Engagement sessions, or love sessions as we like to call them, have quickly become one of our favorite things to photograph. Not only do they give us a chance to get to know our couples better, and them us, they also offer a valuable opportunity to form a foundation of trust. And trust is key to great photos!

Getting our couples to relax, have fun and let their inner selves shine through becomes a whole lot easier the more time we invest, and the more time our couples spend in front of our cameras. Having that time together before the wedding aids us in being able to capture their unique brand of love a lot faster and more organically when it really counts.

We had the opportunity to enjoy a super fun love session a couple of weeks ago with Kaley & John at some of our favorite local spots. Ironically, Kaley & John weren’t immediately sure they wanted to do an engagement session. But, boy oh boy were we happy they changed their minds, because these two were born to be in front of our cameras! Seriously, we were hitting photo home runs right out of the gate!

The love Kaley & John share for one another and the ease with which they walk through life together is both beautiful and inspiring and we cannot wait to get their gorgeous faces back in front of our cameras this coming summer, when they will say, “I do!” here on Cape Cod.

I could go on and on about how much we enjoyed this session and how magic happened when they let their guards down and let us see their love. But, sometimes, it’s best just to let the photos do the talking. So, buckle up….these two took us on quite a ride!

01 fall engagement session

Between the gorgeous setting, great light and adorable couple, it was hard to go wrong right out of the gate.

02 fall engagement session

Fall could be my favorite time of year….the colors, the dry crispness in the air, that feeling of a settling in and the warmth that comes from snuggling up with your sweetheart.


It was fairly chilly when we got together with these two, but there was no shortage of heat!


LOVE how easy they are together….such playfulness.


I must admit, every now and then a bride comes before my camera and I find myself feeling like how I imagine an artist feels about their muse. That sounds so corny, I know. But, something about how comfortable Kaley is in her own skin is so beautiful and inspiring…and that FACE!

03 gorgeous couple engagement session

The cuteness…I can barely stand it.

04 fall engagement session

During out session, Andy & I would just kind of walk away, find some cool perspective from which to photograph these two, and then just let them be….and this is what would happen!


At one point, John grabbed Kaley’s hands and put his head to them in the most adoring way…and the way she looked back at him. Just such a beautiful love.

05 beautiful couple

Easy, breezy, beautiful….


Those eyes….that smile.

06 fall engagement session

My favorite part of a kiss is that moment just before it happens…that’s where the magic is.


Again….off we went and these two just did their thing, add in some glorious setting sunlight and some wispy beach grass and I’m a giddy gal.


I’ve said it many times, but it can never be overstated….in the arms of the one you love is the best place to be.

07 beautiful sunset engagement



08 beautiful sunset engagement

May your love always feel like this….

09 beautiful engaged couple

Wherever you lead, I will follow….

10 cape cod wedding photographers


11 cape cod wedding photographers

The sun dips below the horizon, but the light still shines brightly on these two lovely souls.


Kaley & John, thank you both so much for entrusting us with documenting this exciting time in your lives. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your uniquely beautiful love and for being so much fun to photograph! Cannot wait to do it again next summer! Until then, we hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed spending the afternoon with you both! Big hugs, Christine & Andy xo