Katie & Richie’s Falmouth Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Photographers

nobska engagement session

We call them Love Sessions for a reason….because we absolutely LOVE doing them. Well, that’s not entirely true. We do love getting to photograph our couples during that exciting and anticipatory time before their wedding. But, really, the engagement sessions, or love sessions, as we like to call them, offer a great way for us to get to know our new couples better before their big day, and for them to relax and feel comfortable with us and in front of our cameras, because let’s face it…..most of us are not terribly comfortable when someone points a camera at us expectantly. I know I’m certainly not, and neither is Andy.

Katie and Richie, however, seemed perfectly at home in front of our cameras and the camera obviously loves them! Toward the end of our time together, Richie was saying he was going to leave his job and go into modeling full time (yes, it was said tongue in cheek, but we think it’s not a far fetched idea!). And, Katie, as a former Miss Massachusetts, well, she seemed to have no problem being in the spotlight…especially when sharing the spotlight with her sweet mister! Photographing them together was soooooooo much fun!

Happily, this was not Katie & Richie’s first time in front of our cameras. We first met them last summer, at the Bourne Farm wedding of Richie’s super sweet sister, Kerri. Click HERE for a peek.

We had so much fun with Kerri & Ritchie’s family, who are seriously the sweetest people on the planet! So warm, welcoming, full of love, warmth and just so ready to have fun! And, after having now met Katie’s equally wonderful parents, we just know that Katie & Richie’s Wequassett wedding this summer is going to be a love-fest of epic proportions!!! And, we can’t wait to be there to share in and document all that love and goodness!!!

We got together with Katie & Richie last weekend at Nobska Lighthouse, a place near and dear to them. Both families have homes here in Falmouth, and they try to come down as often as they can during the summer, so it seemed the perfect place to tell their story.

So, without further ado…say hello to Katie & Richie….

knobs lighthouse engagement session

Come on….are they adorable or what? Some of my favorite photos from our love sessions are captured during those in between moments, when our couples aren’t entirely aware of us or our cameras.

nobska lighthouse engagement session

A different perspective from that same moment above (on right).

nobska lighthouse engagement session

Love these happy, smiling, beautiful faces!

nobska lighthouse engagement session

Richie practicing his GQ look….nailed it!! And, Katie loving every second. Ahhhh, the look of love!

falmouth engagement session

Sweet kisses…

falmouth engagement session

cape cod photographers

Lookin’ pretty sexy….

cape cod wedding photographers

Hey baby….right this way….

cape cod engagement session

Sneaking in some snuggle time….beach hut style.

falmouth photographer

beach shack lovers

More sweet kisses…

cape cod photographers

cape cod wedding photographers

Love the happy, full-of-love looks on these two beautiful faces!

cape cod beach photos

So much cuteness….

couple kissing on beach

My ridiculously talented hubby has a knack for finding such fun, creative perspectives. This next photo is a perfect example of that.

couple kissing in beach grass

Hi gorgeous….

couple kissing on beach

Love the playfulness in this next one. These two have so much fun together…no matter what they’re up to. Love that!

falmouth beach engagement session

couple on beach, nobska lighthouse

Happy. Happy. And more happy!

couple in love, piggyback, beach engagement session

The look of love….ahhhhh!

couple holding hands on beach

Peek-a-boo, we see you Nobska!

nobska lighthouse

We ended the session with a quick stop at Katie’s folks’ house, so we could snap a few pics on the family boat, where Katie & Richie love to relax and soak in the summer fun.

falmouth photographers, couple on boat

hummuna hummuna

couple kissing on boat

And, with a final kiss….

couple kissing on boat, falmouth wedding photographers

…we bid farewell to these two lovelies! Until next time…

couple on boat, cape cod photographers

Katie & Richie…thank you both so much for spending the evening with us and for sharing your beautiful love in such a open way. You guys are adorable together and we had so much fun with you both! Andy & I cannot wait to be there with you when you say, “I do!” in a couple of months. We expect there will be lots of love, celebration and happy tears (perhaps my own). Until then, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek from our time together. More to follow soon! Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Jackie & Chris’s Sandwich Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Photographers

Like so many of our couples of late, Jackie & Chris came to us through a family connection….and we just love it when that happens, because it means a level of trust and comfort has already been formed. And, trust & comfort are two key ingredients necessary to end up with great photographs.

Although it was the first time Andy & I photographed Chris, Jackie first found herself in front of our cameras eight years ago, when we photographed the Wequassett wedding of her big sister, Jenn, to her now hubby, Pete.

We loved photographing Jackie and her family then and had hoped that when the day came that she found the person with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life that she might want us to photograph her special day too. So we were super excited when she called us earlier this summer to announce that she was engaged and could we photograph her & Chris’s wedding.

Ummmmm……Yes, please!

We got together a few weeks ago in Sandwich for Jackie & Chris’s love session. The autumn light and warm breezes made for the perfect setting for this sweet duo. Jackie’s AHHHH-DORABLE flowing dress didn’t hurt either. So simple, sexy and perfectly beachy…just like these two….

Watching, or more aptly stated….listening to these two during their first few moments in front of the camera was too cute for words. Jackie has the most adorable giggle and because everyone feels a little nervous those first few moments in front of the camera, her giggles were coming out big time, which was great for getting big beautify smiley photos, but it also made me giggle right alongside her!

Jackie & Chris met when they were still in college. Jackie, then senior at Syracuse University, had planned a trip to Vegas with her best friend, Abby. Abby happened to work with Chris, then in his second year of grad school also at SU, and while talking one day at work, they realized they were both planning to be in Vegas with their besties at the same time. As if the love Gods were orchestrating bigger things to come, the coworkers arranged to meet with with their friends at one of the hotels on the strip.

“I thought Chris hated me because he didn’t speak for the first 30 minutes,” Jackie told us, although Chris said he doesn’t remember not speaking. Although we’ve only met a few times, I get the feeling Chris is a lot like Andy and tends to take a back seat when in the company of more loquacious peeps like Jackie & me.

After dinner, the foursome ended up at a club dancing when another random Syracuse student saw them “awkwardly shuffle dancing” and trying to chat and said, “I feel the vibes, you guys should dance, and shoved us together.” “We’ve been together ever since,” Jackie said.

Once back at school, the decided to date for the rest of the school year, thinking they’d eventually part ways after Jackie graduated, but when the heart know…it knows. So, they did the long distance thing for a year and eventually moved to New Jersey together, before eventually settling in the real Big Apple….a sort of come full circle beginning.

Now, this sweet pair is planning their Wychmere Harbor Club wedding for next summer, and we cannot wait to be there to witness all the love & goodness.

Kisses and sunset and beach for as far as the eye can see….LOVE!

Sweet kisses and tender touches that speak to a forever kind of love….ahhhhh!


Just love the way these two are together…so easy, breezy, lovely!

Tip toes and a stony shoreline =

LOVE the in between moments…..just heavenly!

Wherever you go, I will follow, side by side and hand in hand!

Love the dichotomy of these next two….hysterically laughing and completely in the moment…These two are soooooo fun to photograph!!

The sunset was spectacular….as is Jackie’s killer dress and beautiful flowing locks!


Another in between moment with some seriously delicious sun flare….love!!

This photo screams romance to me…..yummy!

I LOOOVE when couples are so into the session that they ask about doing certain photos. This next one on the left was totally inspired by Jackie, who wanted to take advantage of the sunflare. I’m so happy she suggested it because it’s become one of my faves of the day! What’s so cool about photography is how changing your perspective can change everything. So, while the photo on the left was shooting into the sun, the photo on the right was shooting with the sun at our backs. Notice how different the light and color are. Both are equally pretty, but totally different. LOVE that!

And as the sun sets, we bask in the last of its deliciously warm autumn light…..

It’s a wrap…..

Jackie & Chris, thank you both sooooo much for entrusting us with documenting this special time in your lives!! We are so thrilled to be a part of another D. family wedding, Jackie and cannot wait to see everyone again!!! For now, we hope these photos captured your love in a way that makes you as excited for your wedding as we are!! You two are adorable together and we can’t wait to be there with you to watch you and your friends play, laugh, chat & “awkwardly shuffle dance” as you make memories that will last a lifetime!!

With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo


Kira & Adam’s Centerville Engagement Session ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers

Nothing makes a man fall faster in love than telling him you’re obsessed with pitch count. At least that’s how Adam knew Kira was the one for him.

After meeting like so many busy couples do today….online, Kira & Adam had been dating for a while when they attended their first Red Sox game together. During the game, Kira, who is admittedly a Type A person, confided in Adam that she was obsessed with pitch count. And being a big baseball fan himself, Adam was hooked.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that Kira is also beautiful, has a great sense of humor and quick laugh, a go get ’em approach to life and unwavering dedication to family.

“I love how funny she is and how she laughs so easily, even though I think I’m funnier,” he told us. “I love that she has a ‘crazy gung-ho’ motor and is able to wake up at 5am and go for the entire day. It motivates me to try to do the same, even though I”m not wired that way.”

I like to think it’s a really good sign when the one we love makes us want to be a better version of ourselves, just by being who they are. Andy is definitely that for me…although I’m not always good at following through.

For Kira, Adam is the yin to her yang….a stop and smell the roses kind of guy who reminds her to slow down and appreciate things more.

“I love that he’s created an amazing balance for me in my life. After a long, hard day at work, I feel lucky that I can come home and see him,” she told us, adding that she knew he was the one for her when she never got tired of spending time with him.

They’re both also incredibly passionate about family, particularly their nieces (Auntie gets it!!!), and look forward to starting their own family one day. For now, though, these two Boston beauties have their focus squarely set on their wedding, which will take place this October at Heritage Gardens in Sandwich.

Surprisingly, even with 13 years and nearly 200 weddings under our belts, we haven’t photographed a wedding there yet, which makes us super excited to be a part of this special joining. It doesn’t hurt that these two are crazy sweet and just utterly delightful to be around.Yay! Yay! And more Yay!

We got together with Kira & Adam a couple of weeks ago at Kira’s dad’s home in Centerville. With a beautiful, and meticulously maintained yard, it was the perfect place to begin….

Like so many of our couples, Kira & Adam confessed to being a little nervous about being photographed and not “overly schmaltzy” (I am totally making that expression part of my regular vocabulary!) but like every other couple who tells us this, they were just so much fun to photograph and despite what they said, looked very relaxed in front of our cameras.

We could quickly see the funny, joking rapport they share and were happy to capture those qualities….love the smiles!! So real and happy….just as it should be!

More playful giggles poolside.

I don’t know much about pitch count, but I know a couple that’s totally smitten when I see one…..SCORE!!!!

Kira’s face just lights up when she smiles, and she was smiling a lot during our session…perhaps Adam is right when he says he’s the funnier one?

Like a lovely pair of garden doves….

More silliness….yes, please!!

Next, we took a little walk to a nearby gazebo for some more kisses and smiles and giggles, oh my!

LOOOVE this next one Andy snapped. Just so much joy!!! Be still my joy-loving heart!

The look of love….

And, down to the beach for some more love & goodness…

The trees that lined the path to this beach made my heart beat a little faster….such perfect framing for a perfectly matched pair!

More playful perfection…

Wherever you lead, I will follow….by your side, always!

More Cape Cod charm….with our charming couple.

Beach grass, cedar beach fence and an adorable pair  = everything we need

Love these two…they’re just so sweet together and smile right from their hearts!

And, with a little walk on the beach, arm in arm, we say goodbye…

Kira & Adam, we loved chatting with you both on Skype that first time and were so happy when you decided you wanted us to be a part of this special time in your lives. You two made this session so fun for us and we can’t wait to be there with you both when you say, “I do!” surrounded by the people who love you most!! Thank you too, Ron, for inviting us into your home and for making your yard look so darned good. It was the perfect backdrop!! Cannot wait to meet the rest of your families!! Until then, we hope you all enjoy this sneak peek as much as we enjoyed capturing these moments for you!! Big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo (PS…off to go read up what pitch count means!)