Cold Storage Beach Family Session ~ Dennis Photographers

kids playing in beach grass

Photographing young families is not easy! Just ask any parent and they’ll tell you it’s nearly impossible to get a good photo of their kids.

Trying to get really young kids to look at the camera, to smile a real smile and show you their true personality….particularly when you’re trying to get more than one to do it at the same time is no joke. It’s hard. But, it’s also ridiculously fulfilling and wonderfully soul-feeding. When those families also happen to be former brides & grooms turned mom & dad…well, it’s even sweeter!

Andy & I started out as wedding photographers. All we shot was weddings, having been inspired by the terrible photos that were taken at our wedding. After that, we decided we wanted to document weddings organically and capture photographs that were filled with real emotion….which was what we had wished for ourselves. And it’s been incredibly rewarding to to that for hundreds of couples over these past 14 years!

But in the past several years, our reach has extended to families…mostly because we couldn’t say no to all of the fabulous couples who came back to us after starting the next happy chapter in their lives.

We still photograph weddings, though not as many as we did when we first started. But photographing families has become a passion for us, equally as fueled by love as our wedding work. Like our weddings, our hope is to do something different….to photograph real life in a real life kind of way, with love & creativity and inspiring real emotional responses to the pictures we produce.

Two weeks ago, we were happily reunited with Danielle & Adam….one of our wedding couples from 4 years ago. Their wedding was perfect in every way and I found myself particularly bonded to Dani because we had both suffered the devastating loss of a parent before our weddings. Plus, she’s just ridiculously sweet, warm, kind, loving and all around awesome! You can check out Dani & Adam’s wedding HERE.

A lot had changed since we saw them last, namely they added two new wonderful members to their wee family…..who we will affectionately refer to as Mr. L and Ms. R, who are as cute as they come!!! We had so much fun getting to know these super sweet little people.  Say hello……

kids walking along sandy beach

I mean come on….can we talk about Mr. L’s crazy cute smile as he leads his adoring sissie down the path? And, Ms. R’s delicious baby thighs….it’s all I could do to keep from munching!

02 kids playing in beach grass

The photo of Mr. L on the left makes my heart smile….it just feels so sweet, so him, so full of the magic that is childhood. And, lovely baby R and her soulful eyes…..don’t stare too long, you’ll get lost in there!

kids close up

Taking a moment to turn the focus toward each other for a second….Mr. L, however, prefers the focus on him and he’s hard to resist!

family at the beach

Happiness is….FAMILY.

family at the beach

Low tide at Cold Storage Beach in Dennis provided the perfect backdrop for a family sunset stroll.

family walking along shore of beach

Joyce, Dani’s mom and these lucky kids’ nana gets some good lovin’ from her babies.

grandmother with kids at beach

Flying high…..oh, to be a kid again!

parents throwing kids up in air

I don’t know what makes my heart squeal more…the look Ms. R is giving her Daddy or the one she’s giving the camera? Sweet little cheeky monkey!

father playing with daughter at beach

Higher Daddy…higher!!! Now, do it again!

father swinging baby girl at beach

If only they would stay little forever….it’s what every parent thinks at some point. And, it’s hard not to think it myself when I saw this beautiful moment as captured by my ridiculously talented husband! Be still my baby-loving heart!!!!

kids playing in the sand, cape cod

Meanwhile, I captured this silly exchange… these two boos!

kids playing in the sand, cape cod photographers

And, off into the sunset they go….honestly, I could barely contain myself as I watched them waddle off into the distance…Ms. R chasing after her big brother….neither certain of where they were going, just happy for the attention.

kids running toward sunset at beach

Mr. L found a seagull feather and decided it needed a castle….

boy playing with feather found at beach

Playing with mommy….this girl loves to fly high!

mom playing with baby girl

It was a cloudy, humid day that….like our time with this wonderful family….came to a glorious end. Taaaa Daaaaaa…..

family silhouette at sunset

Wait…don’t go you guys…I’m not done playing! Well, okay….maybe just one more of this delightful little man!

boy running through beach grass

Danielle, Adam & Joyce…thank you sooooo much for sharing yourselves and your beautiful family with us!! It was so great reconnecting. We only wish we had more time together, so we could have put down our cameras and just hung out!! Perhaps another time when you’re back visiting!! Until then, we hope you enjoy these precious moments and that they help preserve this wonderful time in your lives! Kids grow & change so fast…too fast!! Hope to see you all again soon!! With much love & big hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Family Playtime at Nauset Beach, Eastham Photographers

cape cod family photographers

Jacqueline sent us an email back in March, inquiring about family photos for her, her husband, Shaun, and their two sweet boys, Colin & Rory. We often get injuries, but not all of them are full of such warmth & goodness. And, I’ll admit, when we get an inquiry like Jacqueline’s we instantly feel a connection and get super excited to meet them and get them in front of our cameras.

I recently said that photography for me is less about creating pretty pictures…although that’s always something we strive to do….and more about connecting with people. And, I think Andy would agree. Making connections and building relationships is super important to us. There’s something that happens when we feel like the people we’re photographing are as excited about us and what we’re doing together as we are….a kind of magic is created, one that inspires and builds and always seems to lead to pretty pictures.

So, when we got together with Jacqueline, Shaun and the boys last week, all signs were pointing to the start of a beautiful relationship. We met them at their summer home in Eastham, which had been built by Shaun’s grandfather and recently remodeled to beachy perfection.

Jacqueline came out from the bedroom, arms wide open for a hug and I was immediately smitten! When we met their sweet boos, well, we couldn’t wait to get started. So, we began with a couple of quick pics in front of their special home. Are they cute or what?!!! They made it so easy to love this sweet family!

Next, Baby Rory is all love & giggles playing with his sweet Daddy, who can’t get enough….such sweetness!

01 dad & son playing

We left the house in our separate cars and headed to Coast Guard Beach, me & Andy leading the way. In our eagerness to spend more time with these lovely people, I inadvertently sped past a park ranger, who immediately pulled us over. Awesome first impression!!

Thankfully, he let us off with a written warning. Thank you Officer Hunt!! Although, it delayed us by 20 minutes, we had plenty of time built into the session, and truthfully, it was better to let the sun get a bit lower in the sky. So, it all worked out.

02 Eastham family photographer

Happy. Happy. Happy family!


A momma’s love….there’s little that’s better than that!! Can we talk about sweet Rory and that smile for a second? Such a love bug!

03 mom hugging baby boy

Sweet, gentle little Colin took some time to get used to us, but once he did…well, we were fast friends. Just love this happy moment captured by my super talented and equally sweet hubby! He has an amazing way of connecting to children that was one of the reasons I fell in love with him and, all these years later, it continues to warm my heart watching the way kids respond to him.


On top of the world….that smile…I just can’t handle it! I can just feel the connection he was having with Andy in this moment and I just love it so much!


Love this sweet, happy, really lovely family!

04 family playing on lifeguard chair

Shaun sharing a moment with his very happy son! So much love!

06 family playing at beach

The light at the beach was so awesome and the clothing colors Jax & Shaun picked were perfectly complementary. Add in a tide pool with some ripples and I’m as giddy as Colin!


We all want those wonderful posed family photos that inevitably become cherished family heirlooms, but the candid shot on the right makes my heart sing. Just love everything about it!

05 family at beach reflection

A still tide pool + setting sun + a beautiful family = perfection.


A momma and her baby boy….Swoon!


I LOVE the photo on the left of Shaun with Colin….talk about a mini me moment! They literally have exactly the same body language in this moment. And, Shaun walking with Rory….such a good Daddy!

07 dad with his sons at beach

More playful moments with momma…

08 mom with baby boy at beach

Oh Momma, you’re so funny!!!


Run Daddy, run…the wave is coming!


That was fun….do it again Daddy!


Another candid family moment that warms my heart!


Splish, splash, Colin was taking a bath…sort of!


The two finger hold….my favorite!! Is Jacqueline beautiful or what?! I could have photographed this family for days!!!

mom & son walking on beach

We headed to the Fort Hill bridge down the road for a couple of quick sunset photos.


Peek-a-boo, I see you!


The no-see-ums were soon bad, but that didn’t stop us from having some fun! These guys are such troopers and seem able to have fun no matter what’s happening.

10 kids playing cape cod

Someone’s getting sleepy. Love this sweet cherub!


THIS moment….this is what makes life so sweet!


Jacqueline and Shaun…..thank you soooooo much for choosing us to document your beautiful family! Jacqueline, you had me at “hello!” but meeting you, Shaun and the boys exceeded all expectations. You guys are just the sweetest! Such lovely, kind, fun, warm, loving people and parents and we hope you feel all that and more when you look at these photos of our time together! We hope too that you guys keep us in your lives and that we see you all again soon and continue to grown this wonderful new friendship….perhaps without the police & biting bugs next time! Thank you again for everything, and especially for reminding us why we love what we do!

Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Amy, Todd & Family on Cape Cod ~ Falmouth Family Photographers

I’ll never forget Amy & Todd’s wedding. It was early October 2005, our third year shooting weddings, and we were still pretty green. It was one of those freakishly hot days…so hot that I could feel the sweat dripping down my back while crouched in the front of the church, searching for the best angle, while staying as unobtrusive as possible.

But, it wasn’t the heat, or the early nerves that made Amy & Todd’s wedding so memorable.  It’s how happy they were, how much fun they were having on the dance floor with their friends, who, by the way, were amazing and so warm & welcoming to us! I’ll never forget the look on Todd’s mom’s face just before the ceremony or the way Amy’s dad held her tight during their special dance. I’ll never forget staring that kind of love in the face and knowing it would last.

It was in all ways….a perfect day!

Right from our first meeting with Amy  & Todd, we knew we wanted to be in their lives long after their “I dos!” had been said. Happily, the friendship we felt when we first met these two smart, funny, creative,  kind, super cool people has, like their marriage….stood the test of time. We’ve seen them a few times over the years, meeting their crazy cute little boos, Max, Shea & the newest addition…Griffin.

Sadly, like with all of our friends, we don’t get together as often as we’d like. During the summer, when most people have a little extra free time for family & friends, we are at our busiest. But, we finally got together for dinner a couple of months ago and nailed down a date to get these two sweeties and their mini-mes in front of our cameras for a little bello family time.

We met up at one of our favorite spots in Falmouth and had a blast! Perhaps too much fun! It’s so rare we get to see the kids, all we…and they…wanted to do was play. But, we were able to hold them down for a couple of quick seconds…just enough time to snap some fun pics of this lovely family thoroughly enjoying each other!

Say hello to one of our very special families….Todd, Amy, Max, Shea & Griffin. Are they cute or what???

They all have these crazy beautiful blue/greenish eyes that you can easily get lost in. Max is a happy, adventurous, wild little boo who loves Pokemon and could have spent the entire session comparing collections with my big man-child. And, Shea is as smart, fearless and kind-hearted as she is so obviously beautiful. I love this photo of her…she looks like some wild jungle princess.

Oh these eyes……sweet baby Griffin hasn’t known us for as long as his big brother and sister, so wasn’t quite sure what to make of me sticking my big camera in his face…thus the expression. But, he still seemed to be enjoying himself, right along with his siblings.

Of course, nothing beats snuggling with momma!! Love the very natural moment on the left…Shea & Max would have kept climbing these rocks all day if we’d let them.

Because my husband is a big man-child himself, he really has a special way of connecting with kids that makes me fall deeper in love with him every time I witness it. Look at the expression he’s getting from Griff and his beautiful momma!! Just delightful!!!

As a fellow Daddy’s girl, I can totally relate to what sweet snuggly Shea is feeling in this moment and it makes my heart SWOON big!!

Love the dichotomy of these two moments…Griff running wild, and Max just chillin, looking ever the impish little boo that he is.

Mommas and their baby girls….a love like no other!! Be still my momma lovin’ heart!

Max no doubt talking about Pokemon…thus the big toothless grin. And, Griff not minding one little bit being sat on by his big idol of a brother! That wave….can we talk about that for a second??? Seriously?!!

Amy and her babes having a little chat…I think they were also playing patty-cake, but I’m not entirely sure. Either way, I just love the perspective and those EYES!!!

Lovely Shea….enjoying the little one-on-one focused attention from her new friends. Be still my heart!

Love is feeling the sand between your toes and knowing how very much you are loved! This is L.O.V.E.

And so is this!!! My sister has a little boy about the same age as Max and I know how precious these moments are for my sister…for before too long, sweet Max will feel too big to snuggle and smooch his momma. Sniff, sniff.

Max was pretty much done with us at this point…thus the grumpy face. But, I also think he was enjoying making us work for it…and making Andy jump around like a crazy person to get a laugh. As I’ve said before….we’ll do anything for a great photo!!

And, with a cheeky tilt of the head and some more big smiles….it’s a wrap!

Amy & Todd….thank you so much for your continued friendship, for sharing your sweet boos with us, for your patience when we drop off the radar for months…and sometimes years at a time. We love you guys and love spending time with you both and your really AMAZING children!! It’s no wonder they are as cool as they are….they’ve got you guys guiding their way. Thank you for trusting us so many years ago, and putting your trust in us once again! Hope to see you all again real soon!! Until then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of this fleeting time in life…big love & hugs to the whole gang!!! C&A xoxoxo