Big City, Big Love…

We feel pretty lucky to live where we do and have Cape Cod as the backdrop for our Bello love stories. But, every now and then, it’s fun to leave this little slice of heaven and find inspiration in places unfamiliar. Such was the adventure we had when we met up with our friends Andrea & Will for their ridiculously fun engagement session. We had such a great day with them, exploring some of their favorite spots in the city, getting some gorgeous images and ending with a fabulous dinner at their favorite neighborhood restaurant, The House, in Gramercy Park. Mmmmmm yummy is all we can say about that.

Andrea & Will thank you so much for putting your trust in us, for being so open to trying new things and for generally just being a lot of fun to be around. And a giant thank you for that amazing dinner! We can’t wait to see you both again here on the Cape later this summer when you say, “I do!” We feel so lucky to have met you both and luckier still to have been invited to share in such a special day in your lives.

Here are just a few of our favorite images from our time together. Enjoy!

Here’s the happy couple outside of their favorite restaurant


Will’s favorite NY building is the Chrysler Building…so we had to take this shot!


And here are a few more street shots…I love how Andy captured the rushing traffic and classic yellow taxi in the first one below! Nice one honey!!


I love this one because despite all of the busyness around them, Andrea & Will look like they’re the only two people in the world the way they’re looking at each other.


We found this great old bank-turned-theater in Union Square and just loved the columns. Here’s a few of them getting snuggly:



This one is my FAVORITE from the session. While I was focusing on more classic composition, Andy stole this amazing moment!


Love those Louboutins Andrea!!!


Are you two cute or what?


Takin’ the train home…


Thank you again you two for being so much fun! We can’t wait to see you again at your wedding here on Cape Cod!!! Remember, dinner is on us next time!

Big hugs, Chris & Andy

Lovin’ at the lighthouse…

Just when we thought all of our engagement sessions were done for the season, we had one more spunky couple who wanted to brave last weekend’s chilly fall temperatures for some photos down at Lighthouse Beach in Chatham. It was definitely chilly, but the afternoon light was gorgeous and so were Kristyn & Patrick, who are getting married next summer at the Wequassett Inn in Chatham. They hired us as their photographers without having met us, so our first introduction was prior to our session. We met them at Kristyn’s folks house, not far from the beach.

If you look up the word FUN in the dictionary, you’ll find photos of Kristyn & Patrick. They are the kind of people who you just want to have around you. We instantly clicked with them and are so excited that they took a leap of faith and booked us sight unseen. We have no doubts that their wedding is going to be a total blast and we’re really looking forward to getting to know them both better over the coming year!

Although we were a little nervous about whether the session would be a success given how chilly it was, we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. Of course, it helps that Kristyn & Patrick are totally adorable….check them out!




Seriously….is it legal to be that drop-dead gorgeous?


Peek-a-boo, I see you!


Kristyn loved this Danger sign, so we asked them to have a smooch and used them to frame the shot…cool, right?


Just to the left of the sign is the Chatham Lighthouse. Love this composition too.


The late afternoon sun hit the beach fences lining the dunes and created some dramatic shadows…I love this shot! i think it’s the contentment I see in Kristyn’s eyes. What a world it would be if every moment, in every part of the world, felt like this one…


One of the great things about visiting the beach this time of year is that there generally aren’t many people around, so it’s easy to make fresh tracks in the sand. So fun!






The beach grass is quickly losing it’s color, but it’s still so beautiful to me.


Long fall shadows blanket the untouched sand, giving the appearance of snow, don’t you think?


I love the light in this shot and the expansiveness of the beach. We live in such a beautiful corner of the world!


I don’t know why I enjoy cutting people’s heads off so much, but I just love the effect. It’s so rock star to me!


After a long chilly session, Kristyn gets a lift from Patrick. The crazy woman took off her shoes. Madness!


A great big thank you to Kristyn & Pat for being such troopers and for being SOO much fun to be around. You guys were a joy to photograph and we can’t wait till August to be there with you when you say, “I do!” Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of such a special time in your lives. It is truly an honor! And thank you too Diane & Dick for welcoming us into your home, and especially to you Diane for seeking us out! I think we’re going to have a wonderful time getting to know each other over the coming year! With hugs and warmest wishes, Christine & Andy

Kate & Pat

There aren’t many perfect summer evenings left like the one we had with Kate & Pat the other night at Woodneck Beach in Falmouth. Kate & Pat are getting married at the Hyannisport Club next May. We had a fabulous night with them watching the bluefish jumping along the shore. Our session also turned out to be a nice send off for Pat, who was leaving for India on business a few days after our session. Can’t wait to hear about his trip and see some of his photos when he gets back.

Here are a few of our favorites from the session:

Gotta love that Nantucket red…quintessential Cape Cod!




Love Kate’s eyes in this one…she looks like an Ivory girl.



Here we messed around with some layering of textures, something new we’re experimenting with. To do this, we photograph random things that have great texture and layer them over the photo then erase important areas we don’t want covered. We used a photo of a wood shingle from the side of our house for the first photo below. The second one is a secret…but we will tell you it was inspired by our Sunday morning breakfast. Any ideas?



And here’s what it would have looked like without the filter. What do YOU think….better with or without?