Thanks for visiting! We are Andy Beet & Christine Ferullo, married photographers living here on beautiful Cape Cod. Relationships, both building & documenting them, are what we are all about. It may sound trite, but for us…it’s all about the love, baby! Specializing in weddings, we love documenting those unforgettable moments, incredible details, and intimate relationships that make every wedding special. We feel truly blessed to do what we do and want to share a little bit of that with you.

Our bellophoto studio is based in Mashpee, MA, but, we love to travel and are available for wedding destinations worldwide.



I learn best by doing and rarely read instructions, which drives a certain someone totally crazy.

I love giving hugs that last a little too long.

My best friend also happens to be my husband, business partner, and the one person I just can’t live without.

I fall a little bit in love with all of our couples & families and secretly hope they fall a little bit in love with me.

If I couldn’t be a photographer, I’d want to be an
interior designer or Bakerella.

Writing feeds my soul.

I love to travel, having climbed mountains, rode camels through the desert and taken a midnight swim with bioluminsescents, but my favorite place to be is home.

I can’t drink anything hot…Yes, that includes coffee. But, I’m addicted to Coca-Cola in old school glass bottles.

My nephews & nieces make my world infinitely better and if I could, I would make them mine.

I am crazy for Haribo gummy bears; a great hat; the smell of the sea & fallen leaves; Modern Family & New Girl; craft projects and fine papers; the sound of children laughing; the color gray; languages (though I only speak one); the feel of Andy’s hand in mine; and the comfort that comes from feeling so very blessed.



I could not have imagined that when I went to Spain several years ago I would meet the woman I would later marry. I also never imagined living in the USA. Chris made this a reality! She is the love of my life.

Wanderlust runs through my veins and if I could I would live for as long as it took to see the whole world.

One of my favorite sounds is hearing my niece & nephews say, “Uncle.”

I recently began teaching myself to play guitar and it has become a borderline obsession.


I enjoy a good cup of English tea and a warm pint of Real Ale, though not necessarily in that order.

Give me a pair of binoculars, a field guide, and drop me off in the woods and I’m a happy camper.

Though you wouldn’t know it today, in high school, I used to hide a pencil in my hair and see if my friends could spot it.

I have a pretty serious collection of 80s glam rock picture disk records. Some of which you’ll have never heard of! Chris is very happy my taste in music has “improved.”

What makes this work so rewarding, besides just getting to do something I love, is getting to work with couples who are equally as excited to work with us.


So, that’s a little about us. Now, we’d love to hear more about you! Please feel free to give us a call 508.539.1039, fill out our contact form, drop us an e-mail, or reach out via facebook. We can’t wait to meet you.

chris & andy xoxo

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