Cranberries, Cranberries, Cranberries

Living on Cape Cod it’s hard not to be near a cranberry bog. We are fortunate enough to have one at the end of our street. The bog near us is actually a working bog, operated by Brian Handy, who grows some 180 acres of cranberries in the towns of Falmouth and Bourne that he sells to Oceanspray. Every fall, we see the delicious berries ripen to a glowing red. Cranberry juice just happens to be one of my favorite drinks so it’s pretty cool to know that the juice I like so much may have come from right down the road. Even cooler is being able to watch how the berries are harvested before they end up as juice in our fridge.

Every October, like clockwork, we notice a more prominent redness to the bogs. A few days later, the workers are out there gathering their harvest and we think to ourselves, “We should photograph this.” But, it happens so fast and life is so busy, we inevitably miss it saying, “Next year!” Well, this year, we finally made it out there and spent a couple of hours documenting the process. The guys we spoke with at the bog said this year’s harvest was less abundant than in years past thanks to the dry weather we had in August and September.

The method of collecting the cranberries has changed quite a bit over the years. The days when workers had to hand pick the cranberries from the vine on their hands and knees are gone! Today, only a few workers using large machinery are able to harvest several hundred square feet of bogs in a fraction of the time. These changes have led to some unrest in the town and as a result this bog may not harvest cranberries next year, which made us feel ever better about finally getting out there.

We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did!  Happy Thanksgiving!

The Art of Marriage

We shot our first wedding at the Cape Cod Museum of Art last month. What a fabulous place for a wedding, surrounded by all of that art it was hard not to feel inspired. Equally inspirational was the relationship of the couple whose wedding we were photographing. If ever two people were perfectly suited to one another Cathleen and Stephen are certainly those people. They are a fun, silly couple who seems to thrive on stirring things up and bucking tradition. A perfect example of this was Cathleen’s wedding dress with it’s come-hither red accents. Red, and the love it inspires, were certainly themes for this fall wedding, with gorgeous red and yellow floral arrangements featuring sunflowers and red lilies. There were votives filled with cranberries on the tables, and Cathleen hand-painted the table numbers using very art-inspired red and yellow designs…very impressive!

Catering was provided by Crazy Chef’s, which does a stunning job with displays. Art could be seen in everywhere, including on the passed hors d’oeuvre trays. It really was such a lovely venue for a reception. We snuck away for a bit to take the bridal party to the beach for some photos….wouldn’t you know it was an unseasonably warm October afternoon and Corporation Beach in Dennis was packed! It seriously looked like a July afternoon with people everywhere! We managed to find a little corner away from the crowds. Here are some photos from the day. Enjoy!

Here’s a shot of Cathleen & Stephen’s invitation with their wedding bands.


Heirlooms from Cathleen’s grandmother stayed close to her heart throughout the wedding.


Stephen gets a hug of encouragement from his dad just before the ceremony.


Here comes the bride.


Love this shot of one of the flower girls receiving communion. Too cute!


A tender touch during the vows. Cathleen got a little teary eyed during the vows and ring exchange. We just love weddings!!! So much love!!!


Looking ever so sassy down by the sea wall.


Cathleen and her bridesmaids react to a photo of Mario, Cathleen’s friend and one of her attendants. He was a total clown during our group shot. I like to give clients a peek when we get a good one. Andy’s more secretive…he likes to WOW later! I just can’t wait!


Love and art go hand in hand


A great big thank you to Cathleen & Stephen for being so much fun to work with. We feel truly honored to have been there with you on such an important day and hope these photos keep those feelings of love and joy on the surface for many years to come!!! With hugs, C&A

Enough photos already!

Every now and then we manage to capture a really funny or unusual image and so we’ve decided to start sharing some of them with you as part of our new Bello Chuckles photo section. We hope you laugh along with us and are reminded that life is too short to take ourselves too seriously! If we can’t have fun, then what’s the point?

We’re really hoping this new section gets people talking (and laughing), so to make it more interesting we’re going to ask you to come up with a witty/funny caption for the images. All thoughts and comments are welcome!

Our first Bello Chuckles photo features this little lovebug. He’s the adorable nephew of one of our fabulous couples, Molly & Guy, who got married last month here on Cape Cod. He comes from a large Italian family and is quite the character. We just loved photographing this little guy, but we’re not sure the feeling was mutual. We got the feeling he was trying to tell us something. What do you think? Roll your mouse over and off the image quickly for the full effect. Then, tell us what you think he’s trying to say.

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