There aren’t many perfect summer evenings left like the one we had with Kate & Pat the other night at Woodneck Beach in Falmouth. Kate & Pat are getting married at the Hyannisport Club next May. We had a fabulous night with them watching the bluefish jumping along the shore. Our session also turned out to be a nice send off for Pat, who was leaving for India on business a few days after our session. Can’t wait to hear about his trip and see some of his photos when he gets back.

Here are a few of our favorites from the session:

Gotta love that Nantucket red…quintessential Cape Cod!




Love Kate’s eyes in this one…she looks like an Ivory girl.



Here we messed around with some layering of textures, something new we’re experimenting with. To do this, we photograph random things that have great texture and layer them over the photo then erase important areas we don’t want covered. We used a photo of a wood shingle from the side of our house for the first photo below. The second one is a secret…but we will tell you it was inspired by our Sunday morning breakfast. Any ideas?



And here’s what it would have looked like without the filter. What do YOU think….better with or without?