Kira & Adam’s Centerville Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Nothing makes a man fall faster in love than telling him you’re obsessed with pitch count. At least that’s how Adam knew Kira was the one for him.

After meeting like so many busy couples do today….online, Kira & Adam had been dating for a while when they attended their first Red Sox game together. During the game, Kira, who is admittedly a Type A person, confided in Adam that she was obsessed with pitch count. And being a big baseball fan himself, Adam was hooked.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that Kira is also beautiful, has a great sense of humor and quick laugh, a go get ’em approach to life and unwavering dedication to family.

“I love how funny she is and how she laughs so easily, even though I think I’m funnier,” he told us. “I love that she has a ‘crazy gung-ho’ motor and is able to wake up at 5am and go for the entire day. It motivates me to try to do the same, even though I”m not wired that way.”

I like to think it’s a really good sign when the one we love makes us want to be a better version of ourselves, just by being who they are. Andy is definitely that for me…although I’m not always good at following through.

For Kira, Adam is the yin to her yang….a stop and smell the roses kind of guy who reminds her to slow down and appreciate things more.

“I love that he’s created an amazing balance for me in my life. After a long, hard day at work, I feel lucky that I can come home and see him,” she told us, adding that she knew he was the one for her when she never got tired of spending time with him.

They’re both also incredibly passionate about family, particularly their nieces (Auntie gets it!!!), and look forward to starting their own family one day. For now, though, these two Boston beauties have their focus squarely set on their wedding, which will take place this October at Heritage Gardens in Sandwich.

Surprisingly, even with 13 years and nearly 200 weddings under our belts, we haven’t photographed a wedding there yet, which makes us super excited to be a part of this special joining. It doesn’t hurt that these two are crazy sweet and just utterly delightful to be around.Yay! Yay! And more Yay!

We got together with Kira & Adam a couple of weeks ago at Kira’s dad’s home in Centerville. With a beautiful, and meticulously maintained yard, it was the perfect place to begin….

Like so many of our couples, Kira & Adam confessed to being a little nervous about being photographed and not “overly schmaltzy” (I am totally making that expression part of my regular vocabulary!) but like every other couple who tells us this, they were just so much fun to photograph and despite what they said, looked very relaxed in front of our cameras.

We could quickly see the funny, joking rapport they share and were happy to capture those qualities….love the smiles!! So real and happy….just as it should be!

More playful giggles poolside.

I don’t know much about pitch count, but I know a couple that’s totally smitten when I see one…..SCORE!!!!

Kira’s face just lights up when she smiles, and she was smiling a lot during our session…perhaps Adam is right when he says he’s the funnier one?

Like a lovely pair of garden doves….

More silliness….yes, please!!

Next, we took a little walk to a nearby gazebo for some more kisses and smiles and giggles, oh my!

LOOOVE this next one Andy snapped. Just so much joy!!! Be still my joy-loving heart!

The look of love….

And, down to the beach for some more love & goodness…

The trees that lined the path to this beach made my heart beat a little faster….such perfect framing for a perfectly matched pair!

More playful perfection…

Wherever you lead, I will follow….by your side, always!

More Cape Cod charm….with our charming couple.

Beach grass, cedar beach fence and an adorable pair  = everything we need

Love these two…they’re just so sweet together and smile right from their hearts!

And, with a little walk on the beach, arm in arm, we say goodbye…

Kira & Adam, we loved chatting with you both on Skype that first time and were so happy when you decided you wanted us to be a part of this special time in your lives. You two made this session so fun for us and we can’t wait to be there with you both when you say, “I do!” surrounded by the people who love you most!! Thank you too, Ron, for inviting us into your home and for making your yard look so darned good. It was the perfect backdrop!! Cannot wait to meet the rest of your families!! Until then, we hope you all enjoy this sneak peek as much as we enjoyed capturing these moments for you!! Big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo (PS…off to go read up what pitch count means!)

Nicole & David’s Falmouth Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Like so many busy couples today, Nicole & David met online. Nicole was living in Falmouth, but her work as a model and actress took her to NYC, Boston and beyond. Meanwhile, David called Connecticut home.

After seeing Nicole’s profile online, David reached out and sent her an email, hoping to spark a connection. Luckily, David is a patient man, because it wasn’t until a few months later, when Nicole was house sitting for her aunt in Miami, that she finally replied.

“I decided to go back on the dating website I had been on and off of over the course of a year, and reread some of the emails I had received. One of those was from David,” she told us. Intrigued by the Buddhist saying he quoted in his message, she decided to take a leap of faith and write back.

“I didn’t think he would respond after so long, but he did,” Nicole told us.

The two exchanged a few emails, then began talking on the phone, quickly bonding over their shared love of the book, Le Petit Prince. Early on, I realized he had some depth and could talk about more philosophical things, and soulful things. So, I knew I liked this person. When we finally met, I thought he was so handsome. And the rest….well, it all worked out just perfectly.”

David agreed, saying sparks flew from the very first date. He drove from CT to the Cape for dinner, and it was a dinner they’d never forget. “We both felt, ‘Wow! This person is whom I was expecting to meet. We kissed on our first date and the chemistry was beautiful.”

Today, this sweet, thoughtful, passionate, interesting, creative, loving pair is planning their oceanfront wedding, and we are super excited to get to be a part of the celebration!! (Special thank you & shout out to our dear friend Amy of Amy Rader Photography for sending her friends our way!! Love you Amy and so grateful to you for all your support over the years!!)

Nicole & David will say, “I do!” surrounded by closest friends and family at the quaint Beach Breeze Inn in Falmouth. Andy & I used to live just up the street from the inn and have always wanted to photograph a wedding there. Now, we get to….and even better, we get to do it with two of the nicest peeps!

We got together with Nicole & David a few weeks ago, visiting a couple of their favorite spots on the Cape. We started out at the Knob in Falmouth, which is actually where Andy asked me to marry him….such happy memories! Hope we created some new happy memories there for these two lovelies!

Nicole & David share a love of travel, art, opera, good food, music and driving fast. They also love to make each other laugh….which they seem to do a lot!! Love it!!

More sweet giggles…..

Looooove this shot Andy got of Nicole & David with all the beach grass….so sweet, romantic, playful….perfectly them!

More cuddling & giggling…and reveling in their love. Ahhhhhhh!

The look of love….

Love these next two pics and how happy and playful they both are together…..this is what LOVE looks like. Just wonderful!

By your side I shall forever walk, hand in hand and hearts aligned.

Wherever you lead, I will follow….

Beach boulders as old as time, like solid reminders of love’s endurance, strength and resilience.

Smiling, happy….

These two smile A LOT in each other’s presence, and they both have such beautiful, warm smiles. Just delightful!

We nearly lost David in the water when he attempted to get in these row boats…I think he forgot how tipsy they can be. But, he made it safely & dry. We had a good giggle and in the end, we think it was worth the effort. Hopefully, they do too!!

Down to the Nobska Lighthouse beach for some photos at another favorite spot of theirs. Nicole’s done a lot of modeling, but David looks pretty natural in front of the camera too!!

Happy. Happy. Happy!!

LOOOOVE this next one…such big happy, snuggling faces!! Be still my lovin’ heart!

Another amazing perspective by my crazy talented hubby!! Love the faint glow of the lighthouse in the background!!

Sandy snuggles….

Love the way Nicole is holding on to David in this next one…it’s such a tender touch, filled with care & devotion…and that look, it just screams, “I love you!”

Thought I’d try something a little different for this last one…..I have been reminded lately, as I’ve had to watch as people I care about battle with scary illness…that life is very much about one’s perspective. There are so many different ways to see the same thing, but how we choose to view what we see….the lens through which we choose to look….it changes EVERYTHING!  This next one was for me about shifting my perspective and I love the result!

Nicole & David we hope you enjoy how we’ve captured the two of you together. We loved sharing the afternoon with you and watching you interact. You are wonderful individuals and a beautiful couple and we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting new chapter in your lives!! Thank you for entrusting us with documenting this time. We are so grateful and humbled and so very appreciative of your thoughtful choice in selecting us!!

We always ask our couples what were the deciding factors in selecting us as their photographers. We don’t usually share their answers, because it’s more of a helpful guide for us, but we were so moved by what Nicole and David said that it feels like a good way to end this post, so here goes…..

“(We like) The emotion you capture in your photography. Also, (your) photos seem truly inspired and spontaneous and not formulaic. And, the artistic angles you choose are just beautiful, not cliche or cheesy. They convey a true appreciation of all of the surroundings, not just the subject at hand. There is a richness to the images that is truly enjoyable to see, not just a series of ‘wedding’ pictures. We feel that you have the ability to capture that spirit, through our eyes, and the eyes of our friends and family.”

Well guys, we hope as you view this little sneak peek of our time together that you feel you made the right choice. I know, Nicole, that your time in front of the camera generally involves playing a part, but we hope in these photos you can see what we see in both of you and that you feel we were able to capture who you both are, the beautiful emotional connection you share and the excitement you feel as you prepare to merge your lives and hearts in marriage!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!….for opening up in such a real way, for welcoming us with warmth & kindness and for just being you!! Cannot wait to meet your inner circle in a few months!!

Big love & Hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Lauren & Dustin’s Falmouth Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Lauren & Dustin worked for the same staffing company in NYC for three years, but didn’t really know each other very well. Then, during a chance meeting at the West Palm Beach airport, something clicked and their road to love began.

Lauren was in Florida visiting family, and Dustin was there visiting friends. They had both found themselves in the airport Chili’s, looking to kill some time before their flight home. They ended up having a drink next to each other and began chatting.

“It was love at first buffalo bite,” Dustin jokingly told us.

“It was the first time we had really spoken to each other outside of ‘hello’ in the office,” Lauren said. “(That time in the airport) opened the door to many conversations to come when we returned to NYC. We spent a couple of months talking and flirting, and sending goofy emails, before we started dating. But, I had a feeling from the start that there was something different about him.”

Fast forward five years, and this sweet, chilled out, lovely, adventurous pair is planning to marry at Oyster Harbors Club in Osterville, and we are super excited to get to document all of the love & joyful celebration sure to surround them!

Like many of our out of state couples, Lauren & Dustin had commissioned us to photograph their wedding before we actually all met. Lauren had been referred to us by her lovely planner, Jen at the Pink Polka Dot (Big, love-filled thanks, Jen!!! You rock!!). After spending a bit of time on our website, they recognized one of our couples, Stefania & Justin, who it turned out were close family friends. I think that may have sealed the deal for them with us. Wooo hooo!! We just love when we have personal connections like that with our couples…makes it feel like our Bello Family really is one big happy family!

Without further ado….here’s a look at our latest Bello Family members….Dustin & Lauren. Are they adorable or what?

Who knew buffalo bites could lead to this….

When we asked these two what they love most about each other, Dustin told us that he loves how funny & cute Lauren is, and I have to say, listening to them giggle uncontrollably at the start of our session totally had me giggling right along with them. Just ADORABLE!!!

Love this slightly more serious and definitely serene portrait of our love birds…, some more giggles.

Hummuna, hummuna

There is no better place, than in the arms of the one you love….the end!

Except maybe when joined by your fur baby. Sweet little Meadow Mae joined us for a few beach photos. She’d had recent surgery, so she couldn’t stay long, but she sure seemed happy to have a break from her cone of shame. I really hope Faithy never has to wear one of those! (Faith is our new rescue dog, who we shamefully haven’t blogged about yet….note to self!)

Happy girl….

Down to the harbor for a little chillaxing. Love the photo on the right…feels like an ad for some cool, hip new something-something. These two make cool look easy!

Lauren & Dustin explained to us that they prefer more natural, photojournalistic style photos….yaaay, so do we!!! It’s not always easy to put a couple in a place where the light and background are just right, while Andy & I run around them popping shutters like crazy people, and have our couples not only look natural, but also not feel overly posed. It sounds easy, but it’s really not. That said, I like to think we achieved our goal….

Down to the dock for some more canoodling.

Cute. Cute. Cuties.

On the way back to their house, we had to stop at the beach to take advantage of that gorgeous warm sunset light we’re so blessed with here on beautiful Cape Cod.

Love how content Lauren looks in the photo on the left….and how bubbling with happy they both in the one on the right. You guyssss….

Going, going, gone. One of my all-time favorite ads is a lifesavers commercial featuring a dad and his little girl, sitting under a tree on a hill, watching the sun set in the distance. The dad says, ” Going, going, gone,” as the sun disappears beyond the horizon and the little girl turns to him and says, “Do it again, Daddy.” This photo makes me think of that. LOVE!

Lauren & Dustin, thank you both sooooo much for entrusting us with documenting this happy time in your lives!! We cannot wait to be a part of your wedding later this summer and to get to meet the rest of your families! Until then, we hope you enjoy these photos and that they serve as happy reminders of what’s still to come!! Big hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo