Emily & Robby’s story began years before they ever actually met. While studying abroad during college, Emily & her friends attended Oktoberfest in Munich. As friends enjoying themselves often do, they took a photograph to commemorate the moment and as if kissed by kismet, a tall, handsome young man, who was also studying abroad, happened to be in the background of the photograph. That man was Robby. But, the pair would not realize the coincidence or what destiny had in store for them until years later.

Two years after that trip with friends, Emily met Robby when she interviewed for a job at a strategy consulting firm in Washington DC. Emily got the job and she & Robby ended up working closely together on a project. They became fast friends and when the project ended, sparks between the pair flew. And, seven years after the fateful photograph, Robby proposed to Emily on an October trip to Munich.

And, next summer, this lovely pair will say, “I do!” surrounded by family & friends in what they hope will be a casual, yet super festive and wildly fun wedding at the Chatham Bars Inn.

We got together with Emily & Robby two weeks ago in Chatham for their engagement session. They told us they were “a little camera shy,” but that always gives me confidence that the photos are going to come out awesome, since every time someone says that to us, that’s exactly what happens. As per usual….our cameras looooved Emily & Robby as much as we did. And, their photos are a perfect reflection of the sweet bond they share. Here’s a look at these two love birds, starting with some cocktail confidence at Emily’s dad’s house.

Whiskey sours and cheers to us….

This is going to be fun….

Let me just get that bit off fluff off your nose honey! I know this may not be the photo you want hanging above your mantle, but I love these in between moments. It just feels so natural and unrehearsed and that’s where the magic lives, in my opinion.

Cuddling cuties + yummy libations = a winning combination.

More of those magical moments in between that I love so! Emily & Robby shared with us a really cool thing they like to do together. So, once a week, they gather for some “couch time,” which involves asking the same four questions of one another: What did you appreciate about me this week? Was anything bugging you this week? What do you have going on net week? And how can I help you next week? Besides getting a handle on their busy lives, couch time offers them a chance to connect and be heard. It’s an awesome tradition they started a couple of years ago and Andy & I are thinking of adopting it ourselves!!

After a little couch time, we all hopped in the car and headed to the beach for some play time….these two are just so sweet together!

Emily used to dance ballet and though it’s been many years since she laced up, the girl still has some mean pointe skills!

By your side and in your arms….exactly where I want to be.

Happy faces and sandy toes = an afternoon well spent.

Emily’s engagement ring was made using the stone from her great-grandmother’s wedding ring and it is STUNNING!! Robby did an awesome job taking something with lots of history and sentiment and making it even better.


So much love between these two really sweet, really wonderful people. I’m so excited to be on this journey with them!

Shiny, happy people make me smile and feel super shiny.

Nervous laughter perhaps….but it works!!

A gorgeous couple, a setting sun on a perfect summer evening and tall beach grass = everything we need to take camera shy….

…to magazine worthy.

More of those wonderful in between moments that make my heart skip a beat.

Wherever you go….I will follow.

On top of the world…with you.

Let’s go get our toes wet…

The look of LOVE!!! Swoon…

Andy & I like to spend a couple of hours on these sessions with our new couples. It gives us all a chance to get to know each other and build some trust. Our couples get to see what it’s like being in front of our cameras and we get to see how they interact together. I just LOVE how these two interact together. There is such a sweetness and tenderness between them, all wrapped in lots of love and a fun lightness that makes me even more excited about being on this wedding journey with them!

Asking two self-professed camera shy people, who don’t like being the center of attention, to walk down the MIDDLE (like stopping traffic, here we come) of Main Street on a busy summer day….aside from being totally cheeky….is something you really only do after two hours of building trust. And, when they say, “Sure!” you feel like you’ve been given the keys to the castle, because it means you’ve arrived at that place, where they feel safe and willing to be vulnerable in front of you. And all of that beautiful give and take will carry over to the wedding day in the most wonderful way!! I just love getting to this place, with people as wonderful as Emily & Robby!! It’s why I wanted to photograph weddings in the first place.

The nervous giggles spilling out of them as they did it had me giggling the whole time we were photographing them. Just so awesome you two!!!

We did it, babe!!

Thought this was a fun last photo, since Robby & Emily will be getting married at Chatham Bars next summer. Yaaay!!

Emily & Robby, thank you both so very much for welcoming us into this exciting time in your lives. I loved our first conversation so much and it had both Andy & I super excited to finally meet. We both absolutely loved our time together and cannot wait to be there with you next summer!! Thank you too, Peter, for welcoming us into your home with such warmth & hospitality!! Looking forward to seeing you next summer too…and to meeting all of your families and friends, Emily & Robby!! Until then, we hope these photos bring you as much joy as watching you two together brought us! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo