This was our second year photographing Terri and her wonderful family during their annual pilgrimage to the picturesque Wequassett Inn resort in Chatham. Last year, Terri initially reached out to us about possibly photographing the wedding of her son, Ryan. The twist was that Ryan hadn’t yet proposed. Gotta love a mom who’s on top of the situation!

The plan was that Ryan would pop the question to his girlfriend, Anette, while the family vacationed here on the Cape over the July 4th weekend. As expected, Anette happily said, “Yes!” And, Terri decided she wanted to celebrate the occasion with a family portrait session. So, Andy & I drove down and spent the afternoon with everyone.

We had a blast and instantly fell in love with Terri, her husband, Alan, and their kids, Leigh, Randi and Ryan….and the soon-to-be newest member of the family, Anette!

This year, we got together again, for an abbreviated, though equally fun, family session. We followed up the family photos with an engagement session featuring our happy couple.

Ryan & Anette will pledge their love & lives to one another, surrounded by their wonderful families & friends later this summer at Wequassett. It is sure to be a total love fest and we can’t wait!

Here are a few of our favorite photos from the family session, starting with the entire gang:

Terri & Alan cozy up….

Last year, we did a really fun shot with the family, where we had everyone jump down the side of a small hill. It was an awesome photo and the family used it for their holiday card. So, the pressure was on to do something as as silly, fun and spirited as these wonderful people. Not sure we hit the mark with this next one, but we all had fun trying…

Siblings…do Terri & Alan make them good lookin’ or what? Seriously!!! Oh, and they’re also all incredibly smart and talented…it’s kind of ridiculous!! Ryan owns his own business and is a techy genius! Leigh is going to MIT for her MBA and Randi just graduated college and is already an uber talented fashion designer…keep an eye out for her!

Giving the happy couple some family squeeze time.

They really are ALL STARS!!

Are those some gorgeous smiles or what?


Hanging out…

The whole gang…

Thank you Terri, Alan, Leigh, Randi, Ryan & Anette for once again making us feel like part of the family! You really do have an incredible family and we hope to get to see all of you every year!!! We’re already thinking about what our “fun” pose will be next year!  See you all later this summer! Can’t wait!

Big love, Christine & Andy xoxo