Sarah & Brett’s Chatham Bars Inn Wedding ~ Cape Cod Photographers

Sarah and Brett’s Chatham Bars Inn wedding last month was fall fabulous. The forecast had looked pretty dire in the days leading up to the big even, with rain coming down pretty heavy in the morning. But, as if Mother Nature herself had a stake in making sure everything worked out, the clouds dried out and Sarah & Brett ended up with a gorgeous, fall day…a tad windy, okay really windy….but it only served to carry this sweet couple’s beautiful love up into the heavens.

I met up with Sarah and her eleven best girlfriends at her parent’s home in Harwich Port, where the hair & make up and getting ready process was well underway, with everyone having a super fun morning. Chana Moung and her assistants did a fabulous job of giving all the girls stunning wedding day looks. Here Sarah gets her finishing touches.

And checks her gorgeous self out.

Before getting dressed, we jumped outside for a quick photo, where the girls  had to hold tight to their robes, which made for lots of happy giggling faces. Love it!

Bridesmaid Ellen peeks in just before Sarah gets into her dress. Just love this candid moment as the gal pals share a giggle.

Getting into her STUNNING Romona Keveza gown with the help of her super sweet momma, Sandra and her best friend, Laura.

Just love how Sarah’s grandma looks on and takes in the gorgeousness of her granddaughter.

All buttoned in, Sarah gets a big hug from her bestie. Adorable!

That moment…when it hits you…it’s real and today is the day! LOVE IT!

My favorite part of Sarah’s stunning dress was the gorgeous handmade lace, off-the-shoulder jacket that was just insanely gorgeous!

A little last minute lip gloss and we’re off…

Love the reactions of her besties as they see Sarah coming down the stairs…

Taking some fun selfies on the trolley. When they weren’t snapping photos they were singing. Really enjoyed these super sweet, super fun ladies!

Across town, Brett got ready with his best mates. Love these few details of the day.

Impressively tying his bow tie for the day, Brett gets ready.

….with a little help from his friends, who clearly have a fun size. BAZOOKA!!!

Friends don’t let friends tie their own bow tie.

Enjoying a pre ceremony cocktail on the balcony.

With his jacket on, this handsome groom is ready to go…

Looking good, Brett!

Look out Sarah, he’s coming for you.

Looking very excited to marry her beau, Sarah enters Holy Redeemer Church in Chatham.

And on the arm of her proud Papa, Charles, heads down to meet her groom….who looks very happy to see his bride.

All smiles, all around.

By your side is where I always want to be.

Everything about this day and this couple was beautiful.

Taking in the warm words, prayers and marriage blessings of Father Sullivan.

The look of love….here we are, committing our lives and hearts to one another before family & friends and God. It doesn’t get much better.

With this ring, I thee wed.

Can we talk about her train and ridiculously beautiful lace veil. I’m obsessed!

That feeling of…..We did it!!! Wooo hooo!

Oh the beautiful joy written all over the beautiful faces of these two beautiful, lovely people.

Overcome by love & happiness…..Sarah & Brett steal a quick kiss.

And with a glass of champagne in hand, they’re now ready to paaaahhhhhteeeee!

But, first we steal them to head down to the beach for a few quick photos. We really like doing this, even if we do all of the family & bridal party photos before the ceremony because it gives our couple a chance to take in the significance of the day and have a few minutes to just BE…together, enjoying each other and soak in all the emotion of the day.

Being November, the sun was setting a bit earlier in the day, and casting the most gorgeous warm hues, which only served to compliment the warm smiles on these two lovely faces.

In your eyes I see my future…

These two….can you stand it?

Oh the joy…be still my heart!

And, with that, we headed back to the party.

What a view….what a day!

The Stars Restaurant was elegantly decorated with neutral tones…letting the stunning view be the main attraction.

White flowers are my favorites for weddings…it just doesn’t get much more elegant to me. Love the traditional Italian favors too: Five Chocolate Covered Almonds signifying five blessings for the happy couple.

More gorgeous details, including more flowers by Lilacs Florals.

Guests enjoying cocktail hour on the veranda.

Welcoming the new Mr. & Mrs. to their first dance…

Having fun and busting some serious moves.

…which delighted their guests.

Brett’s best man, Tom, nailed his speech.

Reactions from Sarah & Brett.

Sarah’s parents enjoying the toasts…

There were even a few happy tears when Laura talked about her lifelong friendship with Sarah. Just love Sarah’s face as she takes in all the love.

Toasting….to Sarah & Brett…..may you enjoy a long and happy life together, surrounded by family & friends.

Getting their dinner on. Just loved the super long head table…real family style. So fun!

Cutting their cake and enjoying a slice.

Dancing with dad…

Brett dancing with his beautiful mom, Patty.

These two were so cute, singing to each other as they danced. Love!

Sarah’s parents soaking in all the love and happy celebration!

I have no doubt Andy will be this Uncle when our nieces & nephews one day get married. So fun!!

Sarah’s super sweet baby bro, Chris, busting some sweet moves on the dance floor.

Candid moments are my favorite…as family & friends just bask in the love and take their own happy snapshots. So fun!

Sarah’s very pregnant bridesmaid and bestie, Jordy, gets some baby loving from her friends on the dance floor. Even baby was busting some moves.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

And more fun.

A dance floor fun of friends and family, and yet, it’s like no one else is in the room. Just love these two smitten kittens!

Sarah & Brett….thank you both so much for choosing us to document this very special day. We had so much fun with you both at your Boston engagement session and knew your wedding wouldn’t disappoint! Your family & friends are wonderful and we hope these photos reflect all the beautiful love you share with each other and with those lucky enough to be in your inner circle. We look forward to seeing where life takes you both and hope this is just the beginning of a long and beautiful love story for you both! With big hugs and warmest wishes,

Christine & Andy xx


Christina & Jon’s Falmouth Wedding ~ Cape Cod Photographers

The Falmouth wedding of Christina & Jon was pretty much a fairytale in every way! Princess Christina & Prince Jon are just the kindest, most lovely, warm, wonderful people one could ever hope to meet…they’re not really royalty, in case that wasn’t obvious, but they do have everything going for them that a Disney prince & princess do…all that AND a bag of chips!

We were lucky enough to be a part of their wedding rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding, so we got to meet a lot of their closest peeps. You can catch a glimpse into those fun festivities HERE.

But, their wedding was definitely the pièce de résistance of the weekend as about 170 friends and family members gathered to celebrate these two special people.

Their beautiful ceremony was held at St. Elizabeth Seton Church in North Falmouth and was led by Deacon Peter Guresh.  Their reception followed at the family’s ocean front home in North Falmouth, under a gorgeous sailcloth tent by Sperry Tent, with crazy beautiful flowers by the ridiculously talented Courtney Iris Barnes of Courtney’s Floral Creations. Catering was provided by the fabulous Olive Chase at The Casual Gourmet, and music by the high-energy, super fun Boston band, Hi-Fi, with all of the details of the weekend coming together seamlessly thanks to the care and creativity of the dynamic duo Megan & Sarah from Elegant Engagements.

Christina’s drop-dead gorgeous Reem Acra dress was definitely fit for a princess.

Just love how their stunning wedding invitations by Elise Cherney of No Regrets in Newtonville were a subtle nod to Christina’s dress.

Getting into her dress with a little help from her beautiful momma, Elissa. Just love her boho chic ponytail by Erik Howard of Will Charles Salon.

Mom getting a good look and clearly liking what she sees! Who could blame her!

Christina’s super sweet dad, Dennis, getting his first glimpse. Just love their reactions!

Bridemaids and cousins, Julia (left) and Leah putting on their finishing touches.


Meanwhile at the Sea Crest Hotel, Jon and his besties get ready for the big day.

Henry puts on his bow tie, as Jon and his other groomsmen get ready. Such a nice group of guys, which is no surprise given how lovely Jon is.

Looking good, Jon!!! You too Max!

What did we ever do to entertain ourselves before smart phones? I have no idea what the guys were watching, but it looks like it was good stuff.

A toast with your best mates…what could be better?

Jon & Christina opted for a first look, which meant meeting back at Christina’s grandfather’s house for photos….loved having all the time we had with these guys before the ceremony & reception began.

With everyone else away for a bit, Jon waits for Christina to make her way to him for their first look. I just love his face and how he’s biting his tongue, no doubt to hold back the happy tears. Such a tender heart!

The look of love….

And an embrace that speaks volumes!! Just love these two!

Oh Jon… are the sweetest!

With you by my side….everything is possible.

After a few minutes with our happy couple, we invited family to join us for some photos. Just love this candid moment featuring Jon’s crazy sweet momma, Karen, and dad, Tom.

Fun times with best friends….(PS…If you’re a frequent visitor to our blog…AND have a killer memory…you may recognize Christina’s totally awesome sister & MOH, Jac (right). We photographed her amazeballs wedding four years ago.)

In addition to her sis, Christina’s bridal party included all cousins. For Jon, it was his closest friends and big brother, Brendan, was BM. Such an awesome group!! We had so much fun with these guys!

We had so much fun with these guys!

This next one reminds me of something out of one of those thick coffee table fashion photography books. I just love those in between moments in life…when folks aren’t aware of our cameras and everything just falls into place in such a beautiful, real way! (PS…Keep an eye out for Christina’s cousin, Julia, holding her dress, we photographed her wedding a few weeks after this one and will be highlighting that soon on our blog!)

Quiet moments with our princess and prince.

We’re goinnnnng to the chapellll and we’re gonnnnnaaa get maaaaaarried. Waving by to family as they head to the limo.

And, here we go….


Friends arrive at St. Elizabeth Seton for the ceremony…excited to see these two awesome people say, “I do!” Heeeey, Marissa!!

That moment, when you feel all the feels and realize this man you’ve loved forever is about to lead you down the aisle to meet the new, most important man in your life. So much love & gratitude…for showing you what a real man looks like and for loving you without limits. Just the best!!!

Here comes the bride….Jon can barely contain himself, and Christina’s little shoulder scrunch as she feels all eyes on her! AHHHH, these two….just the sweetest!!!

Love the look Elissa gives Dennis after he takes his seat. Proud parents…so sweet!

Sharing words of wisdom, guidance and love, Deacon Guresh speaks to Christina & Jon.

Here we go….the “I do!” part. You think they’re happy?

With this ring….I thee wed.

Wooooooo hoooooo!!!

The new Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Family celebrate with hugs outside the church, including Jon’s dad & brother. So sweet!

Our happy couple boarded a trolley with family & bridal party and off they went, first bidding farewell to guests still outside the church.

Love these quiet moments on the trolley, when couples have a chance to soak in what just happened.

A few quick beach portraits with our newly married Mr. & Mrs.

A perfect summer night + a sailboat + a kiss from your forever person + a day to remember = one hell of a fairytale!

Practicing their first dance moves on the jetty…be still my heart!

Here in your arms is where I always want to be…

Love. Love. Beautiful Love!

Pretty in pink…just love the way the tent came together with all the stunning details.

And touches of gold.

Elissa and friends enjoying cocktail hour.

Friends of C&J gather for a photo.

Cousin Ashley enjoying cocktail hour conversation…so cute!

Their first dance as a married couple…

The reaction from family & friends was one of rousing approval.

Brendan’s toast could be my all time favorite best man toast ever! He crushed it!! It was sweet and sentimental, full of love & pride for his baby brother and it was also brilliant and hysterically funny.

Reacting to loving words directed at her new husband.

I felt for Jac, having to follow Brendan, but she too nailed it and gave her sissie all the feels!

So much love between these two sweet sisters. Just love them and feel so grateful to have shared such special days with them both!!

When you get a killer sunset, you gotta interrupt dinner for a few quick photos. Baaaaam!!!

Dancing with his beautiful momma…can’t you feel the joy?

Guests getting down on it…

Get it Matty….the love was contagious.

Auntie Sarah busting some serious moves…you go girl!

More fun dance floor antics.

A perfect ending to a perfect day!

Thank you to everyone who made this day so special for our happy couple. Heartfelt thanks to Elissa & Dennis, for once again sharing such an important family milestone with us and entrusting us to document these precious family memories!! Christina & Jon….you two are just delightful in every way and we feel so honored to have shared in this amazing day with you both!! Thank you for welcoming us with such open arms and open hearts and reminding us why we love what we do!! We hope these photos bring you as much joy as being a part of your wedding brought us! The rest of the photos will go online very soon…so stay tuned. Until then, we send you both big love & hugs,

Christine & Andy xoxo

Christina & Jon’s Cape Club Rehearsal Dinner ~ Falmouth Photographers

We first met Christina four years ago, when we photographed the super fabulous wedding of her awesome sister, Jacqueline. I remember thinking then that I reeealllly hoped baby sis might one day reach out to us when she found the person she wanted to marry, A) because she’s drop dead gorgeous and the camera loves her,  B) she is possibly the sweetest person on the planet, and C) it would mean getting to spend more time with Jac & Mitty, whom Andy & I adore!

So, we were over the moon excited when Christina did reach out to us last year to say she’d found the man of her dreams…Jon…who, by the way, is a total dream boat and we happened to have their date still open! Wooooooooo hooooooooo!

We finally got together with Christina & Jon just before Memorial Day weekend and, as expected, were instantly smitten with these two lovebirds…they’re just an awesome couple. We already knew Christina was sweet and engaging, kind and soft spoken. And, Jon, as it turns out, is her perfect complement. Like Christina, he is super sweet, warm and engaging. He’s also the kind of person who makes you feel like he’s really interested in what you have to say. They are people you just want to have around because being around them leaves you feeling really good.

When they left, Andy & I looked at each other and said, “This is going to be a fun wedding!”

Like her big sis, Christina’s wedding reception was also at her grandfather’s ocean-front home in Falmouth. It’s a beautiful property and has served as the backdrop for lots of happy family memory making.

We were also invited to document the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. We love being asked to do this as it gives us a few hours to get to know those closest to our couples. Happily, we already knew the immediate family and instantly recognized a lot of familiar faces on Christina’s side. And, as expected, Jon’s family was as warm and welcoming as one could ever hope to meet.

The rehearsal dinner was held at The Cape Club in Falmouth. Flooded with afternoon light, it was the perfect setting for these two fireflies.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from their evening of pre-wedding fun…

Christina’s mom helped pick some of the hydrangea from her garden for the super sweet centerpieces…awesome job Elissa!

Tables set and ready for friends and family to gather round.

Christina & Jon arrived a bit early after their rehearsal, which gave us a few minutes for some photos. Yaay!

Are they adorable or what?

This next photo personifies Christina for me…arms open wide, face fully lit as she greets family arriving for the evening party. And, Jon, in the background, completely enamored with his soon-to-be bride. Just love these two!

Hugs for special cousins…

Heading in for the party….

Like Christina, Jon is an arms-wide-open king of guy. And, the expression on this friend’s face pretty much sums up how anyone who knows Jon feels about him.

Friend and groomsman, Max, chilling out on The Cape Club’s deck as cocktail hour begins.

Big smiles & happy greetings as more friends arrive.

Jon’s parents’ welcome toast was full of love and warm affection for the happy couple. Jon’s mom, Karen, was wearing a beautiful grin all weekend. And, Jon’s dad, Tom, looked proud as punch. Just the sweetest people.

Friends look on during toasts, including groomsman Matt.

Hugs for her sweet cousins, Laura & Julia, after their loving toast. We actually photographed Julia’s wedding a couple of weeks ago and will be sharing some images from that epic event soon too! Just love this big, warm, loving family!

Christina’s cousin, Lauren, shares words of love & appreciation for the happy couple, as Christina’s big sis, Jac, looks on with her hubs, Mitty. More BelloPhoto alum.

What’s not to love about these two??? Nada!

Oh how this one tugs at my heartstrings….just love the warm embrace Christina & cousin, Ashley, share after Ashley’s love-filled toast.

Taking in more love & goodness from Christina’s uncle….

As if the heavens were giving their stamp of approval to these two, their evening was capped with the perfect sunset.

Big kudos to Megan & Sarah of Elegant Engagements for helping to put together a killer weekend! Just love working with these lovely ladies. Thank you too to Wendy & the staff at The Cape Club for just being a total joy to work with and for taking such good care of us! You guys rock! Christina & Jon….what can we say? We just adore you two and feel so honored to have been a part of your incredible wedding weekend!! Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming us with such warm, open hearts! And, to your friends and families….you all made the weekend so fun for us. Thank you all for your love & cooperation! Cannot wait to share the wedding photos with you all soon! Stay tuned and big love, C&A xx