Namely discover America. And If you overlook all of the really awful stuff he did I suppose he was a pretty cool guy. But, as cool as he might have been he could never have held a candlestick to my dad! For he, is the coolest guy!!! And as it happens, he has also done some pretty cool things…Namely, have me! hee hee

Seriously though, in addition to being Columbus day, today is my dad’s birthday!!! Yeaaah for today!!! We thought we’d take this opportunity to say, “Happy Birthday Dad. We love you!!” Thanks for always being there supporting and loving us! You are an amazing dad, an amazing person and a true friend. The world is a better place because you’re in it and that makes today a day to celebrate! Wishing you much love & happiness today and always! Happy Birthday Dad!!

Love, Chris & Andy xoxo

Here are some photos we took of my dad and his girlfriend, Linda, when they came down for an afternoon earlier this summer. We went for a bike ride in Falmouth and watched the sun set. Ahh, the simple pleasures! Today, my dad & Linda are celebrating together, so it seemed appropriate that we feature a couple of photos of them enjoying time together! We love you guys!!