Earlier this year, Chris & I headed down to Nicaragua for a well deserved break after our 4th successful year in business. A lot of you have asked us about our trip, wondering when we were going to show you our images. Well, you are finally in luck! In case you are not familiar with Nicaragua is here are a few details:

It is the largest nation in Central America, but the least populated with somewhere in the region of 6 million people. It is squeezed in between Honduras to its north and Costa Rica to its south. The country has coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean Sea. In between you can find plenty of volcanoes, a lot of unexplored rain forest, and a country full of the friendliest people eager to talk with you even if your Spanish isn’t the best!

Our trip began in the capital, Managua, which we left as quickly as we could (it’s a bit dodgy!) and headed south to the lovely town of Granada, situated on the edge of the enormous lake Cocibolca, home of the infamous freshwater bull shark. Thankfully, there aren’t too many of them around these days! There was so much to do and so many places to explore around Granada that we used it as our home-base. We chilled out in the central square, went kayaking on the lake, flew through the tree canopy on zip lines, wandered around the markets and cathedrals, chatted to the locals, swam in a crater lake, and bought some much needed supplies to a girls’ orphanage.

After a week in the city, we really wanted to get out and explore the rainforest so we jumped on a small 14 seater plane and flew to the shanty town of San Carlos at the mouth of the San Juan river. From there we took a 4hr lancha (local boat) further down the river to the villages of El Castillo and Boca de Sabalos, where we did a little tarpon fishing with our new friend Pina, a little horse riding, chowed on a bunch of delicious camarones (massive shrimp), and really just hung out and enjoyed the river, its wildlife, and the people. Oh, and we saw a sloth hanging out in a tree!! How cool is that???

Finally we headed up north to the colonial and somewhat political town of Leon, then off to Masaya, to pick up a killer hammock!!! Eventually time was up and we begrudgingly flew back home.

Anyway, here’s the show! Enjoy!