Family Playtime at Nauset Beach, Eastham Photographers

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Jacqueline sent us an email back in March, inquiring about family photos for her, her husband, Shaun, and their two sweet boys, Colin & Rory. We often get injuries, but not all of them are full of such warmth & goodness. And, I’ll admit, when we get an inquiry like Jacqueline’s we instantly feel a connection and get super excited to meet them and get them in front of our cameras.

I recently said that photography for me is less about creating pretty pictures…although that’s always something we strive to do….and more about connecting with people. And, I think Andy would agree. Making connections and building relationships is super important to us. There’s something that happens when we feel like the people we’re photographing are as excited about us and what we’re doing together as we are….a kind of magic is created, one that inspires and builds and always seems to lead to pretty pictures.

So, when we got together with Jacqueline, Shaun and the boys last week, all signs were pointing to the start of a beautiful relationship. We met them at their summer home in Eastham, which had been built by Shaun’s grandfather and recently remodeled to beachy perfection.

Jacqueline came out from the bedroom, arms wide open for a hug and I was immediately smitten! When we met their sweet boos, well, we couldn’t wait to get started. So, we began with a couple of quick pics in front of their special home. Are they cute or what?!!! They made it so easy to love this sweet family!

Next, Baby Rory is all love & giggles playing with his sweet Daddy, who can’t get enough….such sweetness!

01 dad & son playing

We left the house in our separate cars and headed to Coast Guard Beach, me & Andy leading the way. In our eagerness to spend more time with these lovely people, I inadvertently sped past a park ranger, who immediately pulled us over. Awesome first impression!!

Thankfully, he let us off with a written warning. Thank you Officer Hunt!! Although, it delayed us by 20 minutes, we had plenty of time built into the session, and truthfully, it was better to let the sun get a bit lower in the sky. So, it all worked out.

02 Eastham family photographer

Happy. Happy. Happy family!


A momma’s love….there’s little that’s better than that!! Can we talk about sweet Rory and that smile for a second? Such a love bug!

03 mom hugging baby boy

Sweet, gentle little Colin took some time to get used to us, but once he did…well, we were fast friends. Just love this happy moment captured by my super talented and equally sweet hubby! He has an amazing way of connecting to children that was one of the reasons I fell in love with him and, all these years later, it continues to warm my heart watching the way kids respond to him.


On top of the world….that smile…I just can’t handle it! I can just feel the connection he was having with Andy in this moment and I just love it so much!


Love this sweet, happy, really lovely family!

04 family playing on lifeguard chair

Shaun sharing a moment with his very happy son! So much love!

06 family playing at beach

The light at the beach was so awesome and the clothing colors Jax & Shaun picked were perfectly complementary. Add in a tide pool with some ripples and I’m as giddy as Colin!


We all want those wonderful posed family photos that inevitably become cherished family heirlooms, but the candid shot on the right makes my heart sing. Just love everything about it!

05 family at beach reflection

A still tide pool + setting sun + a beautiful family = perfection.


A momma and her baby boy….Swoon!


I LOVE the photo on the left of Shaun with Colin….talk about a mini me moment! They literally have exactly the same body language in this moment. And, Shaun walking with Rory….such a good Daddy!

07 dad with his sons at beach

More playful moments with momma…

08 mom with baby boy at beach

Oh Momma, you’re so funny!!!


Run Daddy, run…the wave is coming!


That was fun….do it again Daddy!


Another candid family moment that warms my heart!


Splish, splash, Colin was taking a bath…sort of!


The two finger hold….my favorite!! Is Jacqueline beautiful or what?! I could have photographed this family for days!!!

mom & son walking on beach

We headed to the Fort Hill bridge down the road for a couple of quick sunset photos.


Peek-a-boo, I see you!


The no-see-ums were soon bad, but that didn’t stop us from having some fun! These guys are such troopers and seem able to have fun no matter what’s happening.

10 kids playing cape cod

Someone’s getting sleepy. Love this sweet cherub!


THIS moment….this is what makes life so sweet!


Jacqueline and Shaun…..thank you soooooo much for choosing us to document your beautiful family! Jacqueline, you had me at “hello!” but meeting you, Shaun and the boys exceeded all expectations. You guys are just the sweetest! Such lovely, kind, fun, warm, loving people and parents and we hope you feel all that and more when you look at these photos of our time together! We hope too that you guys keep us in your lives and that we see you all again soon and continue to grown this wonderful new friendship….perhaps without the police & biting bugs next time! Thank you again for everything, and especially for reminding us why we love what we do!

Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

Julia, John & Family ~ New York City Newborn Photographer

lifestyle family photography, family in bed
Andy & I started out photographing just weddings here on Cape Cod, where we ourselves said, “I do!” nearly 15 years ago. Still can’t believe it’s been that long…feels like just yesterday!

Love has always been the inspiration for us in our work, and getting invited to share in such a special, intimate day with a couple and their family & friends is just the coolest thing! Plus, having experienced disappointment with the photos from our own wedding, getting to document all of the love & celebration for other couples…the way we hoped it would have been done for us….feels like a great big happy do-over.

As many of our brides & grooms have become parents, we’ve been asked to document the next happy milestone in their lives…family. And, we just LOVE it!

Like our wedding photography, we wanted our family photography to be different…to feel REAL, EMOTIONAL and full of LOVE, not those stiff, everybody posed perfectly in matching outfits we’d seen so much of. Instead, we like to capture families as they are….playful, serious, silly, chaotic, quiet, happy, sad, exhausted, energetic, and perfectly imperfect.

Today, this style of photography has a name…lifestyle photography, and while I’m not too keen on labeling what we do, I think it’s a pretty accurate description of how we like to photograph families.

Although both Andy & I photograph our families together, when it comes to newborn photography, which usually involves going to a family’s home and spending a few hours photographing the baby and new parents where they are most comfortable, we’ve found that having two of us there can be a bit too much. And, being that I am obsessed with babies, it seemed only natural (this is code for I insisted) that I be the one to do the baby stuff. And, I think I’ve found my calling, at least that’s how I feel whenever I spend time with this family you’re about to see.

Julia & John have been in our lives for nearly six years. We photographed their bello love session (aka engagement session) and wedding here on Cape Cod and right from the first hello, we were smitten. But, just days before their wedding, we experienced some profound loss and Julia & John were amazing. We loved them before, but that really sealed the deal for me, and they will forever hold a special place in my heart.

So, when they called and asked if I’d photograph their son Brady in 2014, I was overjoyed. I’m not sure they fully appreciated how much sharing those intimate moments with them in their home, with sweet Brady, meant to me. Or maybe they did, because just before Christmas, they asked me to come back, to photograph their newest addition, Baby Chase, who like his big brother, quickly stole my heart.

I arrived in New York City, to their midtown apartment, late on a Friday night. We chatted until way past any of our bedtimes and in the  morning, I began chronicling the life of young parents with a newborn and toddler.

It was interesting for me…I found myself wanting to provide the exact same experience for all of us that was had when it was just John, Julia & Brady, and yet, I didn’t want to take the exact same photos. But, I quickly discovered that life isn’t the same when three becomes four, so I shifted my focus, let things unfold naturally and documented Julia & John’s new life…which is just as beautiful, full of love and perfect imperfection as ever and as any of us could ever hope ours to be.

Although we don’t have little lovebugs of our own, whenever our nieces & nephews sleep over, Andy & I love to take a morning selfie of all of us snuggling in bed. Usually, the kids wake up and run into our room and jump in bed with us. It’s THE BEST! We chat, make silly faces, have tickle fights, and document these moments. There’s something about the stillness of the early morning, when we gather together among the pillows, where nothing else in the world matters, and it fills my heart with such joy. So I thought it would be fun to do this with these lovebugs and document their special morning moment…where the chaos and exhaustion melts away and all there is is love and family.

Looks like someone else loves morning silliness….Sweet Brady, aka Diaper Man, jumps on the bed as he plays with his new friend with the camera. Love this little monkey! Can’t believe how big he’s got since I took photos of him weeks after he was born. Click HERE for a look at that newborn session.

jumping in bed, family lifestyle photographer

Family time….Mmmmm good!

lifestyle photographer, nyc family session

All feet…big and small.

feet at the end of bed, family lifestyle photographer

Making your way into the world only a couple of weeks before, and growing by leaps and bounds, takes a lot out of a little guy. Just love how babies sleep all snug in their swaddle.  Love it almost as much as when they wake up and stare at you all sleepy eyed and curious about who this new face is before them. Those eyes…can we talk about it for a second???

new york city newborn photographer, lifestyle photography, sleeping baby

Once again, Julia & John offered for me to stay with them prior to the session, which was so nice as it gave us all a chance to catch up the night before, and before the kiddos were awake. But, what made it really sweet, is I got to be there for the start of the day…when the sun just wakes up, the cartoons are on the TV, and babies big and small are in onesies, while momma feeds and chats and meets their needs. These are the moments that seem insignificant, but in reality make life worth living. Look at Brady’s face as he looks at his momma, like she is the bestest, funniest, most amazing person ever. Be still my heart!

NYC lifestyle photographers, morning time with mom

It didn’t take long for me & Brady boy to become fast friends once again. He is everything good and lovely and I want to munch on those two fingers he loves to stick in his cute face. Can we talk about the baggy leg of the onesie for a second?? It’s killing me.

baby editorial, lifestyle photographer

This next one just screams SUPERWOMAN to me….Julia is so gorgeous and such a good momma. Feeding Chase, while comforting Brady. Women are amazing, and moms…the most amazing women of all!

nursing baby, clingy toddler, lifestyle photographer

I love this next one of Chasey sooooo much!! That smile, that perfect little nose, the wrist chub, gorgeous head of hair, and that delicious baby shoulder fur….it’s too much!!!

sleeping baby, cape cod newborn photographer

I love babies. I love the way they smell, I love their big full bellies and eyes of wonder. I love how predictable they are and how their needs are simple. I love their innocence and purity and I love how I feel when I hold one in my arms. It becomes even more meaningful when the baby I’m holding and posing came from two people whom I adore and care for greatly.

sleeping baby, cape cod newborn photographer

I love me a sleeping baby and their beautiful bits….tiny knuckles and sweet little lips, faint eye lashes and fingernails. Oh, and how they can sleep anywhere, without a care in the world. Heavenly.

And, mommas and their babies….swoon! No one will ever love us quite like our momma. And, being a momma is no easy feat!!!

mom & sleeping baby

While Chase was sleeping, we asked Brady if he would come lie with his baby brother for some photos. I wasn’t sure how this would go down, figuring he wouldn’t want to lie still or be able to cooperate, being so little and full of energy. But, he gave me a good 10 minutes of this and I swear, my heart nearly exploded.

The eyes….I just can’t!

baby & toddler snuggling, NYC newborn photographer

I love that we can take our time during these sessions and let life unfold…sure we make time for pretty photos like those above. And, I do love capturing these images. But, it’s the real moments that truly move me.While modeling seemed to amuse him for a bit, Brady was more interested in checking out his baby brother, and best yet…getting to hold him, like a real big boy.

babies, big boys and dump trucks, newborn photographer

Look dad…he’s smiling at me!

newborn, big brother, smiles, lifestyle photographer

Being a great big brother is exhausting…sometimes you just need a furry snuggle partner and a little alone time.

toddler in his room, stuffed animal, lifestyle photographer

Oh the simple joys…..

a boy & his toy, lifestyle photographer

Hey watch this…you can’t see me….here I am!

peek-a-boo, lifestyle photographer

The deliciousness continued with nudie bottoms and elephant rides.

lifestyle photographer, boy playing in his room

And, quietly, in another room, Julia and Chase enjoyed a little snuggle time.

baby sleeping on mom, NYC newborn photographer

Momma and her babe….sigh!

mom & newborn sleeping, NYC lifestyle photographer

While Brady napped, our exhausted parents and their newest bundle of love snuggle…..more happy sighing!

new parents sleeping with baby, cape cod lifestyle photographers

Love these beautiful, lovely, fabulous people!

dad with baby, mom with baby, newborn photographers

Love this one too….”Hey, sleepy head, guess who missed you?” Meeee!

toddler in crib, lifestyle photographers

Before we all headed out to the park to relish the unseasonably warm late December day, Dad and his main man needed a quick shave…because what 2 year old doesn’t love to make a mess, especially if it involves pretend shaving with his Dadda??

shaving with dad, lifestyle photographers


little boy shaving, messy boy, lifestyle photographer

All dressed and ready to head to the park, but first a quick peek at the city life below. Love how Brady had his face pressed against the glass….

little boy & dad looking out NYC apartment window, NYC life

….happy for some more alone time with his Daddy.

dad & toddler in window of NYC apartment, lifestyle photographers

The quintessential NYC family….these four make walking down the street  look cool! We had a little time to play in the park together before I had to head back home and say, “So long,” to this fabulous foursome.

NYC family, street photography, lifestyle family photographer

Kisses for momma…Mmmmm good.

mom & toddler son kiss, nyc park, lifestyle photographer

Julia & John, thank you both from the bottom of my heart for opening your home and your hearts to me in such a warm, love-filled way. Thank you for your friendship and for sharing your beautiful family with me! Andy & I love you guys and I feel so lucky to have got to share in these amazing moments with you, as you welcomed your boys into the world….Andy’s a wee jealous! Can’t wait to see you all again, hopefully this summer when you return to Cape Cod. Until then, may these moments and photos bring you as much joy as you all have brought to me! Love you to the moon and back, Chris xoxoxo

Wellesley Newborn Session ~ Boston Family Photographers

We’d been excitedly awaiting news of the arrival of Ashley’s & Patrick’s new baby, but we didn’t expect that it would come just hours after she was born. Literally, less than three hours after giving birth, Ashley sent us an email saying that their daughter, Libby, had been welcomed to the world, and momma & baby were doing great.

“Can’t wait for you to meet the little nugget,” Ashley wrote.

I mean, come on….how lucky are we to get to work with such amazing people who share such intimate news with us in such a loving….and super speedy way? It’s just so awesome and also incredibly flattering!

Ashley had first reached out to us last year, when her oldest daughter, Winnie, now 14-months old, was born. She had hoped to do a newborn session with Winnie. But, as any new mom knows….life can get really busy and sometimes the things you want to do get passed over for the things you have to do. But, with her second pregnancy, Ashley was determined to document the experience.

I first got together with Ashley & Winnie last month at the family’s Wellesley home for a maternity/Winnie session and we had a great time! I got some photos of Winnie on her own….she’s such a little charmer, and then took some of Ashley looking ridiculously beautiful at nearly 37 weeks pregnant. Honestly, it was mind blowing how much pregnancy suits Ashley. See for yourself HERE.

After our time together, I was really looking forward to seeing Ashley & Winnie again, and having some new baby time. There’s something so amazing about documenting those first couple of weeks of life, when babies are just sleeping, eating, pooping machines, who grow and change in a blink.

It can be hard for parents to document that time on their own. Let’s face it, when you’re not sleeping more than an a couple of hours a night (if you’re lucky) it’s all you can do to brush your teeth, never-mind get your camera out and snap photos of the sweet little energy-sucker responsible for your temporary sleep deprivation.

Normally, for the maternity & newborn sessions, I work alone, because having both Andy & me there can be a little too much. Since we do these sessions in the comfort of our couple’s home, we’re often working in a confined space, so having one photographer works better and, it can be a bit less intimidating for new moms & dads to show a little skin when there’s just one camera pointing at them, and not two.

Plus, if you’ve read this blog before, you know….I’m crazy for babies! Andy is the Pied Piper of children. As soon as they’re old enough to speak, kids will flock to Andy like he’s made out of candy…truly. It’s something to see. Even kids he’s meeting for the first time hang on his every word…it’s one of the things that made me fall for him. But, when it comes to fragile bambinos, I think he’s a little intimidated. Me….I could eat them up at any age, but I’ve got a soft spot for the wee ones. I love the way they smell. I love the challenge of trying to interpret their unspoken cues and how sometimes just a warm, loving touch is enough to completely soothe them.

Being able to interact with newborns, to photograph all of their sweet little bits, and calm them with a quiet whisper…..I don’t know, it stirs something in me and just feels right. And, when those newborns belong to a couple Andy & I got to photograph when their new family was first born with the words, “I do!” well, that sends me over the edge and makes my baby-loving heart purr! (Hint, hint to all of you bello brides & grooms still maybe reading this blog.)

Without further ado….here’s a look at lovely Libby, just two weeks old and six and a half pounds of pure Yummy!

I don’t know what’s more delicious, her perfect little ear, her heavenly soft shoulder fur, or those few sweaty little strands of hair on her perfect head.

Libby how lovely you are….every precious little bit.

Majorly munchable…

Woot Woot….my sweet sleeping owl. I’m not normally one for props when it comes to babies. To me, less is more and a naked baby is as perfect as it gets. But, this hat was just too cute and it was one Libby’s big sister, Winnie, wore a lot in her early months. If we’re going to use props, I can’t think of any better than those that have real personal meaning. I just love it!

Libby’s big sisters are quite excited about the addition of the fourth girl to the family. Happily, Molly & Meaghan, who are from Patrick’s previous marriage, were able to join us for a bit of this session. They are super sweet girls and are such great big sisters to Winnie & Libby. Love these happy girls and can’t wait to spend more time with them!

Hey cuties…

Four fabulous girls…sugar & spice and everything nice!

Winnie being as young as she is isn’t exactly cooperative when it comes to asking her to do certain things for a photo. But, she was totally on board with holding her new baby sister. We had about 5 minutes of over-the-top cuteness as she showed off what a good big sister she is….honestly, it was too much. At one point she was “rocking the baby,” which looked a bit more like shaking the baby than rocking, but mom & dad were close by to reel in our excited little girl.

Oh, it’s so hard being a big sister, eh Win? Love this exchange almost as much as the sweet girl hamming it up. Libby is just taking it all in stride. Adorable!!

Meanwhile, big sisters have some fun of their own….pretty in pink!

Meg enjoys a little one-on-one time with her baby sister. Oh, the look of love…precious!

Sisterly love at its best! Hey, look who’s awake….can we talk about those big beautiful eyes for a second? Just like her gorgeous momma!

A quick snack break for our star model…as her attentive sister looks on. Such sweetness.

And with a full belly, she’s fast asleep….held safely in the hands of mom & dad. If only life was always so good.

Love. Love. Glorious love! Patrick & Ashley take turns with their sweet, sleeping girl.

Hands and hearts and sweet baby feet.

Andy & I love light, bright scenes for our photos, but I wanted to try something new and opted for a few “low key” shots with Libby and I just LOOOOVE them. Low key involves using a black background so that the subject becomes the sole focus. What do you think?

Well, I have a feeling much has changed in the week since I met & photographed Libby. Happily, Andy & I will be getting together again with this sweet family later this summer. Can’t wait to see everyone again! Until then, big, big thanks to Ashley & Patrick for entrusting me with their sweet girls. You all have been so warm & welcoming and I have absolutely loved our time together. Thank you so much for sharing this special time in your lives with me in such an open way! I hope you love these photos as much as I have loved getting to know all of you. I hope too that they serve as happy reminders of this amazing time in your family’s life. With big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo