kids playing in beach grass

Photographing young families is not easy! Just ask any parent and they’ll tell you it’s nearly impossible to get a good photo of their kids.

Trying to get really young kids to look at the camera, to smile a real smile and show you their true personality….particularly when you’re trying to get more than one to do it at the same time is no joke. It’s hard. But, it’s also ridiculously fulfilling and wonderfully soul-feeding. When those families also happen to be former brides & grooms turned mom & dad…well, it’s even sweeter!

Andy & I started out as wedding photographers. All we shot was weddings, having been inspired by the terrible photos that were taken at our wedding. After that, we decided we wanted to document weddings organically and capture photographs that were filled with real emotion….which was what we had wished for ourselves. And it’s been incredibly rewarding to to that for hundreds of couples over these past 14 years!

But in the past several years, our reach has extended to families…mostly because we couldn’t say no to all of the fabulous couples who came back to us after starting the next happy chapter in their lives.

We still photograph weddings, though not as many as we did when we first started. But photographing families has become a passion for us, equally as fueled by love as our wedding work. Like our weddings, our hope is to do something different….to photograph real life in a real life kind of way, with love & creativity and inspiring real emotional responses to the pictures we produce.

Two weeks ago, we were happily reunited with Danielle & Adam….one of our wedding couples from 4 years ago. Their wedding was perfect in every way and I found myself particularly bonded to Dani because we had both suffered the devastating loss of a parent before our weddings. Plus, she’s just ridiculously sweet, warm, kind, loving and all around awesome! You can check out Dani & Adam’s wedding HERE.

A lot had changed since we saw them last, namely they added two new wonderful members to their wee family…..who we will affectionately refer to as Mr. L and Ms. R, who are as cute as they come!!! We had so much fun getting to know these super sweet little people.  Say hello……

kids walking along sandy beach

I mean come on….can we talk about Mr. L’s crazy cute smile as he leads his adoring sissie down the path? And, Ms. R’s delicious baby thighs….it’s all I could do to keep from munching!

02 kids playing in beach grass

The photo of Mr. L on the left makes my heart smile….it just feels so sweet, so him, so full of the magic that is childhood. And, lovely baby R and her soulful eyes…..don’t stare too long, you’ll get lost in there!

kids close up

Taking a moment to turn the focus toward each other for a second….Mr. L, however, prefers the focus on him and he’s hard to resist!

family at the beach

Happiness is….FAMILY.

family at the beach

Low tide at Cold Storage Beach in Dennis provided the perfect backdrop for a family sunset stroll.

family walking along shore of beach

Joyce, Dani’s mom and these lucky kids’ nana gets some good lovin’ from her babies.

grandmother with kids at beach

Flying high…..oh, to be a kid again!

parents throwing kids up in air

I don’t know what makes my heart squeal more…the look Ms. R is giving her Daddy or the one she’s giving the camera? Sweet little cheeky monkey!

father playing with daughter at beach

Higher Daddy…higher!!! Now, do it again!

father swinging baby girl at beach

If only they would stay little forever….it’s what every parent thinks at some point. And, it’s hard not to think it myself when I saw this beautiful moment as captured by my ridiculously talented husband! Be still my baby-loving heart!!!!

kids playing in the sand, cape cod

Meanwhile, I captured this silly exchange… these two boos!

kids playing in the sand, cape cod photographers

And, off into the sunset they go….honestly, I could barely contain myself as I watched them waddle off into the distance…Ms. R chasing after her big brother….neither certain of where they were going, just happy for the attention.

kids running toward sunset at beach

Mr. L found a seagull feather and decided it needed a castle….

boy playing with feather found at beach

Playing with mommy….this girl loves to fly high!

mom playing with baby girl

It was a cloudy, humid day that….like our time with this wonderful family….came to a glorious end. Taaaa Daaaaaa…..

family silhouette at sunset

Wait…don’t go you guys…I’m not done playing! Well, okay….maybe just one more of this delightful little man!

boy running through beach grass

Danielle, Adam & Joyce…thank you sooooo much for sharing yourselves and your beautiful family with us!! It was so great reconnecting. We only wish we had more time together, so we could have put down our cameras and just hung out!! Perhaps another time when you’re back visiting!! Until then, we hope you enjoy these precious moments and that they help preserve this wonderful time in your lives! Kids grow & change so fast…too fast!! Hope to see you all again soon!! With much love & big hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo