Sheri & Steve met as many busy couples do today….online. And, like any form of dating, sometimes it takes a while before you really figure out what you want. But, when you do, and the stars align, that is where true magic can be found. During our recent love session with Sheri & Steve it became obvious very quickly that their relationship is most definitely touched by magic.

Busy professionals, Sheri & Steve had done their fair share of dating, but they just weren’t finding their match….you know….your best friend, soul mate, the person who fits you, who gets you, who shows up when they say they will and who is by your side when the going gets tough. THE match.

One day, the digital dating Gods gave the deck just the right shuffle and paired the two to meet. After a few pleasant email exchanges and telephone chats, a first date was set. They met at a wine bar for dinner, and the conversation was easy & fun. A few more dates soon followed and by their fourth date, they got together to celebrate Sheri’s birthday.

“Steve made an incredible lobster dinner. Did I mention he is an amazing cook?” And, as Sheri shared….the rest is history. “Steve was so different than anyone else I had dated,” she told us. “When I am with Sheri, I feel happier than I ever thought imaginable,” added Steve.

Fast forward two years and this sweet, warm, kind, loving pair is planning a summer wedding at the wonderful, Wequassett Inn. And, we could not be happier to get to share in this exciting time with them.

We got together with Sheri & Steve a couple of weeks ago, meeting them for the first time at our studio in the morning. And, then later that afternoon, we headed to Osterville for some love session fun (aka engagement photos) at some of our favorite spots. Steve & Sheri confessed to being nervous…..saying they don’t typically photograph very well. Ummmm….these next few images tell a very different story, my friends.

Without further ado, meet the lovely Sheri & Steve:

Steve helps adjust Sheri’s dress before we begin…although we began without them. I don’t know why, but I just loved the moment of Steve helping Sheri. There’s something so timeless about a good man helping his lovely lady do her dress. And, their puckered smooch tugs at my heartstrings in all the right ways.

At the start of our session, okay pretty much during the entire session, Sheri would just look at Steve and with this big, beautiful smile, she’d just giggle. Wrapped in the arms of the one you love, giggling….does it get much better than that?

Yup….apparently, it does. Sheri your expression just radiates love & contentment and oh, how beautiful that is!

More giggles….delightful!

And more content snuggling in…you know the spot. We all have one with our honey….that little nook that fits like no other. Yup, that there is some magic.

Peeking through the flowers & bushes at our lovely pair…peek-a-boo, we see you!

If a smile could speak….oh, the things it would say.

Next, we headed to the beach for sunset. Late summer here on the Cape is such a beautiful time…the grasses are drying out, the sky still so blue…add a beautiful, giggling couple and voila…HEAVEN!

As silly as Sheri & Steve can be together, there is also a calmness, an inner peace and comfort wrapped in a whole bunch of tenderness that is really lovely to see and super fun to photograph….Can we talk about the way Steve is tenderly holding Sheri’s hand in this next one? Sometimes when you wait a little longer to find love, when you do find it, you appreciate it that much more. I really feel that coming through in this moment with them.

Love. Love. Love!

Having done this for so many years, it can sometimes be challenging for Andy & I to find new ways to look at things, new ways to document couples that allows their unique story to come through, while still producing beautiful imagery. I was so inspired by Sheri & Steve, this next one just sort of came to me and I must admit….I love it! The way they’re looking at each other, the colors, lines and just the vastness of the sky. Somehow it feels right for them and it was fun for me….the perfect combination.

And, sometimes….all you need is a look, with big, real, love-filled smiles, and a slight tilt of the head…so relaxed, so lovely, so them!

A quick outfit change and some more giggling…

Steve has this really gentle way of kissing Sheri’s forehead that makes he glow from the inside out and makes photographers like us smile from the inside out!

Love these two together!!

Where you lead, I will follow….side by side.

No better place in the world, than in the arms of the you love…

These next two could be my faves of the day. By now, Steve & Sheri were completely relaxed (they were pretty relaxed really the whole time, but I think the nerves were fully gone now) and the love and magic…oh how it did shine though.

Magic hour….gorgeous light makes me almost as happy as a deliciously in-love couple.

Another fave….Sheri looks so happy. I feel like they could be doing a commercial for anything in this next one…and I’d buy what they were selling! You two are too freaking cute!

Sheri & Steve, thank you both so much for opening up to us in such a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing this happy time with us and for entrusting us with documenting your wedding with love, care & creativity it deserves. Special thanks too, to Zofia Crosby of Zofia & Company, Nantucket for sending you our way. Getting a stamp of approval from someone whose work we so admire is a huge compliment. And, we know how important photography is to you, Sheri, and how much you & Steve want your wedding to be photographed in a way that captures all the love you have for each other and those closest to you, and we hope that these photos let you all feel confident in your decision to choose Andy & me. We absolutely loved spending time with you both, watching you together and just soaking in some of the love & magic you radiate and we cannot wait to be there with you when you say, “I do!” Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo