There’s no denying serendipity…

It sounds a tad corny, but when you meet them, you know it’s true! Elizabeth & Blake’s love was written in the stars. Call it destiny. Call it fate. Call it dumb luck. Whatever it was, this love was clearly meant to be.  Although they weren’t aware of it at the time, Elizabeth & Blake’s story began in 1998, in South Padre Island, Texas.

Each on spring break with their respective friends, the two met briefly and without much pomp or circumstance. Blake, as rumor has it, actually had a crush on one of Elizabeth’s friends and Elizabeth was dating someone else at the time. No love connection was made; the holiday ended; and the groups parted way. But…a seed had been planted.

Seven years later, while celebrating the 4th of July, again with friends…though this time on the Jersey Shore, Elizabeth & Blake’s paths crossed again. Some force beyond explanation was pushing them together. It took a second date before they realized they had met that fateful Texas trip seven years earlier. Ironically, neither Blake nor Elizabeth particularly remembered meeting the other. This time, however, sparks flew and love took hold.

Almost four years to the day after meeting that second time, Blake & Elizabeth will say, “I do,” surrounded by family and the friends that first brought them together.

We had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Elizabeth & Blake a couple of weeks ago during their bello love session, aka engagement session. We’ve decided to stop calling them engagement sessions, because our photos really aren’t about our couple’s engagement so much as they are about the beautiful love they share. That’s what we’re there to capture and celebrate and so it seems fitting that the name for our get-together reflect that.

We had a fabulous time with these two….their love is easy to see and hard not to respond to. They make each other laugh, keep each other real and seem to really be made for one another. Here’s some evidence of their love:

I don’t know why, but my favorite images are always ones where our couples are laughing and genuinely enjoying each other, even though they’ve got two cameras pointing at them! When you can see the love, you can’t help but feel it!

You know it’s love when the gift of a dandelion (aka…weed) elicits this reaction! How much do you love these two?? Makes my heart smile!

I love this shot, mostly because I love Elizabeth’s joyfully content expression and the way she’s still so gingerly holding onto her dandelion as she gets lost in Blake’s embrace. I live for these moments with Andy! When nothing else matters in that moment except the one you love. Perfection!

I don’t remember what was said, or if we ever knew, but I love this shot!

Could they be any cuter? Seriously!

Love it!

This could be one of my favorites from the session, but only because I tried something and it worked out exactly as I had hoped. I know we don’t usually say whose is whose, but I’ve been dying to play around with the warm autumn glow the sun gives off this time of year and I got just the effect I wanted and couldn’t have asked for a better moment to capture as I did so. I just love the way Elizabeth is going in for a smooch and how the warm glow of the sun plays off the feeling that gesture evokes. It just feels like an ad for some delicious fragrance to me! I had fun with this one! I admit it!

And, while I was playing with light, Andy was playing with perspective! So cool how one moment can tell such different stories, don’t you think?! That’s why having two photographers is so great!!! (granted, we are a tad biased!)

I love Blake’s cheeky expression as he gets nuzzled by Elizabeth! Seriously adorable!!!

I love the serenity in their expressions in this next one. They just look so comfortable together! Just as it should be!

We call this one…Lean on Me! Are they smokin’ or what?!

We ended our session with a few shots at the beach. It was cold and the light was fading fast, so we didn’t stay too long. Just long enough to get a couple of great moody shots!

Elizabeth & Blake, you guys were amazing!!! We had such a blast photographing you two together and being able to just be around you both. I know we say this a lot, but that’s because we’re truly blessed to get to work with and know some amazing couples. And, like so many of our couples, you guys share an incredible love that is wonderful to behold!!! Thank you for sharing it with us and for trusting us to capture it in photographs for you! We’re so excited to be there with you next summer when you pledge your love to one another. We’re really looking forward to meeting your families and the friends who brought you together! Big hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Canadian Cuties…

Have you ever met two people and thought, “They would be perfect for each other?” That’s exactly what a mutual friend thought when she met Victoria & Mike. So, she introduced them and, as she predicted, they became fast friends. Fast forward six years, and wedding bells are ringing for these two Canadian natives now living and working in the Big Apple.

We met up with Victoria and Mike recently at Bourne Farm in Falmouth, which coincidentally is where Andy & I said, “I do!” seven blissful years ago.

It was one of those perfect fall days when the air was crisp and the colors vibrant. Although they were a little nervous at the start, Victoria and Mike seemed to fall right into the swing of things and enjoy each other and our session as much as Andy & I enjoyed photographing them! Check it out…

Can we talk for a second about how cute Mike is sitting there with his hands folded? Seriously….adorable!!! Big serious softie!!! Love it!

I know this feeling well….the comfort that comes from reaching out and touching the person you love most. Just holding and examining each others hands and thinking….I’m holding onto this person until our hands are old and wrinkled and tell a thousand stories of our life together.

I love this one….it’s the expressions on their faces. We have the advantage of knowing them a little, but I still think this photo tells you a lot about who they are and how they are with each other. And it always excites me, the thought that a single image, a frozen moment in time, can instantly tell a story. I just love that! The gorgeous fall colors in the background are pretty nice too!

Are they sweet or what??

Another one that I think really tells a story about who they are. I just love their very natural, genuine smiles! I can’t help but smile looking at this one.

How cool are these faded grape vines? Love them and the frame they provide for these next two images!! So fun!

It wouldn’t be a Bello session without a butt shot! I LOVE this one!

Cozying up with some hay bails! Seriously, are they adorable or what???

This is one of my favorites from the session. I just love the way the eye is immediately drawn down the rock bridge to Victoria & Mike snuggling as if there is no one else in the world in that moment. But what I love most about it is that when I look at it, I can still hear the sound of Mike’s infectious giggle traveling down to the other end of the bridge as we were taking this shot. Love it!!

It was kind of an overcast afternoon, but the light on the top of this hill was amazing! It just seemed to light up their faces as they goofed around! So fun!

Victoria & Mike, thank you both so much for letting down your guard and trusting us to capture your wonderful relationship in this way! We had such a nice time with you both and are so excited to be there with you, your families and friends, when you formally commit your lives to one another. It is obvious that you two care deeply for one another and that you were meant to be together! We feel honored that you want us to be there with you during this exciting time!!! With big hugs, Christine & Andy