Andy & I are happy to share yet another family session, once again highlighting one of our very special bello brides & grooms and their lovely family.

Jenna & Aaron said, “I do!” at The Mack House in Chatham back in 2004. It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 years since their wedding…I still remember so much of it and so vividly, especially the crazy beautiful sunset they got. It was as if the Heavens were blessing their vows.

Happily, Jenna & Aaron have kept in touch with us over the years. We even got them back in front of our cameras a couple of years ago. Click HERE for a peek.  We had too much fun with them and their gorgeous boys, Brady & Sam. So, we were over the moon happy when Aaron’s super sweet mom, Dolly, whom we have also kept in touch with, reached out about doing a big family photo session with us.

We hadn’t seen the whole group since the wedding, although we did get to spend an afternoon with Aaron’s sister-in-law, Halley, and her gorgeous daughter, Megan, back in 2007. Click HERE for a look at our time together. But, the whole group getting together…well, it’s been a while.

Just as we expected, it was happy hellos & hugs, as if no time had passed at all. We met up with the gang at Dolly and Jerry’s home in Chatham. And, here’s a look at our time together.

Our merry gang: (left to right) Aaron & Jenna with their boys, Brady & Sam; Papa Jerry; Matt & Halley with their kids, Megan and look-who’s-all-grown-up Ryan; Nana Dolly; Kalley & Chris with their sweet girls Paige & Brooke.

Aaron & Jenna with their sweet boys, Brady & Sam. Can hardly believe it’s been 9 years since these two got married. They are still as happy and full of love for one another (and now their lovebugs) as they were when we first met them….perhaps even more so. Yaaaay for that!

Aaron’s big brother Matt with his family…son, Ryan, daughter, Megan and lovely wife, Halley. Though she’s not quick to admit it, it’s obvious that Megan is just smitten with her big brother. They’re so cute together!

Now this little peanut…I was obsessed with her. I was first struck by her crazy beautiful hair. Kalley told me that Paige has a very rare condition where her hair follicles are odd shaped, which makes her hair grow in super kinky. It’s just gorgeous, just like the girl who wears it with style. Hey, what do you say, lovebug, want to share some of those Oreos with your new photographer friend? Or you could just say, “Cheeeeeeeseeee.” Priceless!

Chris, Kalley, Paige and her baby sister, Brooke. Some snuggle time with Daddy and her favorite lovey. Awwwwwww…

Play time with Brooke.

After getting reacquainted and doing some photos in the backyard, we headed to a nearby beach for some more pics and some playtime as the sun was setting. Aaron and his beloved boys. Love these fellas!!!

Our happy couple….

Sweet Megan…it’s hard to believe how grown up she is now. I still think of her as that sweet mermaid at the beach. And, her proud parents….are they cute or what?

Love this next moment….love how Sam is carrying a feather he found on the beach as he’s running and how the motion speaks to childhood and how fleeting it is. If only we could slow down time, just a bit!

Chris & Kalley and their baby girl, Brooke. Hey smiley girl!!!

Another group shot as we say goodbye to the setting sun…

Brady & Sam looooove sports. Me, I love these photos of them…Brady will his sly, self-assured grin as he hits a ball with his dad & Uncle, and cheeky Sam. Mmmmmm….just want to eat you boys up!

Andy has a way of finding really cool perspectives. Love this next shot. It very much reminds me of a photo he took during our trip to Panama.

Exploring the shallows…

Momma & daughter. Husband & wife. Love is…THIS!

Squeezing the very last bit out of the daylight, Aaron gives Sam a shoulder ride before we say adieu. Sighhhh….

Thank you to the whole family for such a fun afternoon/evening. It was so great seeing everyone again, meeting the newest family members and reconnecting with those we hadn’t seen in a while. Dolly & Jerry, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with us, for welcoming us back into the fold with such warmth & affection! We adore you all and feel so grateful that you have kept in touch and have once again allowed us to document all of the love you so obviously have for one another! Sending loads right back atcha!

‘Till we meet again! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo