Kerri & Billy’s Falmouth Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Life is a like a woven tapestry. Strands of thread, intersecting and forming connection to create something larger and more meaningful. This is how I think about Kerri & Billy’s love story, like an afghan created over many years, looping with moments of intersecting lives, yet not fully wrapping them in its embrace until the time is just right.

Kerri & Billy both grew up in Milton, MA. Their grandparents were friends and their moms went to the same high school. And, when they were just babes, Kerri & Billy even attended the same day care….two sweet, unsuspecting little lives growing up and moving along destined paths, ever leading one to the other.

Although they knew who each other was in high school, they never really spoke until college. “I always knew the name Billy B., (But), whenever we were at the same parties I was too nervous to talk to him. I think I was just intimidated by how cute he was,” Kerri told us.

In September of 2011, these two, adorable, fun, loving people finally met at a Bruins’ hockey game they attended with mutual friends. Finally, the stars aligned and love struck hard.

“We were at a bar after the game and Billy gave me a head not to come over from across the bar and I walked right over (haha, so smooth Bill),” Kerri told us. “We talked for what I thought was about three hours and he asked me if he could kiss me…ahhh, it wasn’t even our first date. We kissed all the way home, before I got dropped off back at my apartment. I’m not sure it was love at first sight or what, but I definitely knew I liked him a lot right away. Things just got better and better the more we talked. I would get butterflies every time we spoke.”

“I do think it was a mix of love at first sight and fate,” Billy told us. “I defitinely believe that things happen for a reason and I really believe that meeting Kerri that night was meant to be.”

These two cuties will say “I do!” later this summer at a place very special to Andy & me….Bourne Farm. It is where we both said, “I do!” just a couple of weeks before Kerri & Billy actually met…it’s like we were destined to be their photographers!!!!

We got together with these sweethearts last week at Kerri’s grandmother’s home in Falmouth, where Kerri and her family (and now Billy) spend a lot of time during the summer. “My favorite thing to do with Kerri is everything we do when we are down the Cape…whether it is hanging on the boat, taking a bike ride on the bike path, or just hanging in the backyard enjoying a few drinks,” Billy said. So, we thought….what better backdrop for a bello love session than a place so rich with meaning for our sweet couple.

The boat on which they spend many an afternoon fishing and just relaxing….they look pretty relaxed right here!

I just love that their lives seemed destined to arrive here….in the warmth of each others’ embrace!!!

These two were so fun to photograph. They just love being together and it’s so obvious to see. They are silly and sweet with each other and needed no help being absolutely adorable in front of our cameras!! Love them!!!

May all your tomorrows feel like this…

“LOOOOOVEEE, exciting and new….come aboard. We’re expecting you!! And, love….life’s sweetest reward. Let it flow….it floats back to you!! The Loooooveee Boattt! Soon, we’ll be making another run!!! The Loooooveee Boattt!”

Here, is where I was always meant to be….


In your arms and by your side…..swoon!

Love these two….

I mean come on….are they cute or what?!!

Where you go, I will surely follow….

This is how these two often look….smiling from ear to ear, completely happy to be together! LOVE!!

beach beauties…

The kiss….

Happy. Happy. Happy!

Kerri & Billy, thank you both sooooo much for opening your hearts to us in such a warm & welcoming way! Right from our first meeting, we knew you two were people we wanted to get to know better and that your love story was one we soooo wanted to tell! You guys are absolutely adorable together, but you’re also just really wonderful individuals, who have felt more like old friends than a couple who’s wedding we’re going to photograph. Thank you so much for making us feel that way!!! Loved hanging out with you both before, during and after the session and cannot wait till we get to see you both again!! Until then, we hope you enjoy this little sneak peek….more to follow soon!! We hope you love the photos as much as we adore both of you!

With big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo

PS…special thanks too to Deb, Mike & Ritchie for also making us feel super welcome!! You guys are wonderful and we can’t wait to meet the rest of the gang!! xo

Brooke & Will’s Osterville Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Last week we had the pleasure of finally meeting New York sweeties, Brooke & Will. Brooke’s mom had first reached out to us about photographing her daughter’s wedding last year, after we photographed the wedding of their friends, Kate & Hugh. Although we didn’t really meet Brooke & Will at the wedding, they were there getting their party on.

In just a few months, they will throw their own wedding day party extraordinaire at the stunning New York Yacht Club in Newport. We are super excited to be a part of documenting all that love & celebration!

We had asked Brooke & Will what are some of their favorite things to do together and when they said, “we love riding bikes in the Cape,” we thought this would be the perfect fun activity for them to do together on their bello love session.

Brooke had mentioned she’s not a huge fan of being photographed…which after having met her seems a terrible shame. The girl is stunning and the camera loves her!! So, we thought having something fun to do might help take the edge off. I think it’s safe to say it did, and in the process we were able to capture some super cute moments with these two sweeties.

Bonus….Brooke’s folks had two seriously adorable beach cruisers, which just so happened to match what our lovely couple was wearing. (I might have squealed a little when I saw them!)

A little sun flare + a couple of vintage inspired beach cruisers + a couple in love = photographer heaven.

A little background on these cuties….Brooke & Will met while sitting outside at a restaurant on the Upper East Side. Brooke was with her best friend from college, Paige, and Will, who Paige knew because their moms are friends, walked up and said hi. Curious and interested, Brooke quickly asked, “Who is that?!”

They ended up sitting at nearby tables, and Will came up a few times to see if the girls wanted to go out for drinks after. They did and a spark was ignited. Will asked Brooke out on a date and things continued to move forward in the months that followed.

“Our love definitely grew over time,” they told us. “We had a lot of fun when we first met, but we both take some time to get to know.”

For Memorials Day, about six month after that first meeting, they took at trip to San Francisco to visit Will’s sister and tour the vineyards. It became clear then that their love had grown deep. “There was no specific moment, but there was just something about that trip,” Brooke said.

Brooke’s beautiful face lights up when she looks at Will…it’s really just the sweetest thing to see.

Love this fun perspective…

It was so sweet watching them together. Although Brooke told us she was nervous being photographed, those nerves seemed to result in the biggest, most lovely smiles. I’m kind of hoping she’s just as nervous at the wedding. It’s working for you, girl! 😉

For this next photo, I can almost hear whistling, like from the old Andy Griffith show reruns (whicccchhh….my parents, no grandparents…yeah, that’s the ticket…told me about. I’ve never actually seen it. That would have been waaaaaay before my time! That’s my story & I’m sticking to it!!) It just feels so sweet, wholesome and happy.

Happy. Happy. Happy.

Sweet & wholesome too.

A fun perspective with up close motion.

Weeeeeeeeeeee…this is fun!

After goofing around for a bit, we headed back to Brooke’s parents’ place to drop off the bikes and then head to the beach. But, first a quick pic to take advantage of the gorgeous blossoming tree.

Hi cuties!!

A setting sun and a little snuggling with your sweetie….Cape Cod perfection.

kisses and cuddles…

and giggles and silhouettes oh my!

As we were driving out of the beach, we spotted this gorgeous red fox and I had to stop for a quick photo. Isn’t he/she beautiful!?!

Brooke & Will thank you both so much for spending all of that time with us…we know it was a tad more than your hungry little belly would have liked, Brooke, but we appreciate it and hope you find after seeing this sneak peek that it was worth it! We had such a great time with you both and can’t wait to be there with you later this summer as you say, “I do!” Thank you too Susan, Alan & Tripp for making us feel so welcome!! See you all again soon! Until then, big hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo

Keri & Jim’s Engagement Session ~ Falmouth Wedding Photographers

We got together with one of our special couples, Keri & Jim, recently for their bello love session. We first met them in November of 2013. Jim had reached out to us with a plan to propose to Keri and he wanted to further surprise her by having it documented. This was our first official proposal session and we had sooooo much fun! The honor and privilege of getting to bear witness to such a personal moment was not lost on us romantics.

I spoke several times with Jim leading up to the proposal to make sure we wouldn’t miss a thing. We brought some prosecco and a blanket and couldn’t wait to celebrate with them when Keri inevitably said, “Yes!” to this sweet thoughtful man who went to such lengths for his sweetheart. Click HERE for a peek at the proposal and private celebration that followed.

So when we got together again two weeks ago, it was like meeting up with old friends. Because we had spent the first photo session at the beach, we decided to mix it up and do something different this time. Here are a few of our favorite moments from our time together.

We started our session at Spohrs Garden in Woods Hole.

Happy times with our old pals….

Although they both attended the University of Connecticut at the same time, it wasn’t until they began working for a promotions company that their paths crossed. One day, as part of their job, they were thrown together and charged with driving a giant Dunkin’ Donuts truck to and from Portland, Maine for an event. Fifteen hours later, the two were fast friends. “There really is nothing like spending a ‘few’ hours in Masspike traffic to really get to know someone,” they told us.

Their first official date didn’t come until several years later, when they met for pizza “as friends.” One red potato with bacon pizza and several dates later and that friendship blossomed into something more.

Since then, Jim & Keri have added a sweet pug, Brewster, to the mix. And, now, nine years after that first fateful meeting they are preparing to wed at the stunning Branford House in Groton, Connecticut. We can’t wait to be there with them later this summer, to watch and bear witness as the “Yes!” we were so fortunate to see turns into, “I do!” We’re also pretty stoked to get to photograph at the Branford House. Don’t get me wrong, we feel super blessed to get to live and work in such an amazingly beautiful place, but it’s always fun and a kind of creative recharge when we get to go and shoot somewhere entirely new to us. Can’t think of a better couple to share that with than these two cuties!

After mooching around Spohrs Garden, we headed to downtown Falmouth to take their love to the streets. And, for me…those in between moments, when we’re not really yet ready to take photos often result in some of my favorite pictures. Like this next one…

Kisses and big happy smiles…with a little spring color and a touch of Americana thrown in….doesn’t get much better than that!

Arm-in-arm, with best friend by my side….this is where I always want to be.

A quaint little nook and some love nuzzling….yes, please!


These two are so happy together. Watching them make each other laugh and smile made it hard not to laugh and smile ourselves!

Cafe kissess….

…for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

In your eyes….the light the heat….I am complete!

Courtyard gardens and moments like these….this is summer on Cape Cod.

After nine years together, cuddling on the couch together starts to feel as effortless as breathing. I say this as someone who lives to cuddle on the couch.

Sweet, tender, thoughtful, playful wonderful Jim and his smitten, smiley, lovely Keri! You guys are ADORBS!

Hey now….

In your arms, is where I always want to be……love these moments with our bello couples!

A little back alley somethin’ somethin’…..ohhh yeah!!

Of course, I actually said something to that effect…which caused this reaction. You guys…..

Oh, the beautiful love….

And, like that…it’s a wrap for another super fun bello love session.

Keri & Jim….thank you both so much for making the trek all the way up & down here to the Cape to spend the evening with us. We loved every minute of our time together and hope you can feel that affection in these photos!! We hope too that as you look at them, you get even more excited for your big day and all the love & celebration sure to surround you!! We are so looking forward to seeing you both again, and getting your cute mugs back in front of our cameras!! Until then….Thank you! Thank you! Thank you…for being so warm, wonderful and welcoming and for putting so much trust in us!! It means more than you know!!!

Sending big hugs & love, Chris & Andy xoxo