I am crazy for a good love story. And, I must admit, I’m particularly partial to one that begins, “We were high school sweethearts.” There’s something so romantic about two people meeting when they’re young, innocent, and not yet jaded by life; when love feels so strong, and all-consuming, even with such little experience in its ways.

When high school sweethearts become separated by time, distance and new relationships, only to make their way back to one another years later….well, that is the kind of love story for which I am well and truly a sucker!

And, so the story goes for Cara & Brendan, one of our crazy sweet couples saying, “I do!” this fall.

“For me, it was love at first sight,” Brendan told us. Cara added, “Brendan always claimed it was this yellow dress I wore the night of my senior banquet that did it. I drove my little teal ‘Sally the Saturn’ over to the barn and I remember his face when I got out of the car.”

After high school, Cara went away to college in Virginia, while Brendan stayed home in Marshfield. They did the long-distance thing for a while, but they were young and on different paths. Although the relationship sadly ended, the friendship endured.

As the years went on and new things and new relationships came & went, they were each other’s anchor. Tethered to one another in an inexplicable way. There were occasional phone calls and letters. And, each year, without fail, Cara would send Brendan a card on his birthday.

“(Brendan) always used to say, ‘It’s just another day,’ and I wanted him to know his birthday (he) was special,” Cara said.  “The timing was just never right for us.”

Until it was…

About a year ago, Cara decided the life she had made in Virgina/DC no longer fit. She was ready to move back home. She returned to interview for jobs in Boston and while here, she gave Brendan a call. They met for coffee and spent the afternoon talking away all the time and distance that had been between them.

“We were both working through some challenging times, but connected on where we were in life and what we were ultimately looking for…on a whole bunch of levels,” Cara said.

“I realized that for once our timing might work, so I wasn’t letting her go,” Brendan added.

Cara got that job in Boston, tied up some loose ends in DC and moved back home, to her high school sweetheart and the love they were destined to share.

This October, Cara & Brendan will say, “I do!” in a small, intimate ceremony, surrounded by friends & family on Martha’s Vineyard. We couldn’t be happier for these two, for having found their way back to one another and to a love that is so clearly meant to be. We’re also happy and grateful for the opportunity to get to share in this celebration with them.

We met Cara & Brendan for their love session two weeks ago in Marshfield, where it all began. Just as our first meeting, and all of the exchanges that followed suggested, we had an absolute blast with these two!!

Here are just a few of our favorite moments from our time together:

We started our session at Brendan’s parents’ house. Their property is beautiful, thanks to the skillful maintenance of Brendan and his company, C.B. Landscape & Design. Cara & Brendan’s pooch, Scupper, joined us for a few of the shots too. So fun!

Scupp, Scupp, Scupper time!

Perfectly playful….

Love this perspective as seen through the trees…

A quiet moment of reflection between photos…there’s something in that tender touch, don’t you think? Just dreamy!

Hopping off the stone wall and onto our next spot…How cute are their expressions? Love these two!

Brendan’s very talented dad, Colin, buys, restores & sells antiques. He’s amassed quite a collection of goodies in his barn. If you like this kind of thing you should visit his shop, Bent Nail Farm Antiques, which he opens occasionally in the summer.

Inside the barn, we found a super sweet nook, where the light was delicious…and the snuggling, equally so!

Cuties in a corner…

The look of love…

I mean do they get any sweeter than these two? Not much.

Brendan seems to have inherited his dad’s penchant for building & restoring stuff, like antique cars. For his 30th birthday his dad gave him this old classic. Thank you Collin…what a fabulous prop for our session!

I don’t know what’s hotter, the temperature today or these two…no, definitely these two!

Cara reapplies her lipstick before we head to our next stop. I think I just went back in time about 50 years. Love it!

Too cool for words…

Driving Miss Daisy…or in this case, Miss Cara.

We stopped off at a spot in town that’s really special to these two cuties and we can see why. What a view!

Sitting on the dock of the bay…waaaaasting tiiiime (in the best kind of way)

If eyes could speak, I’d have to block my ears. 😉

Picture perfect…the wind, the bright blue sky, the lush marsh, a winding boardwalk, and a couple smitten with one another.

This next one feels very July 4th appropriate! Love it!


Brendan’s friend and co-worker, Officer Bob, was kind enough to invite us all out for a sunset sail. It’s not often that Andy & I get out on the water, so it was a real treat, made even more fabulous by all of the eye candy provided by Cara & Brendan. Ralph Lauren wants their models back…

Bob’s boat, Sea-questered, and the rising moon, with a little dockside snuggling.

I’m not sure what they were chatting about here, but just love the moodiness in their expressions and body language. So tender!

Capt’n Bob….ship ahoy! PS…way to coordinate with the rigging there Bob! Thanks for that one!

A kiss on the nose and a flutter of the heart, with Scituate Lighthouse in the background. Someone pinch me!

Hiya fella…

What do you get when you put an adorable, completely smitten couple on a sailboat with a crazy beautiful moonlit sunset sky? Everything this photographer could ask for.

These next two photos show how a scene can change when you change the camera’s position in relation to the sun. Back-lit subjects versus front-lit subjects…both equally yummy when the sun is low and deliciously warm. A gorgeous couple doesn’t hurt either.

Love is…snuggling on a sailboat at sunset with your someone special.

Love this next one…because they both look so happy. Props to Brendan for being able to steer with his copilot somewhat in the way. You two are so cute!

Heading back to shore…time to kick back and relax.

Mmmmmm good!

There is no better place in the world, than in the arms of the one you love. Period. End of story.

Hearts and history, not ropes, tie these two together.

A beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

Cara & Brendan, thank you a million times over for not only sharing such a super fun day with us, but more importantly for opening up to us in such a warm and wonderful way. You two are such incredible individuals and such an inspiring couple. We adore you and cannot wait to be there with you in October when the real fairytale begins! Thanks too to Colin & Beverly for opening your home to us! Looking forward to spending more time together this fall and to meeting the rest of the clan (on both sides). And a special thank you to Captain Bob for a most enjoyable sunset cruise! Big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxoxo