Our first wedding of the 2015 season could not have begun with a sweeter couple than Hollis & Adam. Although they went to high school together (Adam a senior; Hollis a freshman), it wasn’t until years later when a mutual friend suggested Hollis, a sophomore in college, meet Adam.

Their connection began over Instant Messenger, “when that was still a big thing,” Hollis told us. “I think the first conversation was over three hours long, and it was a little freaky how much we had in common.”

They didn’t meet in person until a few months later, when Adam went to Holli’s New Year’s Eve party. And, the two have been inseparable ever since.

“I’m not sure if I can remember the exact time I knew Adam was the one. We just grew into such a strong relationship and I cannot picture a day without him,” Hollis said.

“I knew right away, on that New Year’s Eve, that Hollis was going to be part of my life,” Adam told us. “I just loved everything about her, but she needed a little more convincing. I eventually won her heart and we have been beyond happy ever since.”

That happiness spilled over into a full blown love fest when Hollis & Adam said, “I do!” three weeks ago at St. Christopher’s Church in Chatham, with a super fun reception following at the gorgeous oceanside resort, Chatham Bars Inn.

We first met Hollis a few years ago, at the wedding of her equally lovely cousin, Kim. Hollis was a bridesmaid and like Hollis, Kim’s wedding to her super sweet hubby, Jamie, was also our first of the season the year they got married. Click HERE for a look.

The first wedding of the year is always a special one for us, because we don’t tend to break out our cameras a whole lot during the winter. The winter is generally spend doing a lot of album designing and production, and if time allows working on behind the scenes marketing/business stuff there just isn’t time to do during the summer….basically a whole lot of time spent in front of the computer. Not my favorite thing to do!!!

So, getting to flex those creative muscles again and be a part of such a special celebration for a couple and their families is like taking in a big deep breath of fresh air after too many months indoors.

And, when our first wedding gets to be with wonderful people with whom we share a bit of history…well, the air goes in that much sweeter. When the details and people are as lovely and beautiful as these…it almost doesn’t feel like work.

Hollis gets a little help getting into her crazy beautiful Ramona Kaveza gown from her sweet cuz, Kimmie. Just stunning!

Across the resort, Adam gets ready with his besties, including his Best Man, Matt.

Cufflinks and whisky and best mates….booo-ya!

Hollis’s proud papa, Jim, gets a first look at his little girl, all grown up.

Best men, best friends….best moments on the best of days.

Beautiful, stunning….lovely Hollis. Can we talk about her gorgeous red hair for a second?! Love it!!

The men….

The ladies….

And, Hollis with flower girl extra-adorable, Lily. Lily is Kim & Jamie’s crazy cute daughter. I wanted to munch those cheeks all day long!!

A little bubbly on the way to the church.

Hang on to your hats, cuteness overload coming right up…

Love these in between moments, right before a couple commits their lives to one another. So much nervous, excited anticipation. And, I imagine the moment is surreal for Jim, who likely feels like it was just yesterday that he welcomed his baby girl into the world. Now, he leads her off to start a new chapter in her life. Just so wonderful and so much love!!

And, here we go…..

Adam could barely breath watching Hollis come down the aisle to him. Oh, how we live for these moments of love.

The look of love. It’s undeniable.

There’s something about that moment AFTER the kiss that makes my heart smile. The look exchanged says it all….”we did it. i’m yours and your mine.” Happiness all around!

Pharrell wrote Happy for moments like this….


Waving to family & friends and they’re off….let’s get this party started!

But, first….a few moments alone to soak it all in. Are they too stinkin’ cute or what?

you + me = we


Love this next one…..these two are so easy, breezy, beautiful.

hi cuties…

Hold me tight, and here I’ll always stay.

The Chatham Bars Inn is one of the most beautiful spots on Cape Cod, and Hollis & Adam’s choices for flowers & colors were perfection.

Springtime perfection courtesy of Lilac Florals.

More lovely details…

First dance tenderness.

Chink Chink….we did it!

Matt’s playful speech was full of heart and humor, filling the room with laughter, smiles and delightful reactions from Hollis & Adam.

Real moments like these, where you can feel the love, are just so special to get to witness and record.

Hollis’ MOH and baby sis, Kelsey, gave THE sweetest speech that had her, her sister, and several people in the room (not admitting anything!!) in tears. Watching Adam comfort his bride made it even more emotional! Can we talk about that look and the tender touch?!! Too much!!!

Love this moment too, of sisters coming together, as their beautiful momma, Betsey, looks on…beaming with pride and love for her girls!! Love. Love. Love!!!

Taking in the stunning view.

Parent dances never disappoint….so much love & pride and smiles that go on for miles.

There were some serious moves being bust out on the dance floor. This group really knew how to have some fun. Love this perspective as our bride turned bridesmaid/new momma breaks it down! You should have seen the moves her hubby, Jamie, was cranking out. Michael Jackson didn’t have nothin’ on you, Jamie!!

We could not have asked for a more perfect way to kick off our wedding season. Hollis & Adam, thank you both so very much for entrusting us with documenting all of the love & joyful celebration. You two are wonderful people and a stellar couple and getting to be a part of this new chapter in your lives was an honor and a privilege and we hope these photos show you all the love we could feel swirling around you that amazing day!! Love you guys, love your warm, wonderful families & friends and loved your wedding!! Thank you for sharing with us in such an open, honest way!! Big kisses, Christine & Andy xoxoxo  PS…glad there was no sewing involved this time around! 😉 xx