Like Andy & me, Sarah & Marco’s love story began in the most unlikely of places…in a bar in a small town in Spain! Truly, what are the chances?

Sarah & I both share an affinity for Spain, though mine started later in life. I had gone traveling to Europe two years after college, following a failed attempt at joining corporate America.

Quickly passing through countries in a week or less, I felt I was lacking a connection with the cultures I was experiencing, so I decided to stay in Spain for a while, settling in Marbella, where I lived for nearly a year. I was there for several months before I met Andy. But, once we met, I knew he was someone I wanted in my life long after the romance of my Spanish adventure had ended.

Similarly, Sarah was drawn to Spain, after having done an exchange program to Bilboa while in high school. During college, she decided to return, and enrolled in a program at Oviedo.

One night she & an American classmate  went out to a bar…it was early by Spanish standards (8PM), so there were only a handful of people there…6 American and just 2 Spaniards to be precise.

Sarah’s friend set her sights on one of the Spaniards, so they went up to chat & practice their budding Spanish skills. Ironically, it was Sarah & the other Spaniard, Marco, who felt a spark. Numbers were exchanged and the two kept in touch, even after Sarah returned to the States to finish her last year at school.

During winter break, Sarah returned to Spain for a month, and Marco visited Sarah at school. The long distance relationship was tested and they ended up breaking it off for a couple of years. But, in February of 2011, Sarah returned to Spain and the romance reignited. That May, Marco proposed and in December the two were married.

Not all of Sarah’s family & friends could make the Spain wedding, so they decided to renew their vows here on the Cape a couple of weeks ago…that’s where we come in.

The wedding took place in the backyard of Sarah’s grandfather’s historic Brewster home. The former sea captain’s house, with beautiful gardens & a sprawling lawn, was the perfect setting for the day. The sun was shining and love was most definitely in the air.

Here are a few of our favorite moments from their spectacular wedding No. 2.

Sarah on the phone squaring away some last minute details the morning of the wedding…

Love how she’s biting her lip as she takes in the magic of the moment, getting zipped into her stunning Vera Wang gown.

Meanwhile, across town, Sarah’s super sweet dad, Bruce, proudly stands watch as his son-in-law takes care of some finishing touches…

Marco…cool as a cucumber and ready to say, “I do!” once again.

Sarah’s good friend & MOH, Bonnie, helps tie the bow on Sarah’s dress.

Earrings in and off we go to see Marco, before the family photos begin…

Even though they were already married, there is still excitement to be found in the moment of seeing each other all dress up and ready to say, “I do!” Love that!

If a look could say “I love you, and I could marry you again, and again, and again,” this would surely be it!

Yay for love!

Sarah & her girls (from left to right, Vicky (Marco’s sis), Bonnie, Megan & Katie). Are they adorable, or what?

Sweet Sarah, with flowers by Bee and Blossoms in Hyannis.

Loved this little nook on her grandfather’s property…beach grass in the forest…does it get any dreamier than that?

A dreamy setting + A happy couple + fabulous light = two very excited photographers.

Love birds…

Sarah’s Grandfather’s house has so much charm & character….being inside is like going back in time.  Swoon….

Across the street to a nearby park, before jaunting off to the beach for a few photos. Love the easy, breezy, beautiful feeling of this next one…

While we’re always striving to put our couples in a beautiful setting for photos…the thing that really makes a photo great (in our eyes) is when you can feel real joy. Having fun & feeling the love is paramount to all else.

That said, great architectural lines are hard to resist.. Love this next one, for so many reasons!

Love, Love, glorious love!


more fun & goodness…

Love Marco’s cheeky expression in this next one. ..

Back at the house, prior to the start of the ceremony, Sarah & Marco’s flower girl has some fun with her mommy!

Sarah & Marco look back at the community of family & friends supporting them as they commit their lives to one another. Such a joyful moment.

Sarah’s beautiful momma, Leslie, and proud papa, Bruce, give their blessings to the union.

The look of love…

Blending sand from Oviedo & Cape Cod, symbolizing the joining of their two lives.

Marco’s brother-in-law, Paulino, walks his lovely wife, Vicky (left), and fellow bridesmaid, Katie, down the aisle following the ceremony. Such cute expressions all around!

We just love receiving lines…they offer such unscripted moments of joyful celebration.

See what I mean? Precious!

One of Sarah & Marco’s friends treated guests to some Spanish music during cocktail hour.

Friends enjoying cocktail hour and the end of the summer sunshine…

Some of the sweet details of the day, including the picturesque Sperry Tent.

Sarah gave all of her girls necklaces & earrings, hand made with love by Sarah’s talented mom. So sweet. And next to each table’s centerpiece, were word/phrases in both Spanish & English. So fun!

Catching a stolen moment by two of Sarah & Marco’s friends/guests…


You think Sarah’s dad is happy/proud? Ummmm…yup! In the background, Sarah’s mom dances with Marco’s adorable dad!

We did it…again!

When Sarah & Marco first reached out to us about photographing their wedding, they shared that the photographer who documented their Spanish wedding last winter, had reportedly been hospitalized and they hadn’t seen any of the photos. “Nor are we convinced that we will ever get them,” they told us. “We really are looking for a dependable photographer to capture photos of at least one of our weddings.” Heartbreaking!!!

Well, our sweets, we hope this sneak peak restores your confidence in photographers and gets you excited about things still to come. We’ll be putting ALL of the images online later this week and can’t wait to share all of the love & goodness with you!

Thank you both for putting such trust in us, for being so warm & welcoming and for being patient as we butchered your language, Marco! We had so much fun at your wedding and hope these photos serve as happy reminders of this exciting time in your lives. With much love, Chris & Andy xoxo

PS…special thanks too to Sarah from The Casual Gourmet, for always running such a seamless affair. You rock! xx