One of the best compliments for a photographer is when another photographer wants you to take photos of them and their family. It’s always super flattering, and I’ll admit, can also be a bit unnerving, but in a good way.

Back in July, we got a really lovely email from Kevin, a former professional photographer turned programmer, who said some really nice stuff about us and our work. He also wanted to book a session with us in August, while he & his family were visiting the Cape for vacation.

Kevin’s warm, kind, generous and super sweet personality came shining through in his emails, and so we were very much looking forward to meeting him and his beautiful family ~ wife, Dana, and kids, Allie & Brady.

Getting to watch them play together, aware as photographers & their families are, of what makes for a good photo, was both inspiring to us and made our job not easy, but also super fun! Even the kids seemed to know just how to be in the perfect place, with the perfect light, making THE most adorable face….it had Andy & me giddy with delight.

See for yourself as we share a few of our favorites from our time with this wonderful family.

Are they cute or what??

Love this exchange between Kevin & his gorgeous wife, and former photography assistant, Dana.

Allie is just gorgeous and an absolutely dream to photo…love this next one as we play a little peek-a-boo around the pilings at Barnstable harbor.

If I knew them better, I would totally be munching on those delicious cheeks of Brady’s. Too cute! And, can we talk about sweet Miss Allie getting in a little deeper than she maybe should have, but oh, how we loved that she did!

Something about Allie’s body language in the photo on the left takes my breath away. She’s so aware of herself and how her dress is getting pulled down by the water, floating and spinning as she moves. Just beautiful! And, her gorgeous smile on the right, with her wispy hairs across her face and dripping dress…honestly, I just can’t take the off-the-charts cuteness factor!

Momma and her baby boy….Mmmmm good!

Pressing noses….yup, that’s some momma lovin.

Allie & daddy time. Be still my heart!!! Can we talk about Allie’s face in the last one as she squeezes her daddy tight. Oh, the love!!!

I think my heart just stopped…

picking berries….beautiful girl!

silly time…it’s like Hammer Time only way better! If you’re too young to know what this is google 80s awesomeness! 🙂

When little kids grab the face of a parent (or aunties…most especially if I am said auntie) to give them a kiss with real meaning, a little piece of me dies and goes to Heaven.

After some time with the kids, Kevin & Dana wanted to take a little time for just them….and, oh, are we big fans of this! Time goes so quickly, especially for busy young families, and it’s easy to lose sight of the romance that once came so freely between you & your partner. And, I can think of no better way than to light the spark again than with a kissing & snuggling filled love session.

I mean really….do they look happy to have some time together or what???

Love. Love. oh, glorious Love!

a cute couple enjoying each other + some fabulous architecture and a little rim lighting = a photographer’s dream

Kevin & Dana were so fun to photograph. We really didn’t have to tell them much in the way of posing…they just knew how to play together and sit/move in a way that made getting great photos like these next two easy peasy. Thanks guys!!

The look of love…

Hey cuties…

Hummuna Hummuna…

Kevin & Dana…thank you so much for such a fun afternoon/evening. You guys are wonderful and your kids are crazy sweet and totally adorable (just like their parents). We hope you guys love these photos as much as we loved being with you, and that they might serve as happy reminders of this time in your lives. Thank you again for reaching out, for all of the really nice things you’ve said about us and for reinforcing why we love this work of ours as much as we do! More pics soon to follow! Until then, big love & hugs to you all, Christine & Andy xoxo