Kate & James celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this summer and to commemorate the happy occasion, they asked us to photograph them with their super sweet girls at the place where they said, “I do!” ten happy years ago ~ the stunning Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster.

This was the third summer we’d photographed this adorable family and we were more than happy to get to work again at Ocean Edge. For whatever reason, it’s been several years since we photographed a wedding there and it’s such a pretty spot, with so many great nooks and crannies for photos. All of that was made even better, knowing it held such sentimental meaning for this lovely young family.

Kate even wore the shoes she wore to her wedding and sent us a couple of pre-session wedding photos for inspiration, hoping we might recreate some of them…just adding their girls to the pics.

We have been soooo lucky to have so many amazing couples and families entrust us with documenting important life milestones over the years. The only hard part about these sessions is that there never seems to be enough time to just chat and really catch up. There is, of course, happy conversation between photos, but sometimes I think it would be nice to put down our cameras and just hang out and play. But, I get it…nobody wants to be paying us for that. LOL!

So without further ado..here are some of our favorite moments with these sweet peeps. Can we talk about how stinking cute these two lovebugs are??? I just can’t!! Isabella is such a good big sister and baby sis, Jacqueline, adores her!

Love this in between moment during family photos on the now fallen branch Kate & James had posed at for their wedding.

Practicing their balance beam skills and a family huddle as we head to the next stop. Unfortunately, sweet Isa was grabbing a rather fat branch and lost her grip and bit her tongue. So, she needed a little momma snuggle before moving on. But, I just love the photo, with the sun filtering in, and it just feels like the kind of gathering that naturally happens a lot of these really devoted parents….one babe for each and lots of love swirling between.

Kate & James wanted to recreate a photo of James dipping Kate with the stunning mansion in the background. And, after we snapped a pic of that, we told the girls to go join their parents in the dipping and it’s those unrehearsed moments, like this next one, that are ALWAYS my favorite during weddings or family sessions….. Just real life, with lots of motion and emotion.

Some mommy & me time became less about posing for a photo and more about being silly…again….just how we like it!

What’s that you said, Momma??

Daddy’s turn for some loving from his little ladies. Oh, the joy!!!

Sometimes the best place in the world to be isn’t anywhere in particular, just as close to the ones you love as you can get. Be still my heart with this beautiful expression from sweet Isa!

And this one from AHHH-dorable Jacqueline.

They say you feel happier when you walk in the woods. This photo tells me they are right!

Time to bury mom & dad’s feet in the sand.

Mom and dad sneak in a quick kiss, just taking in the significance of the moment, the place, and the beautiful history all hold.

Peek-a-boo…I see you, gorgeous girl!

Chasing seagulls and snuggling Momma! Mmmmm good!

I don’t know what it is I love about this next photo, but I do.

Sunset silliness with Dad.

Every night before bed, Kate and James gather their girls for a group hug. The girls love it….

And so do we….

And off into the sunset, they go…hand-in-hand and hearts forever linked.

Thank you soooo much Kate & James for once again sharing your beautiful family with us, and on such a special occasion!! Happy Anniversary to two of the sweetest! Wishing you many, many more happy years together!! Lots of love & big hugs, Christine & Andy xo