the Sea Crest Resort just down the road. The guys all wore these handsome bluish/grey suits by Isaia, and super cool plaid ties .

Our handsome groom, getting ready for his soon-to-be Mrs.

Last minute gloss touch ups…and away we go….

Happy looks like this…

Jac & Mitty had their first look on Jac’s grandfather’s front lawn. The property and tent just looked so beautiful thanks to the talented team at Sperry Tents, the super sweet and uber stylish Jen Chagnon at The Pink Polka Dot, and the lovely Courtney Dunbury of Courtney’s Floral Creations. We are huuuge fans of Courtney’s and this wedding was some of her best work ever. Just so beautiful and so totally Jac’s style. Awesome job Court!!

Look at that beautiful face light up at the site of her sweet mister….swooon!

Joy is this….

These two were absolutely glowing….yaaay for love!

Jac’s grandpa’s dog is a sweet old fella, who was doing his part on the wedding day to help keep Jac calm and centered….and look pretty adorable doing it.

Jac & her girls….including her super sweet sister Christina (on Jac’s right)

Jac & Mitty could not have asked for a more perfect day to say, “I do!”

Side by side, now and forever!

Sweet kisses….

Mitty & his besties, including his brothers, Chris & Chase (far right) before the ceremony starts at St. Barnabas in Falmouth.

Love this unscripted moment as Jac arrived via the side door, with her handsome dad, Dennis, and her soon-to-be nephews/ring bearers, Harrison & Alex.

If every day could feel like this, life would be soooo good!

Love the way Mitty gently touched Jac’s arm as she made her way to him….sometimes so much can be said in a simple touch.

Or in a look…..

We did it!!! Woooooo hooooo! Look at their faces….can you stand it?? So much happiness!!

Jac gets a love-filled hug from a friend just outside the church.

I LOOOOVE this photo of Jac, it’s almost as if she can’t believe how happy she is in this moment. Meanwhile, her super sweet parents, Dennis & Elissa, make their way out of the church.

See what I mean about Courtney’s flowers???? Just stunning! And, that floating ball of flowers in the middle of the tent must have been about 4 feet wide! Love the linens too!

A little pink sparkle and a ruffled cake by the talented staff at The Casual Gourmet. As always, Olive and her staff made sure everything ran with machine like precision, while guests enjoyed the delicious food!

The new Mr. & Mrs…..

A fun perspective on their first dance.

Jac played lacrosse in college and here some of her former teammates shower their gal pal with love & kisses.

Mitty & Jac steal a kiss during the toasts.

Love Mitty’s expression as he listens to Christina talk about her new big brother. Just lovely!

This little star lit walkway….it provided the perfect backdrop for a little late night break from the party for our happy couple.

Sealed with a kiss…..

Honestly, there were just too many great moments to fit in this post…I could have kept sharing, but we’re already a bit late getting this online, so we had to stop somewhere. We hope you, Jac & Mitty, enjoy this little peek. More to come very soon…we promise! We cannot wait to share the entire collection with you…so many wonderful love-filled moments jammed into one day! Until then, thank you both sooooo very much for including us in your amazing wedding! We love you guys and loved being a part of this special time in your lives. You, your family & friends all made us feel so welcomed, and you two shared yourselves so selflessly. We appreciate it so much and cannot wait to see where this journey of love takes you both next!! With big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxoxo

Kendall & Ray’s Wianno Club Wedding ~ Cape Cod Photographers

Kendall & Ray found us through Cara, one of our brides from last summer and Kendall’s former co-worker back when they both lived & worked in DC. Although it took a while for us to meet, Kendall & I chatted on the phone several times, and each time she had me laughing and growing more excited about being a part of her & Ray’s wedding. And, when we did finally meet…they were as fun & sweet as we knew they would be!

Although a self-described, “anti-bride”….still not entirely sure what that means, Kendall was absolutely stunning on her wedding day…the kind of vision in white that little girls dream of one day being. And, she & Ray were beaming the ENTIRE day. Their smiles were infectious and completely unaffected by the rain that seemed intent on making an appearance for most of their day.

We often say that although the rain makes doing photos outside not always desirable, it does seem to have a positive effect on the overall feel of the day.  I’m not sure if folks feel like they need to rally for their friends because of the rain or if the couples who get rain are just super fun, positive people, who understand that life can be messy and unexpected things happen, and, rather than wallow, they choose to embrace it, dance in puddles and know that without rain there would be no rainbows.

That is exactly the kind of people Kendall & Ray are and their wedding was the perfect reflection of that and how they love life and the people closest to them with their hearts wide open……which is the surest way to our hearts.

I have heard that there are more than a few people excited to see this one, so, without further ado…here’s a sneak peek at the wonderful Wianno Club wedding of Kendall & Ray….

Kendall and her girls got ready at the quaint Captain David Kelley House. The owners were nice enough to the let girls take over the front porch for hair & make up with the lovely Erin Kennedy of Artworx Hair Design and Kimberly Richard. The porch was also a great place for photographing some of their wedding day details, like Kendall’s stunning Hayley Paige wedding gown and her gorgeous wedding rings, including her grandmother’s diamond & sapphire wedding band.

I love these relaxed moments of getting ready. Kendall is all smiles as she chats with her super sweet mom, Shelley, and her best gal pals.

It was an unseasonably chilly August day…perhaps made so by the rain, so the girls tried to get warm with some coffee. I don’t know why I enjoy this shot, but it just makes me feel like cuddling up with a cuppa and a good book.

Getting dress, and some help tying her bow from her fabulous Grandma, whom I absolutely loved!! I want to be just like her when I’m 80.

Catching a private moment with Kendall and her mom as they prepare to head to the church…

Ducking the rain & wet ground, Kendall makes her way to the trolly….love this girl and her beautiful, smiling face!!

Meanwhile, Ray & his brother Greg get dressed…

Suspenders locked & loaded and shoelaces tied and we’re ready to go…

Ray’s very sweet & loving momma, Deb, helps the guys with their boutineers.

The fellas…

Kendall was all smiles and raring to marry her best friend. Love this moment captured by Andy just outside the church! It’s so fun to edit and see sweet moments like this captured by my talented hubs!

Have I mentioned how much I LOOOVE it when our grooms get emotional upon seeing their bride? Soooo much! Can we talk about Ray’s sweet face for a second??? {swoon}

Here comes the bride…

As serious as the commitment of marriage is and should be…moments like this are also part of it….my favorite part of it!

More happy faces, followed by some sweet kisses.

They did it!!! The new Mr. & Mrs.!!!

We got a very brief break in the rain to take a few photos just before the light was completely gone….wooo hoooo!

Hello lovelies…

Time to party!! Love the expression on the face of Kendall’s sweet sister, Molly!

The lovely ladies…

Laughing and having fun was pretty much the theme of the day for this wonderful group. Just delightful!

A quite sisterly moment….

Some reception details…

Ta da….

Their first dance was as wonderful as every other part of their magical day…surrounded by their swaying bridal party, Kendall & Ray couldn’t stop smiling!

Love. Love. Oh, glorious Love!

Locked by arms, their friends serenaded K&R with a little swaying back & forth, which clearly delighted all involved….and those watching.

A big momma bear hug.

More love & goodness…

Now, time to boogie…on down!

Ray & several of his groomsmen played football for Harvard and had a tradition of dancing in a circle to Dancin’ in the Moonlight. This version was special, as Kendall was put in the middle of the circle of love.

You go girl!

Happy. Happy. Happy!

Ray & Kendall join the band for a little sing-along.

Kendall & Ray thank you so much for including us in your AMAZING wedding and for welcoming us with open arms & open hearts! We loved watching you two together and with your family & friends. So much love and such joyful celebration!! We hope these photos serve as happy reminders of your incredible day for many happy years to come. More to follow soon!! And a special shout out to sweet Cara for sending you our way. There is no greater compliment than when our fabulous couples refer us to their friends and spread the bello love!! We love extending our bello family in this way! So thank you!! With big love & hugs, Christine  & Andy xoxo