Christina & Jon’s Falmouth Wedding ~ Cape Cod Photographers

The Falmouth wedding of Christina & Jon was pretty much a fairytale in every way! Princess Christina & Prince Jon are just the kindest, most lovely, warm, wonderful people one could ever hope to meet…they’re not really royalty, in case that wasn’t obvious, but they do have everything going for them that a Disney prince & princess do…all that AND a bag of chips!

We were lucky enough to be a part of their wedding rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding, so we got to meet a lot of their closest peeps. You can catch a glimpse into those fun festivities HERE.

But, their wedding was definitely the pièce de résistance of the weekend as about 170 friends and family members gathered to celebrate these two special people.

Their beautiful ceremony was held at St. Elizabeth Seton Church in North Falmouth and was led by Deacon Peter Guresh.  Their reception followed at the family’s ocean front home in North Falmouth, under a gorgeous sailcloth tent by Sperry Tent, with crazy beautiful flowers by the ridiculously talented Courtney Iris Barnes of Courtney’s Floral Creations. Catering was provided by the fabulous Olive Chase at The Casual Gourmet, and music by the high-energy, super fun Boston band, Hi-Fi, with all of the details of the weekend coming together seamlessly thanks to the care and creativity of the dynamic duo Megan & Sarah from Elegant Engagements.

Christina’s drop-dead gorgeous Reem Acra dress was definitely fit for a princess.

Just love how their stunning wedding invitations by Elise Cherney of No Regrets in Newtonville were a subtle nod to Christina’s dress.

Getting into her dress with a little help from her beautiful momma, Elissa. Just love her boho chic ponytail by Erik Howard of Will Charles Salon.

Mom getting a good look and clearly liking what she sees! Who could blame her!

Christina’s super sweet dad, Dennis, getting his first glimpse. Just love their reactions!

Bridemaids and cousins, Julia (left) and Leah putting on their finishing touches.


Meanwhile at the Sea Crest Hotel, Jon and his besties get ready for the big day.

Henry puts on his bow tie, as Jon and his other groomsmen get ready. Such a nice group of guys, which is no surprise given how lovely Jon is.

Looking good, Jon!!! You too Max!

What did we ever do to entertain ourselves before smart phones? I have no idea what the guys were watching, but it looks like it was good stuff.

A toast with your best mates…what could be better?

Jon & Christina opted for a first look, which meant meeting back at Christina’s grandfather’s house for photos….loved having all the time we had with these guys before the ceremony & reception began.

With everyone else away for a bit, Jon waits for Christina to make her way to him for their first look. I just love his face and how he’s biting his tongue, no doubt to hold back the happy tears. Such a tender heart!

The look of love….

And an embrace that speaks volumes!! Just love these two!

Oh Jon… are the sweetest!

With you by my side….everything is possible.

After a few minutes with our happy couple, we invited family to join us for some photos. Just love this candid moment featuring Jon’s crazy sweet momma, Karen, and dad, Tom.

Fun times with best friends….(PS…If you’re a frequent visitor to our blog…AND have a killer memory…you may recognize Christina’s totally awesome sister & MOH, Jac (right). We photographed her amazeballs wedding four years ago.)

In addition to her sis, Christina’s bridal party included all cousins. For Jon, it was his closest friends and big brother, Brendan, was BM. Such an awesome group!! We had so much fun with these guys!

We had so much fun with these guys!

This next one reminds me of something out of one of those thick coffee table fashion photography books. I just love those in between moments in life…when folks aren’t aware of our cameras and everything just falls into place in such a beautiful, real way! (PS…Keep an eye out for Christina’s cousin, Julia, holding her dress, we photographed her wedding a few weeks after this one and will be highlighting that soon on our blog!)

Quiet moments with our princess and prince.

We’re goinnnnng to the chapellll and we’re gonnnnnaaa get maaaaaarried. Waving by to family as they head to the limo.

And, here we go….


Friends arrive at St. Elizabeth Seton for the ceremony…excited to see these two awesome people say, “I do!” Heeeey, Marissa!!

That moment, when you feel all the feels and realize this man you’ve loved forever is about to lead you down the aisle to meet the new, most important man in your life. So much love & gratitude…for showing you what a real man looks like and for loving you without limits. Just the best!!!

Here comes the bride….Jon can barely contain himself, and Christina’s little shoulder scrunch as she feels all eyes on her! AHHHH, these two….just the sweetest!!!

Love the look Elissa gives Dennis after he takes his seat. Proud parents…so sweet!

Sharing words of wisdom, guidance and love, Deacon Guresh speaks to Christina & Jon.

Here we go….the “I do!” part. You think they’re happy?

With this ring….I thee wed.

Wooooooo hoooooo!!!

The new Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Family celebrate with hugs outside the church, including Jon’s dad & brother. So sweet!

Our happy couple boarded a trolley with family & bridal party and off they went, first bidding farewell to guests still outside the church.

Love these quiet moments on the trolley, when couples have a chance to soak in what just happened.

A few quick beach portraits with our newly married Mr. & Mrs.

A perfect summer night + a sailboat + a kiss from your forever person + a day to remember = one hell of a fairytale!

Practicing their first dance moves on the jetty…be still my heart!

Here in your arms is where I always want to be…

Love. Love. Beautiful Love!

Pretty in pink…just love the way the tent came together with all the stunning details.

And touches of gold.

Elissa and friends enjoying cocktail hour.

Friends of C&J gather for a photo.

Cousin Ashley enjoying cocktail hour conversation…so cute!

Their first dance as a married couple…

The reaction from family & friends was one of rousing approval.

Brendan’s toast could be my all time favorite best man toast ever! He crushed it!! It was sweet and sentimental, full of love & pride for his baby brother and it was also brilliant and hysterically funny.

Reacting to loving words directed at her new husband.

I felt for Jac, having to follow Brendan, but she too nailed it and gave her sissie all the feels!

So much love between these two sweet sisters. Just love them and feel so grateful to have shared such special days with them both!!

When you get a killer sunset, you gotta interrupt dinner for a few quick photos. Baaaaam!!!

Dancing with his beautiful momma…can’t you feel the joy?

Guests getting down on it…

Get it Matty….the love was contagious.

Auntie Sarah busting some serious moves…you go girl!

More fun dance floor antics.

A perfect ending to a perfect day!

Thank you to everyone who made this day so special for our happy couple. Heartfelt thanks to Elissa & Dennis, for once again sharing such an important family milestone with us and entrusting us to document these precious family memories!! Christina & Jon….you two are just delightful in every way and we feel so honored to have shared in this amazing day with you both!! Thank you for welcoming us with such open arms and open hearts and reminding us why we love what we do!! We hope these photos bring you as much joy as being a part of your wedding brought us! The rest of the photos will go online very soon…so stay tuned. Until then, we send you both big love & hugs,

Christine & Andy xoxo

The B & C Families ~ Cape Cod Lifestyle Portrait Photographers

A couple of weeks ago we got together with the B & C families for some photos of their kids on the beach. Jen, one of the moms, had reached out to us about photographing her 3 kids and her brother’s 2 kids as a gift for their father’s birthday. We had a blast with everyone and enjoyed watching the siblings & cousins playing and having fun together. And, we hope Grandpa enjoys what we’ve captured for the family as much as we enjoyed capturing it!

Normally, we like to talk about the couples & families we photograph, but these guys preferred not to have their kids names shared online, which we understand. So, we’re just going to let the photos do the talking….

The B & C kiddos…

These playful guys are cousins and best friends.

The girls’ turn…the two youngest are sisters, and the oldest is their very sweet and attentive cousin! They are all just lovely!

If you’ve ever tried to photograph a group of kids, ages 9 to nearly 2, you know it’s no easy feat. The littlest one wanted nothing to do with standing still and smiling for the camera, so a little goofing/jumping around by my fabulous, talented, kid-loving hubby, and a little reverse psychology usually does the trick. Hello our little balls of sunshine….

This one was just taken just before we told them they could jump….psychology…so glad I took a few courses in college. 🙂

Best buds on a hunt for some seaside creatures….

Brothers & sisters…just precious. They may not have totally appreciated the moment at the time, but when they’re grown they will love these photos, and will hopefully have fond memories of playing together at the beach…while some strange photographers chased them around acting completely silly.

The C family…..such a sweet family!!

And, the Bs….so much love!

The C kids horsing around. Our little peanut was definitely enjoying piggy back with her big brother!

Some more silliness as the sun sets on our time together…

Pig pile pyramids and rough housing with your favorite peeps = a day to remember.

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Thank you Jen & family for reaching out and sharing your time and yourselves with us. We loved getting to know your little boos and hope your dad enjoys his birthday pressie! We’ll have more to share soon, so stay tuned. Until then, big love & hugs, Chris & Andy  xoxo

Nora, Jonny & Family Beach Session ~ Chatham Lifestyle Photographers

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of reuniting with one of our bello families, whom we hadn’t seen in five years. Nora had reached out to us in the spring and said that she & her husband, Jonny, who live in England with their now three kids (they only had one when we saw them last), would be returning to the Cape in July/August, to visit with Nora’s family and were we available to do another family session at the beach. Ummmmm, let me think about that. YES!!!

We just love when we get to see our special families again, and Nora’s family is REALLY wonderful. They are warm, kind, sweet, funny, salt-of-the-Earth people and we loved getting to spend some time with them again.

In addition to Nora & Johnny and their three crazy cute kids, Jack, Madison & Will, we also got to see Nora’s lovely sister, Karen, and her wonderful kids, Nicole & James, who are the kind of kids who make me want to have kids….if they could be just like them! They are so sweet with their mom and each other, and really anyone they meet. I wanted to put them all in my pocket and take them home with me.

We also got to see Nora’s wonderful parents Cheryl and Garry again, and learned that Garry is really quite an impressive fine art/landscape photographer. Digital has totally changed photography and today everyone fancies themselves a photographer. But, Garry, he’s no joke. An architect by trade, his creative mind is truly a beautiful thing and the work he shared blew my socks off (reminds me of someone else I know…Terri!). I totally want to go to his next show when he has one…..really impressive. I’ll be sure to share the info when I get it for any other photography buff out there!

Nora’s older brother, Greg, was also back from Colorado for some family fun, this time with his beautiful new bride, Thahn. These two are soooo cute together! We’re so happy for them both! We also got to say hello to some other family members we’d met before, but who weren’t participating in this year’s session.

Without further ado…here’s a look at our time with this wonderful family!

Karen’s relationship with her children is so inspiring. There is obvious love, respect and adoration for one another that seems to transcend the often challenging relationships kids & their parents sometimes have. Similarly, Nicole & James are soooo cute together. We had done a photo of them years ago, holding hands along the shore and they asked us this time if they could do something similar. We, of course, said, YES! And, I nearly added, “Only if I can give you both a big, fat kiss when we’re done!” I mean what 15/10 year olds do you know would want to do this? These two are sweeter than sugar! Just love them!

Are they a cute family or what??????

Sweet Jack was just a babe when we saw him last. Now, he is a delightful six year old, who loves collecting shells, showing off his killer karate moves and spending time with family. Honestly, I could eat him up. After the photos were done, and we were back at the house saying goodbye, he pulled me aside and asked if he could show me something alone. He instructed me to sit and then did a series of karate moves, ending with a spin on the floor and giving me a great big hug. I nearly cried….Swoooon! The Queen of this lovely bunch is Cheryl, who clearly has done a stellar job of raising some pretty wonderful children, who are now busy raising pretty wonderful children of their own, one by one making the world a brighter place. Thank you Cheryl and Garry!!!!! And Happy Anniversary!!! You two are an inspiration!!

Jonny, Nora, Maddie, Jack & Will. Love these guys!!

Hi happy gang….

When we got back to the house they’d rented, Nora wanted to show me a photo in one of the UK magazines of Prince William’s son wearing the same outfit Nora had purchased for Will especially for the photo session with us. Adorable! We thought it might be fun to do a little ‘Who Wore It Best’ like they so often do in the tabloids.  What do you think? Prince George or Sir Will? My vote easily goes to wee Will. (Prince George photo by James Whatling Pool/Getty Images)

Sweet Will getting some serious lovin’ from his attentive older siblings.

Madison & Jack….LOOOOVE!

Our newlyweds, Greg & Thahn…..happy, in love & just the sweetest!

Sometimes the kids in our sessions are really intrigued by what we do, and more specifically our cameras. So, we often let them take a peek behind the lens. Jack was really into it, especially when I told him that his composition in the photo he took (on the right) was awesome, and followed the rule of thirds, which I explained to him is when you divide your scene into thirds both vertically & horizontally and then place your subject in one of the corner points. He seemed really chuffed with himself and he should have been. How great is that photo he took of his gorgeous momma and baby brother? (OK, I admit to adjusting the settings before handing him the camera, but still…he totally connected with his subjects and that is always a key ingredient in an awesome photo!)

Of course, Maddie wanted a turn too, so I placed the settings where they needed to be, showed her where to look and which button to press and off she went. I must admit, letting the kids play with the camera is as much about keeping them excited & into what we’re doing as it is about giving me a chance for some snuggle time…

My turn for a close up of Will…..those eyes!!! And, those cheecks! Too much!

A little one on one time with James & Nicole. Anyone who doesn’t believe the eyes are the window to the soul hasn’t really looked at another person.

When we last photographed Nicole, she was the same age James is now. Our little girl is all grown up….and absolutely stunning…inside as much as so obviously out!

Greg & Thahn enjoying a little alone time while we were focused on the kids. And they thought we weren’t paying attention…HA!

Heading a little closer to the water for some more fun…way to help out Maddie!

Will was a bit tired & hungry so Johnny distracted him with some fun, which he loved. Although it was getting past his bedtime and I’m not sure Will knew whether to laugh or cry. Precious!

I can’t remember whose idea it was to jump, but I LOVE it!

Maddie was totally getting into it, and enjoying watching how high everyone could get. Love this perspective of her.

Momma’s love….there is nothing that compares.

Siblings….built in besties.

Run little boos, run! Can we talk about Maddie’s face for a second????

Maddie so enjoyed the running, she decided to strip down for less wind resistance and off she went…..she literally kept running….all the way to the end of the beach.

Which caused this reaction from her family…..

An exhausted little bird gets a helping hand from her adoring big brother. And, with the sun set, we call it a night.

Nora & Jonny, thank you soooo much for including us in your Cape Cod vacation, for sharing your crazy awesome family with us and for reminding us why we love what we do. There are many long hours spent in front of the computer, editing, retouching, blogging, doing the books, emails, paper work, etc. etc. ….stuff that sometimes makes us wonder why we wanted to start our own business. But, it is these moments, with wonderful, open, kind, fun, funny, warm, fabulous families like yours that make all of the hard work worth it!

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and that we not only captured for you some wonderful moments in this fleeting life, but, perhaps, we also helped create some lasting memories for you & your family. We love you guys and can’t wait to see you all again!!! It’s still surprising to me that it’s been 5 years, for as soon as we walked in the door, it felt like we were walking in to see old friends! Thank you for that! Thank you too for letting me feed Will when I arrived….not that you really had a choice. 🙂  What can I say, I love me some good baby time.  Thank you Garry for opening up and sharing your gorgeous photos with me. I LOVED seeing them and told Andy all about it on the drive home. We totally want a head up for your next show!

Till the next time, big love & hugs to you all!

Christine & Andy xoxo