One of the things we so enjoy about the work we do is how it connects us to people…to not only the people we photograph, but also to their families. And, if we’re really lucky, we not only get to photograph one wedding in a family, but sometimes, a sibling gets married and we get invited back to photograph another important family milestone….and this we truly LOVE!

A couple of weeks ago, something new happened to us. We were invited back into a family fold to photograph not the wedding of a sibling, but of a mom. Yup, Andrea, the mom of one of our very sweet grooms (Hartwig) from seven years ago said, “I do!” to a very special man, Rudy, in the same beautiful, ocean side backyard where Hartwig and his lovely bride, Anne, said, “I do!” seven years prior…actually it was just a few days shy of their anniversary.

It was such a treat for us. We saw a lot of the same faces, though some were now all grown up. And, we also got to work with a lot of the same fabulous wedding vendors ~ the Casual Gourmet, DJ Keither Lemire, Sperry Tents, Fancy Flowers. It was a spectacular affair.

And, most notable was the great care Andrea & Rudy took to create a wedding day that not only celebrated their truly inspiring love, but that also made all of their guests, including their children from previous marriages, feel comfortable and included. It was a beautiful day….in every way and I must admit, I was brought to tears at least once.

Andrea & Rudy prefer to keep things private, so we won’t be sharing photos from their wedding (sniff, sniff…such a shame as there were some beautifully emotional moments). However, during their wedding weekend, we also got together with Anne & Hartwig, for a sort of anniversary love session. We didn’t spend a lot of time together, but it was so great to get this sweet, warm, loving couple back in front of our cameras again, when the weekend’s focus wasn’t so squarely on them.

Here are a few of our favorite moments from our reunion with them:

In addition to taking some anniversary photos, Anne & Hartwig were also looking for some casual headshots for work. Hartwig works for an international non-profit organization and Anne works for a wine distributor. We hope these relaxed portraits convey the warm vibe they were looking for.

Now to celebrate seven love-filled years….

Snuggling in the Angel’s garden…this was where we did some wedding day portraits with them seven years ago….Love!

Tall grasses & snuggling with your sweetie…swoon!

Add in some great warm, late-day sunlight & a kiss and voila….

By this frog pond is where both Hartwig & Anne and Andrea & Rudy both said, “I do!” So much love and wonderful memories created in this special place!

Seven years later and no itching happening here…

Reflecting on the past and looking ahead to the future….ahhhhh

I wish more couples (myself & Andy included) took the time to celebrate their lasting relationship with a love session. There’s something so wonderful about documenting love that isn’t quite so new & shiny, but that has grown and changed and strengthened with time.

Silhouette kisses….devine.

Hartwig & Anne, thank you so much for once again sharing your love with us in such a beautiful way! You two are wonderful and it was so much fun getting to spend the weekend with all of you! You left us with so much from which to be inspired! Special thanks too to Andrea & Rudy for including us in your AMAZING wedding! Watching you both, particularly during the ceremony, when overcome by the joyful emotion of the day, broke into tears, and then into dance, was truly something we will never forget! Love you all and feel so blessed to have you in our lives! Big thanks too to all of the amazing wedding professionals who make our job not only easier, but loads more fun! Love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo