Sarah & Brett’s Chatham Bars Inn Wedding ~ Cape Cod Photographers

Sarah and Brett’s Chatham Bars Inn wedding last month was fall fabulous. The forecast had looked pretty dire in the days leading up to the big even, with rain coming down pretty heavy in the morning. But, as if Mother Nature herself had a stake in making sure everything worked out, the clouds dried out and Sarah & Brett ended up with a gorgeous, fall day…a tad windy, okay really windy….but it only served to carry this sweet couple’s beautiful love up into the heavens.

I met up with Sarah and her eleven best girlfriends at her parent’s home in Harwich Port, where the hair & make up and getting ready process was well underway, with everyone having a super fun morning. Chana Moung and her assistants did a fabulous job of giving all the girls stunning wedding day looks. Here Sarah gets her finishing touches.

And checks her gorgeous self out.

Before getting dressed, we jumped outside for a quick photo, where the girls  had to hold tight to their robes, which made for lots of happy giggling faces. Love it!

Bridesmaid Ellen peeks in just before Sarah gets into her dress. Just love this candid moment as the gal pals share a giggle.

Getting into her STUNNING Romona Keveza gown with the help of her super sweet momma, Sandra and her best friend, Laura.

Just love how Sarah’s grandma looks on and takes in the gorgeousness of her granddaughter.

All buttoned in, Sarah gets a big hug from her bestie. Adorable!

That moment…when it hits you…it’s real and today is the day! LOVE IT!

My favorite part of Sarah’s stunning dress was the gorgeous handmade lace, off-the-shoulder jacket that was just insanely gorgeous!

A little last minute lip gloss and we’re off…

Love the reactions of her besties as they see Sarah coming down the stairs…

Taking some fun selfies on the trolley. When they weren’t snapping photos they were singing. Really enjoyed these super sweet, super fun ladies!

Across town, Brett got ready with his best mates. Love these few details of the day.

Impressively tying his bow tie for the day, Brett gets ready.

….with a little help from his friends, who clearly have a fun size. BAZOOKA!!!

Friends don’t let friends tie their own bow tie.

Enjoying a pre ceremony cocktail on the balcony.

With his jacket on, this handsome groom is ready to go…

Looking good, Brett!

Look out Sarah, he’s coming for you.

Looking very excited to marry her beau, Sarah enters Holy Redeemer Church in Chatham.

And on the arm of her proud Papa, Charles, heads down to meet her groom….who looks very happy to see his bride.

All smiles, all around.

By your side is where I always want to be.

Everything about this day and this couple was beautiful.

Taking in the warm words, prayers and marriage blessings of Father Sullivan.

The look of love….here we are, committing our lives and hearts to one another before family & friends and God. It doesn’t get much better.

With this ring, I thee wed.

Can we talk about her train and ridiculously beautiful lace veil. I’m obsessed!

That feeling of…..We did it!!! Wooo hooo!

Oh the beautiful joy written all over the beautiful faces of these two beautiful, lovely people.

Overcome by love & happiness…..Sarah & Brett steal a quick kiss.

And with a glass of champagne in hand, they’re now ready to paaaahhhhhteeeee!

But, first we steal them to head down to the beach for a few quick photos. We really like doing this, even if we do all of the family & bridal party photos before the ceremony because it gives our couple a chance to take in the significance of the day and have a few minutes to just BE…together, enjoying each other and soak in all the emotion of the day.

Being November, the sun was setting a bit earlier in the day, and casting the most gorgeous warm hues, which only served to compliment the warm smiles on these two lovely faces.

In your eyes I see my future…

These two….can you stand it?

Oh the joy…be still my heart!

And, with that, we headed back to the party.

What a view….what a day!

The Stars Restaurant was elegantly decorated with neutral tones…letting the stunning view be the main attraction.

White flowers are my favorites for weddings…it just doesn’t get much more elegant to me. Love the traditional Italian favors too: Five Chocolate Covered Almonds signifying five blessings for the happy couple.

More gorgeous details, including more flowers by Lilacs Florals.

Guests enjoying cocktail hour on the veranda.

Welcoming the new Mr. & Mrs. to their first dance…

Having fun and busting some serious moves.

…which delighted their guests.

Brett’s best man, Tom, nailed his speech.

Reactions from Sarah & Brett.

Sarah’s parents enjoying the toasts…

There were even a few happy tears when Laura talked about her lifelong friendship with Sarah. Just love Sarah’s face as she takes in all the love.

Toasting….to Sarah & Brett…..may you enjoy a long and happy life together, surrounded by family & friends.

Getting their dinner on. Just loved the super long head table…real family style. So fun!

Cutting their cake and enjoying a slice.

Dancing with dad…

Brett dancing with his beautiful mom, Patty.

These two were so cute, singing to each other as they danced. Love!

Sarah’s parents soaking in all the love and happy celebration!

I have no doubt Andy will be this Uncle when our nieces & nephews one day get married. So fun!!

Sarah’s super sweet baby bro, Chris, busting some sweet moves on the dance floor.

Candid moments are my favorite…as family & friends just bask in the love and take their own happy snapshots. So fun!

Sarah’s very pregnant bridesmaid and bestie, Jordy, gets some baby loving from her friends on the dance floor. Even baby was busting some moves.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

And more fun.

A dance floor fun of friends and family, and yet, it’s like no one else is in the room. Just love these two smitten kittens!

Sarah & Brett….thank you both so much for choosing us to document this very special day. We had so much fun with you both at your Boston engagement session and knew your wedding wouldn’t disappoint! Your family & friends are wonderful and we hope these photos reflect all the beautiful love you share with each other and with those lucky enough to be in your inner circle. We look forward to seeing where life takes you both and hope this is just the beginning of a long and beautiful love story for you both! With big hugs and warmest wishes,

Christine & Andy xx


Sarah & Brett’s Back Bay Engagement Session ~ Boston Wedding Photographers

We are sooooo very lucky to have so many of our couples come to us through happy family or friends, who we’ve worked with for their wedding or special event. Such was the case with super sweeties, Sarah & Brett. Sarah is friends with one of our brides from a few years ago, Kate, who recommended us. Without even meeting us, Sarah & Brett hired us to document their wedding, which always feels really good and is just the hugest compliment.

It’s like they trust us, without even needing to look us in the eyes and see for themselves who we are and what we’re about. Knowing couples like Sarah & Brett put such faith in us right away always makes us want to work extra hard for them….perhaps to prove ourselves or perhaps just out of an enormous appreciation for their blind faith.

We had spoken on the phone prior to them hiring us, but we didn’t actually get to meet Sarah & Brett until their engagement session two weekends ago. With their wedding planned for here on the Cape in just a few weeks, they thought it would be fun to do their engagement session in the city, around their neighborhood, where they live. And, we agreed.

So, we met at their apartment in the Back Bay and had a lovely afternoon of giggling and getting to know one another. As we expected, Sarah & Brett are super sweet, easy going and clearly smitten with one another. They met about a year and a half ago, as many of our couples do, on an online dating site. Brett was actually the first guy Sarah had met through the site. And, after their date….she never needed to go back to the site. They both knew…this one was a keeper. And nine months later, Brett proposed on stunning Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands…man, I wish we’d been there to document that!

Happily, we will be along for this next exciting milestone, as this sweet pair says, “I do!” at the gorgeous Chatham Bars Inn Resort, here on Cape Cod. We can’t wait to be a part of all of the love & celebration yet to come. For now, here’s a look at our happy love birds.

We began their session on the steps of their Back Bay apartment, which is quintessential Boston at its best. Wrought iron, classic brownstone and two young, smitten lovers….what more do you need?

We took a little walk with Sarah & Brett to explore some of the places they frequent. 

Including the Public Garden, where weeping willows and cheeky grins make for great photo fodder.

You + Me = Will-oways be together. That doesn’t really work, but you get my drift.

In your eyes I see our future and in your arms I know it will be bright. 

Sometimes just looking into each other’s eyes and being in the moment is all you need…

Don’t know why I love this next one so much….they both just look so good, so cool. Plus, what’s not to love about the iconic Public Garden Bridge. 

Hey hot stuff….

Sometimes when we’re walking around with our couples, Andy or I will see something that’s not really anything, but you just know it’s going to make for some cool photos….such was the case with this super long bench. So, we asked Sarah & Brett to snuggle up and then just pretend we weren’t there….which, with two of us, isn’t always easy to do.

But, these two are so comfortable together, they made it look easy. 

Hey Brett…look over here for a second. And, BAM! You guys are adorable!! 

Then over to the Public Library, where Brett has been spending a fair bit of time lately, studying for the GMAT exam. You got this, Brett!

The look of love. 

Laughing together…those big, belly laughs…it’s just the best! 

Tender moments….ahhhhhh. 

Sarah & Brett, thank you so much for choosing us to document this exciting and super special time in your lives with us! We can’t wait to be there with you when you say, “I do!” to meet your family & friends and not only document all the love & goodness surrounding you, but to share in the spirit of the day. We hope you love these photos…and the rest still to come…as much as we loved spending the afternoon with you both!! And, a special shout out to Kate & Hugh for singing BelloPhoto praises. Hope to see you both at the wedding!! Big hugs to all, Christine & Andy xo

Leigh & Zach Engaged~ Boston Wedding Photographers

One of the things Andy & I love most about our jobs is the connections we make with our clients, who really feel more like friends.

Being entrusted to document a day as important as a wedding is such an honor, but when a family calls us back again to do the same for a brother or a sister, it’s overwhelming and so completely validating. We just love it!

This is going to be our fourth year photographing Leigh and her family. In addition to Leigh, the family consists of Mom-Terri, Dad-Alan, big brother-Ryan and his lovely wife-Anette and their new little lovebug-Dillon, and sister-Randi, all of whom live scattered across the country. Every year, they drop what they’re doing and come to Cape Cod to spend the Fourth of July together in Chatham.

Each year since meeting them, they have asked us to document their time together and it has become something we look forward to with a mix of excitement and nervousness….it’s not easy coming up with fun & new things to do with the same group every year. But, it is a challenge we accept gladly and with happy hearts.

The first year we photographed the family, Ryan, had just…as in the day before our meeting with them…proposed to Anette, and we were super excited when we were asked to photograph their wedding the following summer. Click HERE to see their beautiful love-filled celebration.

Right from the start, we fell in love with this warm, wonderful family and after Ryan’s wedding, we secretly hoped we might have the chance to be there when Leigh and Randi also said, “I do!”

Happily, Leigh felt the same as we did and now it’s her turn to walk down the aisle. We couldn’t be happier about the wonderful man with whom she’s chosen to spend her life. We first met Zach at Ryan & Anette’s wedding. At the time, he & Leigh were very new in their romance, but watching them together, I remember thinking that there was something special brewing between them, and as it turns out, there was.

Leigh & Zach will say, “I do!” this summer in Boston. They chose to do their engagement session, aka love session, on the MIT campus where they first met. They are both graduate students finishing up their final semester….lots to celebrate this summer.

Andy & I hadn’t really had the opportunity to check out the MIT campus before, but it is gorgeous and there were so many fun nooks for photos. We started out in the Sloan building, where they both have most of their classes. Here are a few of our favorite moments from our time together…

I just loved the architecture of the Sloan building. It’s angular and modern and very fun to photograph…particularly with a super cute couple perched on its balcony.

Different photographer, different perspective…

We snuck into one of the classrooms for a few photos of our two smarty pants….

Just a little light reading…

Loved the glass windows in some of the conference rooms….how fun is this?

This is a contender for favorite of the day…Although Leigh & Zach are very serious, dedicated students, they’re also really fun, silly and self-proclaimed “goofballs” so capturing them having fun together just feels right!


Even better….

Does Leigh have some gorgeous eyes or what? And, how about Zach’s chiseled profile….no pressure, but you guys are going to make some beautiful babies!

Hummunah hummanah…another fave of the day…

We toured a bit more of the MIT campus, before heading down to the school’s boatyard for a fantastic view of the city skyline.

Just as the sun poked through the clouds for some dramatic lighting…

Goofing around…

MIT’s very recognizable class ring, known as the Brass Rat…Like most MIT students, Leigh & Zach are very proud of their class rings and say they are one of the most recognizable rings in the world. Cool!

Loveeeee this next one. They both look so beautiful and so completely content!

Love is…strolling hand-in-hand with your best friend!

Followed by a good snog.

As sexy as that previous photos is, and as much as it can make the heart go pitter patter, this next one is full of love and makes my heart smile! it is soooo Leigh & Zach, in every way!

A quiet moment before calling it a day….

After our super fun session, we headed to one of Boston’s newest hot spots, the Island Creek Oyster Bar, to meet Leigh’s folks, Terri & Alan, for dinner. It was so great to see them again and catch up. All in all it was an excellent afternoon filled with lots of laughter, kisses and great conversation. Big thanks to Terri & Alan for a fabulous dinner and a heart-felt thank you to Leigh & Zach, for sharing your school with us and for giving us an inside peek into the very special love you share. We can’t wait to be there with you when you say, “I do!” later this summer.  Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo