Ronnie, Frank & Family ~ Truro Beach, Cape Cod Photographers

family on cape cod beach

We first met Ronnie and Frank ten years ago, when we were photographing the amazing wedding of Beth & Jeff at the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth. They were guests at the wedding and Ronnie had come up to us, raving about us and our work, having not yet seen the photos from the wedding. She’s just one of those people who approaches everything from a ‘glass half full’ perspective. In the dictionary next to the word positive is a picture of Ronnie. It’s hard not to immediately fall for her, and fall we did.

Happily, she,  Frank and their two daughters, Lauren & Kim, have all stayed in our lives over the years. We’ve shared dinners and giggles. We’ve photographed Lauren & Kim, for engagements and weddings, and now we get together every couple of years, when the gang all comes together for some happy family time at Ronnie & Frank’s place in Truro. It’s a beautiful respite, and for us, a sort of homecoming.

The past couple of times we’ve gotten together, it’s been so fun to see how the family has changed and expanded. What was once a family of four is now a family of twelve. We met two of the newest family members recently….and they just added more love & goodness to an already fairy tale family. Click HERE and HERE to see our past family get togethers.

As in year’s past, we met them at their summer home in Truro, and then headed to their favorite beach just down the road, Corn Hill beach. Below, sweet Hadley (left) and her sis, Piper, make their way to the beach, with brother, Wake, and the rest of the gang in tow.

kids playing on beach

Wake is all smiles and getting so biiigggg!!! While Hadley, hams it up with Grandpa Frank and CrayCray. So much love!!!

truro family photographer

All the grandkids get together for a sweet pic with CrayCray and Grandpa Frank. Sweet baby Hailey (on CrayCray’s lap) was not feeling up to a photo session, but with the grown ups being big goofballs behind the camera, we got an almost smile.

kids & grandparents on beach

Sweet sisters, Hadley & Piper, are just delightful, as CrayCray enjoys some snuggle time with baby sis, Finley. Meanwhile, serious cousin Lincoln takes it all in stride. Love these sweet boos!

cape cod beach photographers

Completely unprompted by anyone, Hadley & Piper share a sisterly smooch. Be still my heart!!!!!

kissing cousins

All the girls….

truro beach photographer

Hello beautifuls!!!

young mother & her daughter

Mark & Kim are seriously the coolest parents I know. With their four gorgeous babies, they spent their week in Truro camping. Yup! Camping with four kids. Four kids and three tents! A sleeping tent, a kitchen tent and a wardrobe tent, complete with hanging racks for all the kids’ clothes. Total superstars and my heroes! And, can we talk about sweet Piper pulling her dress out at the sides, proud as punch and relishing the attention. Love this family!!!

family photographer truro beach

Speaking of love….check out baby Finley and those delicious thighs!! If ever there was a quintessential Cape Cod moment, surely this is it!

baby girl beach grass

Cousins…running, playing, loving life and making the most of their time together….Be still my heart!

kids running through beach grass

Can we talk about the unbridled joy written all over sweet Hadley’s gorgeous face? It is moments like this that are what life is all about! And, these are the ones that make me really love what we do!

Ironically, there was another family on the same beach having their photos taken. The photographer had them perfectly positioned and all was calm. I couldn’t help but wonder what they must have thought of our coordinated chaos….with kids running every which way (parents also joining in). I don’t think there’s a right way to do it, but for Andy & me…this is where it’s at. We’re just big fans of photographs that speak of life being lived and of kids being kids!

girl running through beach grass

Sweet Hailey eventually warmed up to her new friends….and man does the camera love this girl!! And, so does her gorgeous cousin. Be still my baby-loving heart!!!

beautiful girl beach grass

Families that play together stay together. And, this one sure knows how to play. Love them and these sweetly shared moments!!!

mom playing with baby daughter on beach

While all this silly play was happening around them, Ronnie grabbed onto Frank and said, “Can you believe all of this is ours?” Awwwww…and YES! Because love breeds more love…and these two childhood sweethearts have it in spades!

cape cod beach photographers

A little family sunset stroll….

family walking along shore

When it was all over, I was walking back with Ronnie and her super sweet cousin, Diane, who was mostly an onlooker for the photos. But, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to photograph these two sweet ladies, who like me….are not super psyched to be the center of attention and have a camera pointed at them. But, sometimes, it is in those moments where giggles and joy produce the most lovely, heart-felt smiles. LOVE!!!

cousins laughing

Back at the house, Ronnie asked if we’d be open to photographing their nightly ritual, where all the kids pile in their grandparents’ bed and Grandpa Frank sings a bedtime lullaby. UMMMM….YES!!!!!!! These sweet, little boos showed their appreciation with applause and sleepy smiles. And, with the sun setting and new memories made, our hearts were full. Loved this and loved that the family let us be a part of it!

bunch of kids snuggling in bed

Sweet, sleepy Hailey….just yummy!

sleepy girl in bed

This next one of her big brother melts my heart!! Photography for me is less about creating pretty pictures and more about connecting with my subjects. I get so moved when I look through my camera and share a moment of real connection with another human being….whether it’s a child, a bride or groom, a friend or coworker. It’s like they let me see them….the real them. And, for me, it is a moment of pure love. I know that sounds super corny, but it’s true….as human beings, we want to be seen, understood and accepted. And, when I photograph people, it’s like there’s this unspoken agreement that I’m going to be there to see them, accept them and love them and they willingly let me in. It truly is the coolest thing ever, because in so doing, they are also accepting and loving me. And, in this next photo…that’s exactly what I felt when I pointed my camera at little Lincoln, and he peered through my lens, with those soulful eyes and wry smile……all I could see was love.

cape cod children's photographer

As we were leaving, Lincoln and his mom shared a moment…watching as the sun slowly faded past the horizon, bringing to an end another day of love & family time on beautiful Cape Cod.

mom & sun watch sunset

Ronnie & Frank….thank you!! For once again sharing your beautiful family with us!! For opening your hearts & home to us and for making us feel more like family than “your family photographers.” We love you guys and feel so grateful for your friendship. Kim, Mark, Lauren, and TL we feel so grateful to have been able to watch as you found and created love for one another and then built on that with the addition of your beautiful babies. We have loved watching you all grow and change and look forward to our next get together!! Kimmie….I’m serious about riding with you next summer!! Let’s make a mighty team of two! Love you guys to bits! Christine & Andy xoxo

A surprise proposal ~ Chatham wedding photographers

wedding proposal on the beach

Craig had reached out to us several weeks ago about documenting his surprise proposal to long-time girlfriend, Rita. He had seen a proposal session we did with super cuties, Jim & Keri, on our blog and decided he wanted his own happy moment captured in photographs.

Craig had chartered a small boat to take him and Rita on a sunset cruise around the waters off Chatham Harbor, past Stage Harbor Lighthouse. His plan was to have the boat drop anchor off a secluded island near Harding Beach Point, so he could get down on one knee and ask the girl of his dreams to marry him.

We were, of course, totally sold on the idea and super excited to pretend to be on the same tour, there to photograph the seals and sand bars……..all the while, cameras ready to capture the moment when Craig proposed. We spoke with Helaine & Tom, owners of Chatham Boat Tours, to go over the plans and make sure everything went off without a hitch.

The day finally arrived last week and we were so looking forward to meeting Craig & Rita, but a little nervous about the secrecy of our mission. Happily everything went according to plan and a completely unsuspecting Rita say, “YES!!”

chatham wedding proposal

Standing on the beach, pretending we were super interested in a dead seal that had washed ashore, we watched intently as Craig led Rita down the beach. Noting our readiness, he pointed to something down the beach and when Rita turned to look, he took a step back and dropped to one knee. Watching her expression as she turned around was awesome, particularly after having  heard so much about Rita & Craig and his plans to propose.

Craig had spoke lovingly of their relationship….sweethearts since high school. He talked about the ring, which had been picked with meticulous care, and told us they were celebrating their ten year anniversary with plans to  visit Falmouth with friends, who would conveniently back out  a few days earlier, so Rita wouldn’t be suspicious that the trip was anything extra special.

But, special it was indeed….and I’m still not sure who was beaming more after the proposal…Craig, Rita or me. It’s just so awesome to get to be invited into such a personal, intimate moment for a couple. And, getting to be around that kind of happy, new love never gets old!!

I just love the expression on her face as Craig readies to ring on it!

will you marry me beach proposal

And with a kiss and a promise….a happy new future emerges.

beach engagement wedding proposal kiss

Getting a close look at her new hardware….

engagement ring beach wedding proposal

It was funny to be within earshot as Craig explained that Andy & I were in on the surprise and were actually there to photograph them…..

beach engagement wedding proposal

We left Captain Tom & Helaine for a little walk around the island, heading straight for these cool dead trees that had, at some point, been growing along the shore.

newly engaged couple on beautiful beach

We hadn’t met Craig or Rita before, so it was fun to get to know them better and see how they are together. It is obvious that these two love each other very much and that this next chapter will be a very happy one for them.

chatham harding point beach wedding proposal

Seeing decaying tree roots along the beach was an unexpected and happy surprise…much like the proposal!

chatham beach engaged couple

Roots….they’ve already become pretty well established for Rita & Craig…and we look forward to seeing what sprouts up next for these two lovebirds.

cape cod proposal

Ahhhh……does it get any better?

chatham proposal

I was slightly obsessed with the cool roots on the island.

harding point beach

After some time to soak in the magnitude of what had just happened, our newly engaged couple headed back to the boat.

newly engaged couple walking in beach grass

But, first a quick stop in the lush beach grass for a bit more canoodling.

cape cod beach wedding proposal

Happy. Happy. Happy!

couple walking in beach grass

As the sun set, it took the tide with it, leaving our boat stuck in shallow water. We all jumped out to lessen the load, and Captain Tom & Helaine pulled the boat to deeper water. It made for a fun photo opportunity of our lovebirds taking an unexpected dip. I love this next photo because it feels a bit like a metaphor for marriage, where it’s not always smooth sailing, but how you deal with challenges can make all the difference in how you weather unavoidable obstacles. The big smiles on these two beautiful faces tells me their future looks bright!

walking in ocean at sunset

Helaine had decorated the boat and had some chilled champagne waiting for the happy couple…

cape cod engagement

And into the setting sun they head…with kiss and a smile and a wedding to plan.

cape cod beach proposal kiss on boat

Kicking back and enjoying the ride…
champagne toast on cape cod boat

Back on land, we headed to Main Street, Chatham, where Craig & Rita wanted to celebrate with dinner and some phone calls home, to share the happy news.

chatham engagement

Awwww…are they sweet or what?! On the boat ride back, Craig & Rita shared with us that they had both attended Beth Sholom Day Camp in New York as kids.  “But, we hadn’t really known each other, since the young boys and girls did not interact too much.” Craig told us. But, in the summer of 2004, they finally met, having made the switch from campers to Counselors in Training.

“It was actually love at first sight for me,” Craig told us. “We initially started flirting, since we went to rival junior high schools.” Their school rivalry continued through high school, and they officially began dating the summer before their junior year of high school, two years after first meeting.

Their relationship continued to grow through college, despite their schools being a four-hour drive away from each other. Last fall, they moved in together to a flat in Manhattan. And, now they will begin planning their wedding. We are secretly (or not so secretly anymore) hoping that as we did for Jim & Keri’s CT wedding, that Craig & Rita want us to be there to document their next happy milestone too!

chatham main street engagement

Roses are red, violets are blue, we were there for the yes, and would love to be at the wedding too.  A bit lame, and shameless….I admit! But, these two are just so stinkin’ cute!

main street chatham engagement

Dinner was calling and the light nearly gone from the sky, so it was time to bid adieu to our newly-engaged, new friends. Hugs were exchanged and we said, goodbye. They turned to leave and we watched as, finally alone, they shared a moment. Perhaps my favorite photo of the day.

main street chatham engagement

Craig, thank you so much for choosing to share this special moment with us. It was both an honor and an absolute privilege! And, Rita….there was a lot for you to take in, and we so appreciate your warmth and openness to us. We have no doubt you already are well aware of this, but you are a very lucky woman. Thank you both so very much for allowing us this peek into your lives and we wish you both many, many more happy years together! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xo

Sunset at Brewster Flats with Liz & Travis


Liz had been working with Audrey in labor and delivery at Greenwich Hospital for a little over a year when, one day, Audrey asked Liz if she might be interested in meeting her son, Travis, a handsome clothing designer and entrepreneur. Liz wasn’t dating anyone herself at the time.  “So, I thought, ‘Sure, why not,” she told us.

The two began messaging via Facebook and eventually arranged to meet at a local restaurant/bar for some drinks. “On our first date, we sat and talked for three hours,” Liz said. ” On our second date, we sat and talked until after 2am, after five hours.”

An instant friendship was formed, and over the course of the next year, the two spent more and more time together, eventually finding themselves rather inseparable.

Travis admits, the boyfriend/girlfriend part of their relationship didn’t happen right away. “When we first met, I was in the middle of starting my own company (Tora Clothing) and wasn’t open to a relationship,” he said. “Despite that, Liz and I ended up hanging out on a regular basis and slowly, I realized she meant more to me than just a friend.”

Like his company, his love for Liz grew and blossomed and now this smitten pair is planning their Cape Cod wedding. They will say “I do!” later this fall at the stunning Wequassett Resort in Harwich. We met up with them last weekend for their bello love session. We were already excited to be a part of their wedding…having chatted for ages both on the phone and during a meeting last year…but after our most recent time together, now, we’re just giddy with excitement.

See for yourself….the adorableness that is dripping off these two lovies!

01 red chair

We started out at Hopkins Bakery in Brewster, which we were told makes amazing stuff. It’s also just down the road from Liz’s parents’ summer cottage. Sadly, it was closed when we got together, so the only sweetness we were treated to was that which Liz & Travis were serving up.


Such sweetness it was too….

02 flower floor

He loves me. He loves me not. He LOVES me!


The look of love….


Laughing with your best friend is just the best…


Hello hotties….oh, and Travis’s cool shirt is his own Tora creation. (I secretly wanted to be a fashion designer…and took a bunch of elective classes in college. Just didn’t believe it was something I could really do. Hmmm…..hey Travis, need a women’s line???? )


After some fun at the bakery, we headed to the beach for sunset. The sky was filled with low lying clouds, which produced the most heavenly light, making pretty candids like this easy pickings….

03 sand

And the rippled sand at the Brewster flats…I just can’t…the awesomeness of those lines is off the hook! Add in an adorably happy couple and well….


Two happy people…two happy photographers.

04 sand ripples

Two perspectives….one moment.

05 reflection

Wherever you go…I will follow.

07 walking

Sunset, snails and smiling, happy people. Ahhhhhhh…..

08 stones

Change the perspective and camera settings and voilá….magic.


Squeezing the last gorgeous light out of the evening with a little boardwalk snuggling.
09 dock

And some more smooching…

And back to the cottage we go….hearts full and happy.


What better way to end a beautiful summer evening than with a swing in the backyard hammock? Heavenly!


Liz & Travis, thank you both so much for being so sweet, and so much fun to not only photograph, but just generally be around. You two are delightful together and as individuals and we’re so happy your mom, Travis, made this love connection. We can’t wait to meet her and give her a big hug! Special thanks too to Liz’s lovely folks, Jane & Steve, who are so sweet. We’re so sorry we couldn’t stay for some pizza with you all, though we very much appreciate the invite and hope to have a rain check! For now, we hope you all enjoy this little sneak peek…more to follow soon! Until then, big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo

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