A Little R&R

It’s been weddings every weekend for us here at Bello Photography since June, but this past weekend we found ourselves with a free weekend so we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went camping. Okay, we didn’t go far, actually, just down the road to Nickerson State Park in Brewster. It wasn’t exactly camping and hiking in the mountains, but it was wonderful just the same.

We arrived Saturday morning, set up our tent, had some lunch and took our bikes out along the Cape Cod Rail Trail down to Dennis and back. It was a perfect September day here on the Cape and the trail was loaded with other bikers out to have some fun. Of course, we stopped for ice cream on the way back at the quaint Pleasant Lake General Store in Harwich and took a five minute business detour to check out flooring options for our new studio space at the Mid Cape Home Center in Dennis. Otherwise, we left all things work related behind. It was a relaxing and relatively uneventful two days. Although, Andy claims to have heard coyotes howling in the early morning hours across the pond in front of our camp site. The following are a few photos of our night out in the great outdoors taken with our little point and shoot camera. (We left the big guns at home.)

Here we are goofing off on the bike trail. Look Ma, no hands! And Andy’s trying to bike, take the picture, and smile all at the same time.


Here’s Chris getting the fire ready to cook dinner. Check out the luxurious digs in the background! Sweet! Oh, and we found a great place down the road from the park that sold cedar firewood. It smelled heavenly burning.


Our camping neighbor for the night decided to try his hand at fishing in Flax Pond. Unfortunately, I don’t think his efforts proved as fruitful as they were nice to watch.


Andy looks out over the lake as the breakfast fire gets roaring.


Anyone have a funny/silly/outrageous camping story to share?

Love across the pond

What is it that makes American girls go crazy for English guys and vice versa? Whatever it is, it’s a combination that seems to work! Like Andy & me, Megan is American and Simon is English. Last month, the happy couple left London to say I do here on beautiful Cape Cod. Megan grew up in Centerville and was introduced to Simon by her friend Nora, who is also an American living in London. Nora is married to Simon’s brother, John.

Megan & Simon’s reception was held at the fabulous Willowbend Country Club. It was very much a celebration of love and family and we were honored to be a part of it! Thank you to Randy and the crew at Willowbend for taking care of us and most especially to Meg & Simon for inviting us to be a part of such an important day in your lives. We feel like kindred spirits; if only you two lived on this side of the pond! With much love! C&A xo

Here’s Megan & MOH Hillary getting ready in Meg’s childhood bedroom.


And then it just hits you….”I’m getting married today!” There are few moments in life that carry with them that much joy! Can’t you just see it on her face?


Meg heads out to say, “I do!”


Nora made the most amazing scrapbook documenting Megan & Simon’s relationship as a gift for her best friend. It was gorgeous and one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever seen! The time and detail that went into it were incredible! You rock Nora!!!


Simon flanked by his good friends and groomsmen, brother John (left) and Matt (right). You gotta love the English sense of humor!!!


Meg & Simon share a tender moment with their parents at the conclusion of their ceremony at Our Lady of Victory in Centerville. The ceremony was performed by Father Mark Hession, who has a way of really drawing in those he speaks to and giving you something personal and meaningful to take away from his services. Neither Andy nor I is Catholic, but Father Hession’s words always seem to make us stop and take a moment to count our blessings and give thanks for our own relationship. Thank you Father Hession for sharing the love! The world can use more people like you!


Simon’s mom, Andrea, beams with pride as she glances a loving look toward Simon’s dad, Paul.


We did it!!!


Meg & Simon share a private moment by Willowbend’s iconic red barn overlooking the club’s cranberry bog.


Heading back to the party.


The guests’ favors were nostalgic gifts of Megan & Simon’s favorite childhood candies.


The incredible band Night Shift kept the crowd partying well into the night. These guys know how to bring the house down!


Thank you again Meg & Simon for inviting us into your lives with such open arms. You are amazing people and an inspirational couple and we feel truly blessed to have been entrusted to capture for you these and other beautiful moments on your wedding day!




Family Ties

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting three generations of Thornton family members. Mom, Rita, hosted a gathering at her gorgeous Centerville home. Her kids were there, and their kids, as were here 3 brothers, one of whom came from California for the reunion. It was a wonderful afternoon and we thank you all for sharing some time with us.



Rita gets a big hug from her kids, Craig & Kristen. Kristen was one of our brides from this summer. A special Bello hug for you Kristen!! xoxo


Corbin cuddles up to mom. There’s nothing sweeter than the eyes of a child! It’s like you can see pure innocence in there!


Kristen & her niece Jamie share some love!


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