This has been a really busy summer for family portraits and we’ve been loving it, particularly since almost all of the families we’ve photographed have been folks we’ve photographed before, as wedding couples or families…or both. And, of the few new families we’ve had this year, most have been folks who’ve had a connection with one of our past families/couples.

Such was the case a couple of weeks ago, when we photographed a super sweet family who was vacationing here on the Cape.  Megan and her family had been referred to us by one of our past brides, another Meaghan, whose wedding we had photographed four years ago. The two Megs went to college together and when our Meg had heard our new Meg was looking for a photographer to document her family during a summer trip to the Cape our name came up. (Big big thanks, Meaghan, for sending your lovely friend our way. We miss you & Cracker and hope we get to see you guys and meet sweet baby Graeme soon! xo Click HERE for a look at Meaghan & Sean’s amazing Scituate wedding.)

It wasn’t until after our session, that Andy & I learned that Megan was friends with Meaghan and that that was how she & her husband, Wade, found us. But, we immediately liked them and their three lovebugs, Anna, Christopher and Jack, so it totally made sense that Megan & Meaghan were friends. Good people seem to have a way of finding each other.

Anyway, Megan had reached out to us at the start of the summer about scheduling a session with her family, plus Wade’s parents, Charlie & Renee, and his brother, Todd, and his wife, Vanessa, and their two sweet boos, Kiley & Jacob.

We arranged to meet in Falmouth a couple of weeks ago, at one of our favorite spots. And, as is often the case for us, we had a blast! The weather was perfect, the kids were up for some fun and everyone looked Cape Cod fabulous. Here are a few of our favorite moments from our time together with this sweet, loving and super warm family…

Where it all began for us, with Megan and her super sweet hubby, Wade, and their crazy cute kiddos, Anna, Christopher, & Jack…

Meet the whole gang (from left to right): Christopher, Megan, Jack, Anna, Wade, Charlie & Renee, Todd, Kiley, Jacob & Vanessa

Peek-a-boo, we see you!

Anna Banana, you, my sweet, are lovely in every way!

We asked Christopher what he loved to do and he said run…so we said, “Have at it little buddy!” Oh, the joy to be found in doing what you love (both for photographer & subject). And, for sweet Jack-O-Lantern…well, he doesn’t need to do much to be ridiculously delicious!

One of the things I really love about photographing larger families, is when we can break it down and pull folks away for a few moments of alone time…particularly for the heads of the family, because let’s face it, once kids come on the scene, it’s no longer about you, right? Parents pretty much dedicate their lives to making the lives of their children full of love & goodness. But, I LOOOVE giving mom & dad/grandma & grandpa some time to make it all about them. If you’ve spent 30+ years committed to your spouse & your family, you deserve a me, me, me moment or two. And, like a fine wine, love only gets better with time! So, let it shine….and steal a smooch to show the kids how it’s really done.

Vanessa & Jacob steal a little alone time…

Beautiful ladies and smooches that make you smile!

Poor Kiley wasn’t feeling very well, so she & Todd (aka Daddy) snuck off to chill on the rocks. Moments like these take my breath away, because when you’re 3 and not feeling well, the only thing that can make it better is some lovin’ & attention from Daddy…

Be still my heart!

After a while, they saw me skulking off in the distance and decided to give me a wave & a smile…aaaahhhh!

I’m pretty sure Jacob would have went all the way in were it not for a gentle catch by Momma! Beautiful….

This one on the left, as caught by my gorgeous & crazy-talented husband, makes me giddy. A good man playing with his beautiful children, while another good man recognizes the beauty in the moment and captures it perfectly….I mean really….does it get any sexier? I think not! Meanwhile, I was at a different angle, catching the perspective on the right. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Life and it’s in between moment…oh, how they bring such delight!

Love, Love, Love…

Time with Grandma & Grandpa….

The gang…

Pretty Anna…

I don’t know what it is about this next one I love so, but I remember the moment. We’d finished up the group shot above and as Wade was getting ready to bring Christopher down off the railing, something about their feet stopped me. Just love the contrast of their big/little feet and the lines of the railing. I was so excited when I caught the moment before it was gone.

These kids are so sweet and we had such fun together….

A little one on one time with a most adoring photographer….couldn’t you just eat up these sweet little faces.

Running in circles….life’s simple pleasures.

Taking it all in….LOOOOOVE these next moments!!!

“Hey you….guy with the camera, check me out!” (as seen from my perspective).

As seen from Andy’s….

A little waterside wrestling with Dad! Yup….love!

Sweetness highlighted by the setting sun…Be still my heart!

Cuties & crabs….Mmmmmm good!

Seaside stroll…

Digging for treasure…

Great big thanks to Meaghan C. for singing our praises and sending this lovely family our way! Much love Meg! And, big thanks to Megan, Wade and the rest of the gang for being so warm & welcoming and sharing your wonderful family with us in such a lovely way! We hope you had as much fun as we did and that these photos serve as happy reminders of your time together here on beautiful Cape Cod! We hope too you come back soon and see us again! Big love, Chris & Andy xoxo