Pure Joy….

With over 8 million views since first being posted on You Tube just two weeks ago, you’ve probably already seen this video. But, we love it so much, we had to share anyway. Who can’t use a little extra joy on Monday, right? Well, this video of Minnesota couple, Jill & Kevin, dancing their way down the aisle oozes love and joy, so sit back and enjoy the ride…


Guess Who? Part 6 Answers

As our busy season decends, we bid farewell to our Guess Who? Lucky 7s contest, which was, at least for us, a nice distraction from the cold weather. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and thank everyone who took the time to humor us and play along.

As has been the case throughout most of the game, we seem to have stumped you all yet again! Seriously, guys?

We did, however, have a tie for top spot, with Shaleen and Sandee & Matt each correctly identifying 4 out of the 8 images posted. So, we’ll be splitting the pot of scratch tickets and sending you each out your winnings….good luck and happy scratching!

Here are the correct answers: 1. Chris 2. Andy 3. Chris 4. Andy 5. Chris 6. Andy 7. Chris 8. Andy. We’ve also posted the answers next to each image in the original post to make it a little easier for you to see whose photo was whose. Thanks again for playing and we hope you enjoy the new stuff soon to come! We’ve got some fabulous couples getting married this year and we’re looking forward to another stellar year! Much thanks, as always, for your continued support. Keep spreading the love!

With warmest wishes,

Chris & Andy

Guess Who? Part 6

With April showers come May flowers…and all things wedding-related. Our first wedding of the season is fast approaching and we’re already busy scheduling lots of bello love sessions (aka engagement sessions). But, before we say goodbye to our Guess Who? Contest, we’ve got one more for you.

As a tribute to our fabulously fun 2009 couples, we have made this last Guess Who? all about them and the sessions we’ve done so far…we’ll have a bunch more for you in the coming weeks/months, so stay tuned!

We’ve decided to give you a little hint this time around, since you guys really seem to be having a hard time with this contest. Hint: 4 of the following images were taken by me & 4 by Andy. And, as an added incentive to get more participation, and an actual winner, this week we’re not requiring that ALL of the photos be correctly identified. If would be excellent, exciting, and celebration-worthy if someone does, but we’re not holding our collective breath. Instead, we’ll give all of our remaining scratch tickets to the first person who correctly identifies the most photos. We’re also extending voting a little and will continue taking votes until April 24th. Come on….this should be easy now!!! Right?

Before we start, the answers to last week’s Guess Who? Part 5 are: Andy, Chris, Andy, Chris, Andy. Kristen came the closest with 4 out of 5. Nice job Kristen!!! If you can do that well again this week, something tells me the booty will be yours.

Here goes nothin’….

#1 – Elizabeth & Blake — Chris

#2 – MaryHelen & Kurt — Andy

#3 – Laura & Ben — Chris

#4 – Stefania & Justin — Andy

#5 – Victoria & Mike –Chris

#6 – Jillian & John — Andy

#7 – Ivy & Ben –Chris

And, #8, our most recent addition to the Bello Family…Kirsten & Dennis (The blog post featuring our session with them, done yesterday afternoon in beautiful Cotuit, will follow shortly!) — Andy

Good luck and have fun!!!

xo chris & andy