Katherine & Dan’s Wychmere Wedding

We’ve been photographing weddings on Cape Cod for the past 16 years….still can’t believe it’s been that long! It feels like just yesterday when we got married ourselves and disappointed with what our photographer captured, we decided we wanted to give weddings a try….hoping to provide more of a documentary style, capturing real moments of love & celebration that we felt our photographer missed.

Since then, we’ve documented hundreds of weddings and although weddings all have common elements, each one we’ve been invited to share in has offered us something new and beautiful to photograph. And, that’s just how we like it!

For Katherine & Dan’s wedding last month at Wychmere Beach Club, their special day was equal parts love & happiness and over-the-top fun fun FUN!

We first met Katherine & Dan last summer. Katherine’s sister, Maura, had reached out to us a few years prior to photograph her wedding. Unfortunately, we were already booked and weren’t able to be there. But, we got to photographer Maura, her now husband, Patrick, their sweet baby boy, Cullen, Katherine & Dan, Katherine’s other sister, Meghan,  and the sister’s super sweet mom & dad, Maryellen & Kevin when the family all got together on the Cape. Click HERE for a look.

We had such fun with the family and again this past fall when we photographed KK & Dan for their engagement session, at Bentley College, where the pair met and their love story began. It was a super fun afternoon getting to know them and we quickly became smitten.

We’d been looking forward to their wedding with great anticipation and it, and more specifically, them and their love for one another didn’t disappoint! All of the ingredients for being able to capture their beautiful love in what we hope is a beautiful way, were all there.

See for yourself….

Beautiful Katherine getting the finishing touches to her natural wedding make up by the very talented Charlotte Phinney & Co. And, the adorable reaction as Katherine opens her wedding gift from her soon-to-be hubby, Dan.

Wedding mornings often carry with them lots of chaos…it’s just the nature of the beast as months and months of planning come together in a few short hours. Personally, I love this time of the wedding day…when all the excitement and anticipation that’s been building all come together. Add in a bunch of gorgeous ladies who LOOOOVE their bestie bride, well, it’s a morning of fun, no matter how you slice it.

Meanwhile, across town, Dan opens his card and wedding gift from his lovely bride-to-be.

Hugs from her beautiful momma, Maryellen.

Getting a peek at her finished look as Katherine gets zipped into her gorgeous bohemian beachy Anais Anette dress.

And here we go…..

Let’s go guys….

That moment, right before you walk down the aisle….and it suddenly hits you….THIS IS IT!

Here comes the bride….

You think these two are happy to be marrying each other? Ummmmm….yes?!!!!

Standing or sitting, by your side is where I want to be from here on….

Quiet moments during their Catholic service at Holy Redeemer Church in Chatham.

Love this perspective during the sign of peace moment during the service, as Katherine gives her new Father-In-Law, Paul, a kiss and her momma-in-law, Suzanne, looks on, happy as a Cape Cod clam!

And with a kiss, it is sealed….together forever. Woooo hoooo!

Even the rain couldn’t dampen spirit, as our happy bride leaves the church.

We had some time between the ceremony & cocktail hour to take photos of family & bridal party.

Dan & his guys, going a little besties huddle.

Much like the rain, even a little bird poop on bridesmaids, Colleen & Maggie, who were very good sports, couldn’t dampen spirits.

Love these guys….

Our beautiful bride….can we talk about her hair for a second??? I’m obsessed!

Just love the candid moment on the right after Katherine struggled to get up the ladder from the beach. So cute!!

Happiness is….moments like these.

Love is = me + you.

Hugs from friends and family as cocktail hour kicks off…

Beautiful, happy, smiling faces all around.

Enjoying a cold one with friends….

Overcast skies after the rain….best time for weddings and for catching fish!

Katherine’s big sissie, Maura, with her sweet hubby, Patrick, and their A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. wee one, Cullen pose of a photo. Cullen wasn’t so cooperative when Auntie & Uncle wanted one. Love it!!!!

Cocktail hour is one of my favorite times of the day….great time for catching lovely candids of guests enjoying themselves and not always aware they’re being photographed.

Though sometimes they are….but that’s cool too!

Posing for iPhone photos with friends.

A quiet corner and some good conversation.

KK & Dan put a lot of time and effort into their adorable place card holders. Crushed it!

Some more reception details, including the stunning arrangements by the uber talented Meredith Fancy of Fancy Flowers.

The bridal party introductions were AWESOME…with friends having some fun with it….and doing a little land surfing.

Best introduction of the day….the new Mr. & Mrs…. Woooo Hoooo!

Reactions from family & friends….

Katherine isn’t an overly effusive person, but the emotions were busting out during her first dance with Dan….just love the happy tears in this one! Be still my heart!

Another sweet moment as KK’s sister, Meghan, dances with Dan’s brother John. So cute!

Love this sweet snuggle too during speeches.

Speeches by siblings: Maura & Meghan, Katherine’s sisters, and Dan’s brothers, John & Andrew.

Dan’s lovely momma, Suzanne, listens with pride written all over her beautiful face.

Reactions from our happy couple…

Maryellen enjoying the brother’s toast….

They even gave Katherine a soccer ball to commemorate one of the couple’s first dates.

Cutting the cake….

Get down on it, Dano!

The Sultans of Swing brought the house down all night.

Groomsman Justin busting some serious moves!

A big, heart-felt thank you to Katherine & Dan, their wonderful family & friends for including us in such a special day! We hope these photos reflect all of the love & joy you all felt! We adore you and feel so grateful to have been there to witness the beginning of this next happy chapter in your lives! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo (more to come soon!)

Aimee, Rick ,Tess & Brooks Family Session ~ Wellesley Photographer


We’ve always said we didn’t want to just be wedding photographers to our couples…just two more vendors there for one day and then gone from their lives once our job was done. No, we’ve always wanted more! For us, it’s always been about building lasting relationships. We want to get to know our couples in a deep and meaningful way, one that turns into a lasting friendship. And, that’s exactly what’s happened with Aimee & Rick.

Like so many of our wonderful Bello Family members, Aimee & Rick have been in our lives for several years. We first met them when they reached out to us about photographing their Ridge Club wedding here on Cape Cod. Flash forward ten years and we’ve been there with them to document not only their engagement and wedding, but also the arrival of their baby girl, Tess and then again a few years later, after baby brother, Brooks, joined the party. We’ve also photographed Aimee’s sister and her family and the sisters’ parents for a big group family session.

It has been so wonderful to see where life and love have taken Aimee and Rick, to watch their family grow and blossom. And blossom it has!

Here are a few of our favorite moments and photos from our recent trip to Wellesley to hang out with this lovely little tribe.

Just love the faces on these two beauties as Tess gives her baby brother a great big hug! It’s so obvious how totally smitten Brooks is with his big sister….look at his face as he chases her! Love these two!!!

01 kids running

Our sweet, adorable, happy bello family….so much love!


Such a good big sister, and such an adoring baby brother. Tess & Brooks, you have our hearts!

02 siblings hug

Beautiful, bright, feisty, fabulous…Tess.

03 lovely Tess

Brooksie is such a trooper…he’s been through more surgeries than anyone of his young age should have to endure. He was born with a cleft pallet, which doctors have been working hard to correct. Still, he remains the happiest, sweetest wee one. Just love him.

05 family fall photos

And big sister, Tess, is just as full of life, love and everything wonderful. Aimee & Rick, you sure are doing something right with these two sweet peas!

04 lovely Tess

I mean come on…


They really do love each other…it’s the sweetest.


Oh, the happiness that comes from watching children be fully joyful!! Nothing like it!


We spend a lot of time on our family sessions…so everyone can feel comfortable enough to really let their guard down. We even build in time for some real play…in this case, a few rounds of Duck, Duck, Goose.


It is in these moments where life’s sweetest pleasures lie.

07 duck duck goose

Run sweet, Tess, run!


When the games are finished our love bugs collapse in a heap of laughter.


…which provides the perfect setting for a silly family photo.


Married nine years and still going strong…


Aimee is such a good mom…having learned from one of the best! I don’t know how she’s endured what she has with Brooks and all his surgeries. I get to see so many amazing moms with their sweet babes, and when they look at each other, you can just feel the connection. There’s nothing quite like the momma & child relationship. Saying that, Tess & Brooks have quite a special relationship too. I just LOOOVE this adorable candid moment Andy caught of them as we were heading to our next photo spot. I just love everything about it…from Brooks’ adorable T-shirt and glasses, to the way he’s trying to impart some bit of wisdom on his confident big sister. Just love it!

06 family fall photos

Happy family….


Why hello little man….what big eyes you have. “The better to see straight into your heart with!” Swooon! This face!! Just yummy!


Can we talk about these two for a second?

08 boston childrens photographer

I mean come on!!! I usually take the kiddos off on their own for a minute and we just chat…about school, upcoming events…how silly Andy is…whatever. And it is in these moments, that I am able to capture photos that I like to think truly reflect the personalities of my subjects. Makes my heart sing every time!

09 boston childrens photographer

As do moments like these….


And these….Mmmmm good!


And with that, we say goodbye to this wonderful, playful, super sweet family….for now!


Aimee & Rick….THANK YOU!! For opening your hearts and lives to us once again and for sharing your sweetest boos with us! You guys are very blessed with a lot of love in your life and we’re so happy you continue to share that with us! Until next time….big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Sarah & Keith’s Wychmere Beach Club Wedding ~ Harwich Port Photographers


Like so many couples today, Sarah & Keith chose to see each other before their ceremony so they could take family and bridal party photos, then attend their cocktail hour and enjoy more of their party. It’s a trend Andy & I are really appreciate.

Sarah had explained to us before her Wychmere Beach Club wedding how important it was for us to capture the moment she and Keith saw each other for the first time. “I’ve sort of been dreaming about this all of my life,” she told us. So, when the moment came, we watched and waited and these two smitten people didn’t disappoint. Their obvious love and affection was written al over their gorgeous faces…and it stayed there all day long!!

We’d become really excited about their wedding after being at their rehearsal dinner the night before at Chatham Bars Inn. There were lots of love-filled speeches, heartfelt hugs and so much affection it was infectious and hard not to want to be a part of it all! So, getting to be there for more of the same on their wedding was such a pleasure.

Here are just a few of some of our favorite moments from their incredible wedding day…

Beautiful Sarah getting last minute makeup touches by the lovely Emanuela Castellano, who traveled from NYC to give Sarah and her gal pals their glamorous wedding day looks. Just love the matching floral PJs Sarah got all her girls to wear as they got ready.

01 bridesmaids getting ready

Keith buttoning up his wedding day look, with a sharp Ferragamo tie and Ralph Lauren suit.

05 groomsmen getting ready

Some of Sarah’s bridesmaids, Kate, Elizabeth, Kerri & Nicole, chilling out on the sun deck, while Sarah and the rest of the girls finish up with hair & make up.


Keith & his mates getting dressed. Love how the stuffed shark plays off the color of their ties.


Sarah and her besties….


Keith looks over his vows with groomsmen, John & Rob.


Sarah gets her wedding day look and puts on her stunning Monique Lhullier dress, getting a little help with her Badgley Mischka shoes from super sweet sis, Amanda, while momma Teresa and baby sis, Olivia look on.

03 bridal make up

Proud papas Steve & Bruce discuss the best way to fold their pocket squares.


Taaaa daaaaaa….is she gorgeous or what?! Look out Keith, she’s ready for you!

02 bride monique lhullier dress

Enjoying the beautiful weather and a cold one on the porch….


Getting a little help from flower girl extraordinaire and niece, Emerson, Sarah heads to see Keith.

04 spring blooms wedding invitation

Having fun with the fellas…


That moment….when the months of planning and years of dreaming meet and you see your beloved for the first time on your wedding day. So much love and happiness!

06 wychmere wedding first look

Beautiful, happy, lovely people…

07 wychmere wedding

Are they cute or what?


Friends gather as the ceremony is about to begin…

08 wychmere wedding cocktail hour


Love this perspective as guests start to make their way to their seats and collect their program…


Friends & family excitedly wait for the ceremony to begin…


Here they come….led by groomsman, friend and master of ceremonies, Matt, Keith and the groomsmen make their way to the altar, as Sarah’s beautiful momma, Teresa is led by Sarah’s brother, Bruce.

09 wychmere wedding

Keith’s beautiful momma, Pamela, and dad, Steve, lead some of the grandkids/flowergirl/ring bearers down the altar.


Here comes the bride…much to the joy of the happy groom…

10 wychmere wedding

Not sure whose smiles is bigger, Sarah’s or her sweet dad, Bruce….


This face….so much love….


Matt did such an awesome job with the ceremony….lots of love and laughter, the perfect combination for these two wonderful people!


Let the love shine bright….


So full of love and so engaging with everyone lucky enough to know her….this photo just sums up Sarah to me!


Looks like she learned how to love big from these two wonderful, smitten people…


Fun + love = a really enjoyable ceremony.


For everyone….


With this ring I thee wed..


Happy tears, big smiles and super sweet flower girls = awesomeness!

11 wychmere wedding happy tears

Sealed with a kiss…

11 wychmere wedding kiss

Wooo hooooo…the new Mr. & Mrs.


Some of the beachy details and beautiful flowers by Beach Plum Floral.

12 wychmere wedding details

Guests enjoy the sunset and cocktail hour….including lovely Nicole.


13 wychmere wedding cockatil hour

And groomsman Jimmy….Jiiiiiimmmmmyyyy!


A spectacular finish to a spectacular day. Now, let’s get this party started….


A tunnel of love for Teresa & Bruce.


The new Mr. & Mrs……woooooooo hoo!


Their first dance….fun, flirty and full of love.

13 wychmere wedding first dance

Sarah & Keith soak in all the love-filled words sent their way during the toasts.


Olivia and her momma have some fun on the dance floor.


So much love in these two families. Makes the heart warm a few degrees just to see it!

14 wychmere wedding

Get it you two…get it!



Sarah & Keith, thank you both so much for inviting us to share in such a special time in your lives. We absolutely loved getting to know you both better and meeting your families and friends was such a treat!! We have no doubt you two will live a long, happy life bathed in deep love! We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of a little of that love and joyful celebration that surrounded you both at your Chatham Bars Inn rehearsal dinner and again the next day at your wonderful Wychmere wedding! More to come soon! Big hugs, Christine & Andy xo