Aimee, Rick ,Tess & Brooks Family Session ~ Wellesley Photographer


We’ve always said we didn’t want to just be wedding photographers to our couples…just two more vendors there for one day and then gone from their lives once our job was done. No, we’ve always wanted more! For us, it’s always been about building lasting relationships. We want to get to know our couples in a deep and meaningful way, one that turns into a lasting friendship. And, that’s exactly what’s happened with Aimee & Rick.

Like so many of our wonderful Bello Family members, Aimee & Rick have been in our lives for several years. We first met them when they reached out to us about photographing their Ridge Club wedding here on Cape Cod. Flash forward ten years and we’ve been there with them to document not only their engagement and wedding, but also the arrival of their baby girl, Tess and then again a few years later, after baby brother, Brooks, joined the party. We’ve also photographed Aimee’s sister and her family and the sisters’ parents for a big group family session.

It has been so wonderful to see where life and love have taken Aimee and Rick, to watch their family grow and blossom. And blossom it has!

Here are a few of our favorite moments and photos from our recent trip to Wellesley to hang out with this lovely little tribe.

Just love the faces on these two beauties as Tess gives her baby brother a great big hug! It’s so obvious how totally smitten Brooks is with his big sister….look at his face as he chases her! Love these two!!!

01 kids running

Our sweet, adorable, happy bello family….so much love!


Such a good big sister, and such an adoring baby brother. Tess & Brooks, you have our hearts!

02 siblings hug

Beautiful, bright, feisty, fabulous…Tess.

03 lovely Tess

Brooksie is such a trooper…he’s been through more surgeries than anyone of his young age should have to endure. He was born with a cleft pallet, which doctors have been working hard to correct. Still, he remains the happiest, sweetest wee one. Just love him.

05 family fall photos

And big sister, Tess, is just as full of life, love and everything wonderful. Aimee & Rick, you sure are doing something right with these two sweet peas!

04 lovely Tess

I mean come on…


They really do love each other…it’s the sweetest.


Oh, the happiness that comes from watching children be fully joyful!! Nothing like it!


We spend a lot of time on our family sessions…so everyone can feel comfortable enough to really let their guard down. We even build in time for some real play…in this case, a few rounds of Duck, Duck, Goose.


It is in these moments where life’s sweetest pleasures lie.

07 duck duck goose

Run sweet, Tess, run!


When the games are finished our love bugs collapse in a heap of laughter.


…which provides the perfect setting for a silly family photo.


Married nine years and still going strong…


Aimee is such a good mom…having learned from one of the best! I don’t know how she’s endured what she has with Brooks and all his surgeries. I get to see so many amazing moms with their sweet babes, and when they look at each other, you can just feel the connection. There’s nothing quite like the momma & child relationship. Saying that, Tess & Brooks have quite a special relationship too. I just LOOOVE this adorable candid moment Andy caught of them as we were heading to our next photo spot. I just love everything about it…from Brooks’ adorable T-shirt and glasses, to the way he’s trying to impart some bit of wisdom on his confident big sister. Just love it!

06 family fall photos

Happy family….


Why hello little man….what big eyes you have. “The better to see straight into your heart with!” Swooon! This face!! Just yummy!


Can we talk about these two for a second?

08 boston childrens photographer

I mean come on!!! I usually take the kiddos off on their own for a minute and we just chat…about school, upcoming events…how silly Andy is…whatever. And it is in these moments, that I am able to capture photos that I like to think truly reflect the personalities of my subjects. Makes my heart sing every time!

09 boston childrens photographer

As do moments like these….


And these….Mmmmm good!


And with that, we say goodbye to this wonderful, playful, super sweet family….for now!


Aimee & Rick….THANK YOU!! For opening your hearts and lives to us once again and for sharing your sweetest boos with us! You guys are very blessed with a lot of love in your life and we’re so happy you continue to share that with us! Until next time….big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Liz & John’s Osterville Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Photographers

It’s hard to believe it was over two years ago that we photographed Meghan & Mike’s fabulous Osterville wedding. It feels like just yesterday…I guess time has a way of getting away from us in this love-filled work we do. Happily, our story with Meghan & Mike and their super sweet families has not yet come to an end.

Earlier this year, we were invited back into the family fold, when we were contacted by Liz, who had become engaged to John, Meghan’s cousin. Everyone was so happy with the photos we’d done for Meghan & Mike that they were hoping we were free to photograph their wedding too, which like Meghan & Mike’s wedding, will also take place at the Oyster Harbors Club.

Liz’s e-mail was the kind that instantly puts smiles on our faces and makes all of the long hours spent in front of our computers editing (and editing, and editing some more) worth it! We just love getting to be a part of a family’s life in a way that allows us to document such important milestones.

As soon as we met Liz & John, we knew we were going to have some fun with these two. And now, after having photographed these warm, kind, funny, loveable people, we can’t wait for their wedding, for it will surely be the stuff of fairy tales!

We got together with Liz & John a couple of weeks ago, at John’s parent’s Osterville home for a little fall backyard love session. And, here are some of the highlights of our super fun afternoon together…

Getting cozy on the front stoop…Hiya cuties!

These two smile a LOT and it’s obvious how much they adore one another…makes our job easy peasy!

See what I mean about the smiles…

And when Liz laughs, her whole face lights up. It’s something to behold! Just LOVE this next shot of these two cuties….

You’ve heard me say it before…but there really is no better place in the world than in the arms of the one you love.  This next photo says it so well…

Love how sweet John looks in this next one. I must admit, being photographed…particularly by two photographers…is not easy. It can be intimidating and uncomfortable. I, for one, am waaaaay happier on this side of the lens. But, there’s something we see a lot in our love sessions…this opening up, where our couples let down their guard and let us in…and it always starts with a little snuggling. There’s something about holding tightly to your best friend that has a way of making people relax. And getting to watch that happen brings me such joy! These love sessions really are about making a connection with our couples, forming a relationship, and building a foundation of trust that not only carries through the wedding, but we hope also carries through to a lifetime of documenting special milestones.

A smooch & a smile…

Fancy a little waterside stroll sweetheart? Why yes, I think I do…

How about a little twirl…

Snuggling up on the family’s dock…

Looks like this blue crab wants in on the fun…

Fun, fun, fun!

Sweet tootsies..

Can’t you just feel how tender John is with Liz in this next one? It’s so sweet watching them together!

Giggles, crinkled noses, and a little fall bling….sweet!

The look of love…

Hiya lova…

I don’t know what it is that I like so much about feet photos, but I just can’t help myself…

Of course, nothing is better than a smitten stare…

Except maybe sweet smooches…

Andy has this amazing eye for seeing through things…for layering elements in a photo that creates such wonderful visual interest. Just love how he captured this next shot…

Ready to set sail for an adventure in love & marriage…

A good sense of humor will help ride out any storms along the way…

Now this next photo isn’t a brilliant photo per se, but I love it, because of what was happening at the time it was taken. I am not very good at giving direction. Sometimes I get so excited and wrapped up in the moment that when I try and describe what I want a couple to do it’s not always completely understood and/or there are obstacles that make my request unattainable. Case in point with this next photo. I’d asked Liz to lean against the railing of the boat and I wanted John to lean in, in kind of a sexy way. What I didn’t realize was that the front of the boat was impeding him from getting in close. Plus, the way I asked him to lean in wasn’t very clear. But, John was so focused on following my crappy directions and getting a great photo that he leaned in, despite how uncomfortable it was for him. And, because he couldn’t quite get to her, he leaned in to Liz in a way that felt like he was going to eat her. Liz didn’t know what to make of this situation, and I’m sure John didn’t either. But, he still went for it. And, the ridiculousness of the situation just made us all start laughing hysterically. It was a moment to remember! John…you are wonderful! Thank you for being so in the moment and so up for anything! You, my friend,  rock!

Onto something a little easier…

And, a sexy lean that works….swooon!

This is one of my faves from the day…so sweet in every way!

And, can we talk about Liz’s crazy beautiful smile & gorgeous blue eyes? Love!

And, we end the session with a Romeo inspired moment on the second floor balcony….

Big thanks to Meghan & Mike and Meghan’s mom, Linda, for putting your trust in us once again by referring us to your super sweet sister, Betty!! Betty, thank you for opening your home to us! And Liz & John….you two are wonderful! Thank you for such a fabulous afternoon. It was so great getting to spend some quality time with you! Thank you for welcoming us with such open arms & open hearts! Thank you too for letting down your guard and letting us see the special bond you share! We can’t wait to be there with you when you say, “I do!” next summer and once again have your beautiful faces in front of our cameras!

With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo


Julia & Scott’s engagement photos ~ Cape Cod photographers, Barnstable

I don’t know what it is with us and musicians lately, but I’m totally digging it! Something magical happens when creative people join forces. And, when the creative people in front of our cameras also happen to be completely smitten with one another…well, the magic becomes utterly fantastic.

Such was the case on Monday when we got together with Colorado cuties Julia & Scott, founders of The Raven and the Writing Desk, which in recent years has created quite a stir in the Denver Music scene, with a sound that critics say reverberates with imagination and theatricality. An appropriate description given that their band’s name comes from Lewis Carroll‘s classic book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Julia is the lead singer/songwriter and Scott plays guitar. The two met while attending Tufts University. Scott was a sophomore and Julia a freshman. During her first week at school, she serendipitously began hanging out with Scott and his friends.

“We made immediate connections as musicians, music lovers, English majors, writers,” Julia told us. “We would stay up until the sun came up, singing our favorite Bright Eyes, Neutral Milk Hotel, (and) Neil Young tunes.”

“I felt an immediate connection to Juls – absolutely love at first sight,” Scott said. “And, (I) always treasured every second that we spent together.”

The friendship grew over the years, but the timing never seemed right for romance, until five years later, when both Julia & Scott were single and “in our right heads.” Scott asked Julia to join him at a Chris Cornell concert on the Boston waterfront. And, the sparks flew like a July 4th fireworks spectacular.

“First kiss. Knee-buckling magic. Knowing it was right. Knowing each other so well. Knowing the people we had been, the people we were now, and the people we wanted to be together. We made music from that point on in every way with our lives,” said Julia.

And, on Saturday, these two creative, passionate, soulful, inspired, smitten people will pledge their lives and hearts to one another at a private, backyard ceremony here on Cape Cod.

Because they live in Colorado and don’t come back East very often, we hadn’t actually met them in person until their session this week in Barnstable. But, for us, at least, the connection was immediate and together we made music…

Barnstable engagement session

Just love the colorful shades…fun & quirky, just like Scott & Julia.

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Love is…moments like this!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Although Scott typically plays electric guitar, and Julia the piano, they treated us and each other to some sweet sounds on Scott’s acoustic guitar. We can’t wait to hear them play for real at the wedding!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Love this next one. It’s one of my faves from the day….

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

So cool…

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

When your partner looks at you like this, you know you’re in for a good life!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Love this perspective…so serene.

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

What’s so cool about these two is that as happy as they are to be together, they still give each other room to be individuals. I love how that’s reflected in this next photo…and in a few more that follow later.

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Whatcha playin’ pretty lady?

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

To the harbor for a change of scenery….do they look like rockstars or what? (Believe it or not, Andy used to have long blond hair, like Scott’s, but wavier. If he could, I think Andy would very much like to be in a band. And, his guitar is coming along quite nicely…what do you think Scott & for one more? lol)

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Serenade me sweetheart…

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

One of the things that was soooo fun about photographing Julia & Scott is how comfortable they both are…with each other, in their own skin, and in front of the camera. It was like we didn’t have to do anything, but sit back and enjoy the show…quite literally!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Footsteps…so symbolic, representing the years & experiences that lead us where we are now. And, for Scott & Julia that’s down the aisle! Yipppeeee!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Having some fun…

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

happy, playful, perfection!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers


Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

This next stop kind of happened by accident. I just love the tall reeds that grow by the water…we almost didn’t stop b/c everywhere else was just a big ugly parking lot, but sometimes all you need is a quiet corner and a cute couple and voila….magic!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers


Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Awwww…completely unprompted and picture perfect!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Sweet kisses & cuddles…

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

And hugs that scream, “You are my favorite thing!!”

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Be still my heart…

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Hummuna Hummuna.

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

LOOOVE Julia’s expression in this next one. She looks like some native princess to me…so serene, content, filled with love, and utterly feminine. Love!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Swwwoooooooon!! It’s amazing to me, as a photographer, the magic that can happen with subtle shifts & changes of body position. I admit, we asked them to sit like this and lean into one another, but then they took things further…really feeling the moment, settling into the exchange and that’s when magic happens..with just a slight tilt of the head that says, “I love you!” And that stuff makes me crazy happy! Getting not only to witness it, but to experience it and document it for them and future generations to treasure. It’s a gift that we get to do what we get to do. I just love it and am so grateful!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

One last stop on our journey….

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

A play on the swag & bindle…

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Play me something lover…

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Couples who “play” together, stay together.

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

As I said before, these two seem to know how to give each other room to grow. It reminds me of an excerpt from a poem Andy & I had read at our own wedding.  “And stand together, yet not too near together. For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grown not in each other’s shadow.” I thought of that when I took this next photo, and it’s why this is another fave from the day…

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

As dusk was settling upon us, a flock of starlings descended upon the surprisingly large number of mosquitoes munching on us. Made for a dramatic addition to the sky.

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

My talented hubby and his silhouettes. He just loves them…I can see why!

Barnstable engagement session, Cape Cod Photographers

Julia & Scott, thank you so much for trusting us to document this exciting time in your lives, without having yet met us. Thank you too for making time for us this busy week, before your wedding, but most importantly, for opening up to us in such a beautiful way. We had such a blast with both of you (great seeing you too Ruth, and meeting you Meg!). Can’t wait to be there documenting all of the love, fun & creative expression we just know will be all around you this weekend! Big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo