This year, we started our 18th season of photographing weddings with the loveliest of couples. We first met Holly & David last summer, when the came to chat with us about possibly photographing their wedding. Happily, they decided they wanted us there with them, documenting all of the love & joyful celebration as they said, “I do!” surrounded by 18 of their closest friends and family.

They chose an outdoor ceremony at the Wequassett Resort, followed by dinner in one of their private dining rooms. Although the weather forecast called for rain, Mother Nature held off long enough for Holly & David to have the oceanside ceremony of which they had dreamed. And, it was lovely…full of love and laughter and even a few happy tears. 

Here are a few of our favorite moments of their wonderful day:

Stunning bride, stunning flowers by Patrice Milley

Love this candid moment as David heads over to the lawn for some photos with his son, Brian. 

Hey handsome…

Holly shares a super sweet exchange with her dad, Bill, before the ceremony. 

And here we go…with sister Dawn. 

It was really important to Holly that she get some photos of David’s reaction as she made her way down the aisle. “Don’t worry about me,” she said. “I really want to get photos of David’s reaction.” There are several more, but I just love these two as they first lock eyes…their smiles say it all. 

It was pretty chilly for May, and there were a few rain drops that fell, but that didn’t damper the joy everyone was feeling as Holly met her dad at the bottom of the stairs and he walked her the rest of the way down the aisle. Even though we used a shallow depth of field to really focus on Holly & her dad, you can still make out the huge grin on David’s super smitten face. 

Having the people you love most in the world there with you as you pledge your heart & life to the one you love….it doesn’t get much better. 

Here we stand, firmly planted in love. Resolute and ready for you and I to become we. 

So many smiles were shared. 

And giggles too…

Holly had a couple of special songs played for David that were a surprise and his face as he heard them…well, let’s just say, he really loves this woman. 

And she, him. 

Holly & David also chose to do a super sweet and sentimental handfasting ceremony to represent the binding of their two lives. 

A highlight of their ceremony was when Holly forgot which hand the ring was supposed to go on…she got a serious case of the giggles. As did everyone, including Reverend Faith Lavender, who was recently married herself. Congrats Faith! 

And with a kiss…

…we say hello to our newest Mr. & Mrs. 

Woo Hooo!

Everyone was pretty happy about it…

A quick group photo. 

Then we took the happy couple off for a few minutes to soak in the magnitude of the moment. 

And soak it in, they did. 

Holly is adorable and when she smiles, the world around her lights up….

Especially her husband’s world…

These two…we didn’t really have to ask them to pose or provide much direction….they just did this…

We might have asked them to smooch a time or two…but they didn’t seem to mind. 

Some pretty details…

Holly’s brothers sharing a laugh….weddings have a way of bringing people closer and we just love that! 

A private moment before dinner began…

Holly & David, thank you so much for choosing us as your photographers, for opening your hearts to us and letting us in. We loved meeting your families and friends and getting to be there with you all on such a special day was truly an honor. We hope these photos serve as happy reminders of your incredible Cape Cod wedding for many happy years to come!! With love & big hugs, Christine & Andy xx