Amanda & Kevin’s Wequassett Wedding ~ Harwich Photographers

Some people love with their hearts so wide open that you can almost feel the excess spilling out into the world. That’s how it is with super sweeties, Amanda & Kevin. We met these two last fall, when we photographed their Sandwich love session aka engagement session. They picked the spot because it’s where they got engaged and right from the start we could see their love is special.

They are just so good together and individually they are such warm, kind, smart, fun, funny, caring people. All of that was reflected in their wedding and reception, so much so that we ended up with a caboodle of photos. I had a reeeaaaalllllly hard time culling and picking some for the blog. And, even as I look at what I ended up with, I still feel like I could have added another 80 before I really did their day justice.

But, it’s getting late and I know Amanda & Kevin are excited to see something…so without further ado, here’s a little look at just a smidge of the beautiful love and joyful celebration that was Amanda & Kevin’s incredible Wequassett wedding, starting with Amanda’s gorgeous Maggie Sotero wedding dress and finishing make up touches by the talented and lovely ladies of Artworx.

Helloooo….. Jimmy Choo just got a whole lot sexier.

More pretty details…

Getting dressed with a little help of her super sweet sissie, Veronica. Love these two wonderful ladies.

Meanwhile, not far away, Kevin starts his getting ready process.

With some of his besties.

The World Cup was in its final stages and the fellas couldn’t help put watch….

Ready to go….

More and more couples are opting for a first look, and we LOVE it! There’s such anticipation in this moment…where all the planing and preparing comes together and for a few long seconds, you hold your breath! Plus, it means more time to enjoy cocktail hour and we get more time to document all those super fun candid  moments.

With a turn and a quick smile….the kisses just kept coming.

You think he’s happy???

Such love between these two….so beautiful.

By your side is where I always want to be.

And in your arms, life can’t get any sweeter.

After a few minutes to take in the moment alone, Amanda & Kevin met up with family and their bridal party for some photos. Love these sweet moment as Amanda hugs Kevin’s super sweet momma, Elizabeth.

And Amanda enjoys another sweet embrace with her beautiful momma, Dana. And, Flower girl, Novella, and Ring Bearer, Rowan, did a fabulous job….such sweeties.

Amanda and her bestie gal pals…all smiles with these lovely ladies.

Why helloooooo beautiful!

Kevin’s nieces and nephews, Samantha, Max, Kai & Aria, did a fabulous job handing out programs

And guests were all smiles as they arrived for the ceremony on the Grand Lawn.

This next photo sums up for me this wedding…just so much fun, joy and oodles of love.

Meanwhile, Amanda and her bridesmaids hide away as they wait for the ceremony to start.

Friends excited for the ceremony to start.

Kevin looks pretty excited for it to start too….love this guy!

Here comes the bride, on the arm of her proud papa, Bob.

I looooove this next moment….Bob looks chuffed as pie and Amanda….looking into the eyes of her soon-to-be husband…well, her face says it all for me.

And Kevin can’t take his eyes off of her. For those who think having a first look will somehow make this moment less special….look again.

A hug of love…

And a smile that goes on for miles.

It was hard for friends and family not to feel all the love & joy.

These two were radiating!

Sweet Delia couldn’t stop the happy tears as Amanda & Kevin read their thoughtful and super heartfelt vows to one another.

Kevin’s brother, Erik, performed the ceremony, which ended with several sweet, meaningful kisses…it’s like the didn’t want to stop. Just love it!

So much happiness.

Wequassett likes to give their couples a few minutes alone after the ceremony to just take in the moment. With a plate full of hors d’oeuvres and full glasses of champagne, these two made the most of their moment.

We like to take our couples for a couple of minutes alone time too…just to capture those happy highs after the ceremony.

So much happy…

Then, down to the dock to take advantage of the setting sun.

You light up my life…


Checking out their new hardware and looking freaking gorgeous doing it!

Beautiful details…

…including stunning summer flowers by Beach Plum Floral.

Welcome the new Mr. & Mrs.

These two….

Their first dance was off the hook.

Crushing it.

The look of love.

Toasting the happy couple.

Kevin’s best man, Michael, did such a great job with his toast.

He had these two in stitches.

Taaaaa daaaaaa….

Time for a dance with Dad.

And a little love for Mom.

Then it was time to get down on it….and this lot really did!

Serenading their bud….with so much love.

Oh yeah!!

We did it baby….we did it!!

Amanda & Kevin…thank you both sooooooo much for choosing us to document your incredible wedding day. Right from the beginning, you two welcomed us with open arms and made us feel included in the celebration. You two exemplify everything we love about photographing weddings. You are beautiful souls who love without limits and it’s beautiful to behold. We hope you can see and feel all the love that surrounded you two on your incredible wedding day. They say we reap what we sow…and it’s clear that you two put a lot of love and care into your garden. May the flowers continue to blossom with boundless beauty. Can’t wait to share the rest of the photos with you!!! Until then, big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxoxo

PS…a special shout out and big thank you to Annie & Brian for sending these two love birds our way!! We missed you at the wedding Annie. Big love xo

Katherine & Dan’s Wychmere Wedding

We’ve been photographing weddings on Cape Cod for the past 16 years….still can’t believe it’s been that long! It feels like just yesterday when we got married ourselves and disappointed with what our photographer captured, we decided we wanted to give weddings a try….hoping to provide more of a documentary style, capturing real moments of love & celebration that we felt our photographer missed.

Since then, we’ve documented hundreds of weddings and although weddings all have common elements, each one we’ve been invited to share in has offered us something new and beautiful to photograph. And, that’s just how we like it!

For Katherine & Dan’s wedding last month at Wychmere Beach Club, their special day was equal parts love & happiness and over-the-top fun fun FUN!

We first met Katherine & Dan last summer. Katherine’s sister, Maura, had reached out to us a few years prior to photograph her wedding. Unfortunately, we were already booked and weren’t able to be there. But, we got to photographer Maura, her now husband, Patrick, their sweet baby boy, Cullen, Katherine & Dan, Katherine’s other sister, Meghan,  and the sister’s super sweet mom & dad, Maryellen & Kevin when the family all got together on the Cape. Click HERE for a look.

We had such fun with the family and again this past fall when we photographed KK & Dan for their engagement session, at Bentley College, where the pair met and their love story began. It was a super fun afternoon getting to know them and we quickly became smitten.

We’d been looking forward to their wedding with great anticipation and it, and more specifically, them and their love for one another didn’t disappoint! All of the ingredients for being able to capture their beautiful love in what we hope is a beautiful way, were all there.

See for yourself….

Beautiful Katherine getting the finishing touches to her natural wedding make up by the very talented Charlotte Phinney & Co. And, the adorable reaction as Katherine opens her wedding gift from her soon-to-be hubby, Dan.

Wedding mornings often carry with them lots of chaos…it’s just the nature of the beast as months and months of planning come together in a few short hours. Personally, I love this time of the wedding day…when all the excitement and anticipation that’s been building all come together. Add in a bunch of gorgeous ladies who LOOOOVE their bestie bride, well, it’s a morning of fun, no matter how you slice it.

Meanwhile, across town, Dan opens his card and wedding gift from his lovely bride-to-be.

Hugs from her beautiful momma, Maryellen.

Getting a peek at her finished look as Katherine gets zipped into her gorgeous bohemian beachy Anais Anette dress.

And here we go…..

Let’s go guys….

That moment, right before you walk down the aisle….and it suddenly hits you….THIS IS IT!

Here comes the bride….

You think these two are happy to be marrying each other? Ummmmm….yes?!!!!

Standing or sitting, by your side is where I want to be from here on….

Quiet moments during their Catholic service at Holy Redeemer Church in Chatham.

Love this perspective during the sign of peace moment during the service, as Katherine gives her new Father-In-Law, Paul, a kiss and her momma-in-law, Suzanne, looks on, happy as a Cape Cod clam!

And with a kiss, it is sealed….together forever. Woooo hoooo!

Even the rain couldn’t dampen spirit, as our happy bride leaves the church.

We had some time between the ceremony & cocktail hour to take photos of family & bridal party.

Dan & his guys, going a little besties huddle.

Much like the rain, even a little bird poop on bridesmaids, Colleen & Maggie, who were very good sports, couldn’t dampen spirits.

Love these guys….

Our beautiful bride….can we talk about her hair for a second??? I’m obsessed!

Just love the candid moment on the right after Katherine struggled to get up the ladder from the beach. So cute!!

Happiness is….moments like these.

Love is = me + you.

Hugs from friends and family as cocktail hour kicks off…

Beautiful, happy, smiling faces all around.

Enjoying a cold one with friends….

Overcast skies after the rain….best time for weddings and for catching fish!

Katherine’s big sissie, Maura, with her sweet hubby, Patrick, and their A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. wee one, Cullen pose of a photo. Cullen wasn’t so cooperative when Auntie & Uncle wanted one. Love it!!!!

Cocktail hour is one of my favorite times of the day….great time for catching lovely candids of guests enjoying themselves and not always aware they’re being photographed.

Though sometimes they are….but that’s cool too!

Posing for iPhone photos with friends.

A quiet corner and some good conversation.

KK & Dan put a lot of time and effort into their adorable place card holders. Crushed it!

Some more reception details, including the stunning arrangements by the uber talented Meredith Fancy of Fancy Flowers.

The bridal party introductions were AWESOME…with friends having some fun with it….and doing a little land surfing.

Best introduction of the day….the new Mr. & Mrs…. Woooo Hoooo!

Reactions from family & friends….

Katherine isn’t an overly effusive person, but the emotions were busting out during her first dance with Dan….just love the happy tears in this one! Be still my heart!

Another sweet moment as KK’s sister, Meghan, dances with Dan’s brother John. So cute!

Love this sweet snuggle too during speeches.

Speeches by siblings: Maura & Meghan, Katherine’s sisters, and Dan’s brothers, John & Andrew.

Dan’s lovely momma, Suzanne, listens with pride written all over her beautiful face.

Reactions from our happy couple…

Maryellen enjoying the brother’s toast….

They even gave Katherine a soccer ball to commemorate one of the couple’s first dates.

Cutting the cake….

Get down on it, Dano!

The Sultans of Swing brought the house down all night.

Groomsman Justin busting some serious moves!

A big, heart-felt thank you to Katherine & Dan, their wonderful family & friends for including us in such a special day! We hope these photos reflect all of the love & joy you all felt! We adore you and feel so grateful to have been there to witness the beginning of this next happy chapter in your lives! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo (more to come soon!)

Harvest & Justin’s Wequassett Fall Wedding ~ Cape Cod Photographers


I love when the seasons change. There is joy to be found in those moment of in-between…where letting go and moving on meet.

Even though they come year after year with steadfast predictability, each season brings something new…some exciting thing to look forward to. We trade our swimsuits and flip-flops for flannel and boots. Later, we put away our shovels as daffodils make their way through the thawing soil. Each season is met with great anticipation, though sometimes mingled with quiet surrender.

Weddings are a bit like that, I think. We pledge to make room for another, one who will walk beside us on the journey of life. There is a sense of unknowing…what will this new season of life bring? And, at times, it can be scary…particularly for those of us who didn’t have a good marriage modeled for us by our parents.

And, yet, we go forth blissfully into the unknown, sure in our feelings of love and trust. For this person we have chosen to walk alongside is making a commitment to be there, to show up for the good and the bad – today, tomorrow and always. That’s pretty huge!

Just as each season is unique….so too is each wedding. And, it is truly a privilege to get to bear witness to this merging of lives and hearts.

Just as summer was giving way to fall, friends & family gathered as Harvest and Justin stood on a grassy knoll overlooking Pleasant Bay at the picturesque Wequassett Resort, ready to merge their lives in marriage.

A year earlier, we had received a very sweet e-mail from Harvest inquiring about our availability. She & Justin live in Kansas City, Missouri, so a meeting…at least initially…wasn’t possible. We chatted a few times via e-mail, and then over the phone, and I was instantly smitten. Harvest is warm, open, kind, and super thoughtful. So thoughtful that she & Justin choose to have their wedding in New England mainly to accommodate their aging grandparents. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Cape Cod and Wequassett are gorgeous places, but it was really about making it easy for their grandparents to be there. LOVE THAT!

Harvest was really upfront about us being a bit more expensive than they could really afford, but when they decided to hire us she told us, ” I have always said there are two things I want for my wedding (besides Justin, of course!) a kick-ass dress and an amazing photographer….Check 1 of 2 off the list.”

I mean…how do you not fall in love with her?! Needless to say, we were super excited to be a part of their wedding and when we finally got to meet them…and their dog, Kane, this spring it was official….we were going to make sure this wedding was one we were going to document with lots of heart!

So, without further ado….here’s a little look at the wonderful wedding of two pretty amazing people.

Harvest is a very colorful person…she is fun and funny, kind and quirky. She is happy in the way that color is and it’s hard not to feel similarly so when you’re around her. Her beautiful flowers echoed all of that perfectly. And, how about those shoes?!

01 wedding ring & flowers

Even in her getting ready dress, Harvest was already glowing…thanks to help from dear friends, who traveled to be part of their day, and even helped do Harvest’s hair. Girlfriends are the bomb diggity!

02 bride gets ready

Harvest & Justin didn’t opt for a bridal party. Instead, Harvest had her sister as her MOH and Justin had his dad as his BM. Justin & Jon are pretty chilled out guys, as is Justin’s very sweet dog and sidekick, Kane, who is never far from his side. It made for a very relaxing time getting ready.


Some of the thoughtful details, including super cute favors for family & friends.

03 wequassett wedding details

Love this moment Andy captured of Justin & Jon getting dressed.


That moment…when you see your person for the first time on the day you say, “I do!!” Justin bites his lip when he is excited or nervous…so stinkin’ cute!

04 wequassett wedding first look

We love when couples want a first look…it gives them some time to absorb what’s about to happen and enjoy a little alone time together.


Sweet Kane…I’m a sucker for a good puppy and a cute couple!

05 bride & groom with dog

Getting walked down the aisle by her super sweet Dad, Lynn, Harvest makes her way to “I do!” with all smiles!


Shiny happy people holding hands…(a lyric from an old REM song in case you’re wondering what the heck I”m talking about!)

06 small wequassett wedding

We’re doing it….


So much love, joy and full hearts!

07 small wequassett wedding

Sweet sissie, Joni, looks on with happiness for her baby sister and the love she’s found.


With a kiss and a smile…

08 wedding kiss

Our new Mr. and Mrs.


A toast and a kiss to Happily Ever After!

09 wequassett wedding

Biting his lip again….sweet, smitten Justin gives his new bride a tender stroke. Swoon!


Taking it all in…in style!

12 wequassett wedding dock

A couple of quick portraits of our lovely bride & groom. These two are too cool!

13 bridal portraits

Harvest is so adorable…this is so her!

14 wequassett wedding dock

Off to the party with family & friends at the Outer Bar & Grille…plus some thoughtful details.

10 outer bar & grille wedding details

Warm greetings from family & friends…


So much happy…


Harvest & Justin opted to do away with the formality of a cocktail hour and instead had a buffet for guests to enjoy dinner at their own pace. Harvest’s super cute parents, Lynn & Patricia, decided to start with a little dancing.

11 outer bar & grille

Harvest and her besties take a break from the fun for a little one-on-one by the pool.


For a second I thought maybe it was Justin’s parents’ wedding…they were so cute together all day. So much love!


A perfect ending to a perfect day!


Harvest & Justin put together some really thoughtful favors for their family & friends, including this cute carved wood coaster.


Big thanks to Megan Sugg and the wonderful staff at Wequassett Resort for putting together a fabulous and most memorable day for these two wonderful people. Harvest & Justin…thank you sooooo much for welcoming us with such open arms and open hearts! We loved being a part of your wedding and hope that even though you two live half way across the country, that you keep us close and let us know where this next season of life takes you! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xo