Although we began our business in 2002, photographing only wedding, over the years our offerings have expanded, as many of our brides & grooms started families and wanted us to document that next happy milestones.

We still haven’t put together a website highlighting our portrait business..although it’s high on my To Do list for this winter! And, yet, somehow, new faces keep landing in front of our cameras, without having had the benefit of us photographing someone they know. We are super grateful to those families who trust us, without ever having met or worked with us before!

A couple of weeks ago, we got together with one such family. Rachel had called us to say her entire family was going to be on the Cape and they’d like to have their time together documented in photos. So, we arranged to meet in Sandwich, near where her parents have a home. Joining Rachel were her hubby, Josh; her brother, Andrew, and his family: wife, Lauren, and sons, Hugo & Henry; her sister, Rebecca, and her family: hubby, Ken, and daughter, Lily, plus matriarch and patriarch of the family: Nancy & Bob.

We gathered at the Sandwich boardwalk and even just watching the family make their way to the beach offered some sweet photo opportunities…I’m all about those moments in the middle.

The gang’s all here…

Watching my own nieces and nephews gathered together, cousins who don’t see each other nearly enough for any of their liking, makes photos like this extra special to me, because I know how important these moments are to the entire family.

Little Henry was not as interested in sitting as his older counterparts, but as always, those in between moments in our sessions tend to be my favorites. I mean, look at the unbridled joy on his face (left). Andrew, Lauren, Hugo & Henry (right).

Rachel & her main squeeze, Josh.

Becca & Ken and sweet miss Lily.

Smiling, happy people….

Hugo’s face in this next one kills me…I want to eat him up!

Higher Daddy….

Getting our feet wet with Auntie Rachel….

A new Barbie & a beachside cuddle with Daddy…what could be better?

How about a scavenger hunt on the beach….here we come….

Hugo finds a kite, and looks preeeettty happy about it! Meanwhile, Lily finds one of her own further down the beach and sets off for more treasure.

Henry finding his own goodies…

My nieces are super into these little surprise toys, like this Hatchimals, where an unknown figurine is hidden in an egg you have to rub to heat up a heart on the side, and then the hard shell softens and you can get your hidden treasure out. It was pretty cool…I get the appeal!

Bright eyes and wind blown hair wisps….be still my heart.

Lily helps Hugo get his kite off the ground. Yaaay for teamwork!

Look at that joy-covered face!! Run Hugo, run!!

Josh, Ken & Rachel enjoy watching the kids run & play and have some serious summer fun!

Snuggles with Dadda for Henry.

He could have kept doing this long after the sun was gone….

Playing with Uncle Josh and looking to the sky, where his kite soared with the seagulls.

It’s a wrap…..

Thank you Rachel for reaching out to us and deciding to give us a try. We hope you and your family love these photos and that they serve as happy reminders of your time together for many happy years to come!! With hugs & warmest wishes, Christine & Andy xx