The day had finally come for Julia & Scott to say, “I do!” And, as if the Gods were smiling on them, theirs was one of those perfect October days here on Cape Cod. The sun was shining, the air was warm, but with a freshness that hints of cooler days to come. The setting was as good as it gets….a beautiful house with rolling green hills, overlooking Sandy Neck…the kind of view that inspired great writers and artists like Henry Thoreau and Jackson Pollock.

All was right with the world as family & friends from near and far gathered to see two very special people come together in love and celebration. And, celebrate they did!

Julia & Scott have the kind of romance that seems ripped from the pages of a novel. Their connection is undeniable and made stronger by years of friendship; a friendship that grew and blossomed into love.

Although we had spoken on the phone, we had only just met the pair the week before their wedding, when we got together for their love session…emphasis on LOVE…at the house they rented for the wedding. Click HERE for a peek.

Because they live in Denver, Colorado and are busy with their band, The Raven and the Writing Desk, they weren’t able to make it back East before their wedding. But, as expected, we instantly clicked. I must admit, theirs was one of our favorite love sessions…mostly because they were as into it as we were. They let down their guard, savored the moment. And together, we made magic.

Inspired by our time with them, and also by their obvious love & devotion to one another and to their wonderful families and friends, we set off to document their wedding day with as much love, care, and creativity as they had so obviously poured into the day itself.

I like to think we succeeded…

A spritz and a smile…beautiful, soulful Julia gets ready for her big day, wearing a most infectious smile.

Scott gets some help with his cufflinks from his sweet (and dare I say sexy) brother-in-law, Jason, while his good friend, Jonathan (aka Canada) gets ready in the background.

Scott’s super sweet and crazy beautiful niece, Hayden, takes a photo of the girls hanging out while Julia was getting her hair done. I just love seeing kids take photos…I’m not sure if it’s seeing them be excited about the creative process or the apparent desire to preserve memories so early in their life….but it just makes me smile.

Meanwhile, in another room in the house, Hayden’s equally adorable brother, Jackson, gets some help with his tie from Dad…

Beautiful Julia, checking out her stunning hair (courtesy of the crazy talented Stacey Kuehn)…

Canada jokes with Scott’s brother & best man, Ryan, while Scott puts on his shoes….with a shoe horn! Love that! Shoe horns will forever remind me of watching my dad get ready for a big night out when I was a little girl.

Julia glows as she gets buttoned into her beautiful Pronovias gown…

I very much appreciated Scott & Julia’s penchant for vintage touches like this tie clip, which belonged to Julia’s grandfather. He had it made out of a piece of gold he found on a trip to South America….how cool is that? And, Scott’s beautiful momma, Judy, helps pin on Scott’s boutonniere.

Pouring some pre-wedding libations for his dad, Art, and the other special men in his life…

Julia’s proud papa, Mark, gets his first look at his gorgeous little girl, now all grown up.

Julia & Scott rented a stunning house in Barnstable for their wedding, and the long drive that led to the house was lined on one side with these beautiful trees and a carpet of ivy. As soon as we saw it, we knew this would be where Julia & Scott would have their “first look” before their ceremony. Talk about dreamy….

Hey you….

“Today is the day I marry best friend.” Ahhhhhhh


The ivy that carpeted the ground, also vined up the trees, providing the perfect framing for our beautiful couple.

Julia has an old-soul quality about her beautiful face that feels like she could have been a movie star in the 40s. Photographing her and her handsome co-star is truly inspiring.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Oh, how this next photo makes my heart smile BIG!

Leaving their enchanted forest to meet family & friends for more photos…

Meanwhile, their dear friends (Dave, Kevin & Kris) of Chimney Choir provide music as guests start arriving for the ceremony…

Guests document the day with pictures of their own…

Do you think Scott is happy about marrying his best friend….Ummm, I think it is safe to say, “YES!”

Here comes the bride….


The feelings of excitement are clearly matched in Julia. Oh, and we loved that their friend, Kevin, performed the ceremony. So many wonderful personal touches!

Family & friends can’t get enough of the obvious display of love & adoration as Julia & Scott say, “I do!”

With this ring, I thee wed…

Sweet Hayden. Can we talk for a second about those curls? LOOOOVE!

And with a kiss, two become one….

Down to the water for some more photos. Love that Scott’s holding Julia’s gorgeous flowers by Meredith Fancy of Fancy Flowers. Talk about beautiful….

Can’t you just feel the love?

A slightly different perspective…and the kids get in on this one too.

Love & laughter…the best combination.

Taking a moment to take in the moment, with a quick toast and some sweet nuzzling.

We love these two….how can you not?

Not having my mom with me at our wedding was hard, and it makes moments like this next one so much more meaningful to me. Seeing the expression of joy & love on Julia’s face, in compliment to the expression of pride and “i can’t believe my baby is all grown up” happiness on her crazy-sweet momma, Ruth’s, face is the kind of moment I live for as a photographer.

The guys….from left to right: brother-in-law, Jason; brother & best man, Ryan; sweet Scott, and dear friend, Canada.

Flanked by her girls, Scott’s sweet sis, Michelle, and best friend, Megan.

Nothing says Cape Cod quite like a raw bar, as done by the fabulous staff at The Casual Gourmet.

Love the yellow, peach & green combination and the fabulous new sailcloth tent from Undercover Tent.

Did I mention that I love seeing kids with cameras?

More fabulous details provided by The Casual Gourmet, including a super cool salad bar that offered Asian-inspired dishes served in martini glasses. So fun and tasty!

As cocktail hour wrapped up, our talented bride & groom performed a very cool version of Doris Day’s “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” and Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” for their guests….who went crazy! Love this perspective as captured by my ridiculously talented hubby…a one and a two and a….

Peek-a-boo….we love you!

And, so do we….

Then, into their first dance….ahhhhhh!

In every way, it was a PERFECT day.

Thank you to all of the wonderful vendors who made our job such a pleasure. And, great big thanks to Ruth for coming to meet us when Julia & Scott couldn’t. Thank you too for being so wonderful, showing us around the property and just generally welcoming us in such a warm and genuine way. We adore you! And, a very special, love-filled thank you to Julia & Scott for letting down your guard so quickly and for inviting us in to your amazing love story! We absolutely loved being a part of your AHH-MAZING wedding. You two have a love that is inspiring to be around and as inspiring to photograph. We hope you love the photos as much as we love both of you. We hope too that they serve as happy reminders of not only this exciting time in your lives, but also of all of the love you have around you! With big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo