Katherine & Dan met while attending business school at Bentley University. Friendship led to romance and now they’re planning their Wychmere Beach Club wedding for next summer. We first met Katherine’s family, when her older sister, Maura reached out to us to photographer her wedding. Unfortunately, we weren’t available for her date, but we’re super excited to get to be a part of Katherine & Dan’s special day!

We actually got together with this lovely pair, and the rest of Katherine’s family…including Maura, Patrick and their too-cute-for-words baby boy, Cullen, earlier this summer while the family was together here on Cape Cod. Maura wanted to get some family photos and we were happy to do that for them!

A couple of weeks ago, we met up with Katherine & Dan again at their alma mater for a bello love session, aka engagement session…and here are a few of our favorite moments with these two very sweet, slightly shy, totally smitten people.

01 fall engagement session

Katherine & Dan thought it would be fun to go back to where they first met, Bentley University, for their engagement session. We’d never been there before, and it’s always fun for us to get to photograph in a new location as it allows us to see with fresh eyes. And, with the changing foliage around the campus pond, we thought this was a great place to start, so we told our happy couple to take a stroll with us.

Although they claimed to be very nervous about having their photos taken, and nervous about having to kiss and cuddle in public, we were so impressed with them and how adorable they were together and how sweetly they let us in to be able to document their beautiful love.


We wanted to capture the season, and what doesn’t say autumn like tossing leaves in the air….let’s just say it’s not as easy as it looks to throw leaves up and have them fall perfectly for photos. But, Dan & Katherine were awesome and such good sports. Just love the photo on the right, captured after I inadvertently chucked a handful of leaves right at their heads. You guys are the best!

02 fall engagement session

The steps leading to the college’s library remind me of the Spanish Steps in Rome….the perfect gathering spot for students on a hot summer day, and an equally perfect spot for canoodling with your college crush/fiance.


Hey cuties…


So cute these two….

03 bentley universiry engagement session

You know you’ve found your perfect match when there’s no one else you’d rather be with, who can make you smile more than anyone else, and who makes your heart skip a beat with a kiss and a smile.


Can we talk about Katherine’s gorgeous hair for a second? And, how it matches the gorgeous fall leaves.

04 fall engagement session

you + me = us 4-ever


In your arms is where I always want to be.  . .

05 boston fall engagement session

06 couple cuddling on a bench

My hope for all of our couples is that moments like this tender one, are ones they share over and over and over again throughout their lives. I see this photo and my hope is that they might have a moment like this 50 years from now. Cheesy? Maybe, but I’m a hopeless romantic.


Love is….everything.


07 couple cuddling on a bench

We’re always looking for unique perspectives when we’re photographing our couples….just love this one of Katherine & Dan through nearby bench slats.


Falling in love….

08 fall engagement photos

Over and over and over again…

09 couple hiking fall

With you!


The iconic bridge overpass connecting the upper and lower campuses was the perfect spot for a few photos with these sweeties.

10 fall engagement session

We asked Dan to look over his shoulder at Katherine and I just love their expressions…Dan’s says, “What the heck are they asking us to do….with people walking by?” And, Katherine’s says, “I know…but at least we’re together!”


The look of love…and of finding comfort in the arms of the one you love.


By your side is where I always want to be.


And into the future we go….


Katherine & Dan, thank you both so much for choosing to share this exciting time in your lives with us and for being so adorable and so much fun to photograph! Can’t wait to do it all again this coming summer! Until then, sending big hugs and hoping that you love these photos as much as we loved capturing them for you! C&A xo