This summer seems to be THE summer for reunions with brides & grooms from 6-7 years ago and it’s been such a treat to get to see how much has changed for them and yet how much has stayed the same.

Our most recent reunion was with Amy & Brian, who said, “I do!” seven years ago at the beautiful Wequassett Resort. Since then, they have had three sweet little boys and this past winter, Brian emailed us because he wanted to surprise Amy with a family session this summer during their vacation to the Cape.

Yes, pleaseeee!

We really do love getting to see our bello brides & grooms again. And, getting to meet the little people their love has created since we first met them as wide-eyed newly engaged couples really is such a treat. It’s a real life affirmation of love & commitment and the perfect reminder of why we love what we do.

We got together with Amy, Brian and their boys, Alex, Charlie & Teddy a couple of weeks ago at one of our favorite local spots. Here’s a look at our time together.

Are they cute or what? And, sweet Teddy Bear is exactly as his name suggests! Love this little monkey!

Charlie & Alex, like most little boys, don’t reeeeaaaallly want to sit still. Getting them to do so, and smile wasn’t easy, but it sure was fun. We made each other laugh and I just love how Alex is enjoying making us work for it! Bless him!

Hey cuties….(And as an aside, I cannot get over how much Alex looks like my cousin Andy when he was little and also his son Andrew, who is a mini-me of his dad. It’s kind of eerie.

Why kids love to run is a mystery to me, but the joy on their faces when they do is all we need to tell them to go for it. Run little fellas run!

Come on dad…you know you want to too!

Beach treasures and the boys who love to find them…

Love this photo…for so many reasons!

Sweet Teddy and his papa bear.

A quiet moment of digging in the sand….ahhhh, life’s simple pleasures!

Beautiful momma, Amy, and her newest pup take a little snack break. Is he a happy little guy or what?

Some ducks showed up at the beach and sweet, rambunctious Charlie was all over it! As much as he is energetic, he is also crazy sweet. I just love his spirit and this moment captured of him looking up at his dad makes my heart sing!

Sometimes I think it would be fun to show the 25 other photos we took trying to get this next one. Teddy is pretty big (aka chunky) for his age, so holding him up was no easy feat for his big brothers, who really just wanted to keep running around. The outtake shots are pretty hysterical. But, this one…it’s a keeper.

As much as we know it’s important to get the perfectly-composed-everyone’s-looking-at-the-camera photos, it’s these real, in between moments that I think are what life is all about. What do you think?

I’m not sure what Charlie was discussing with his dad, although he was fishing something out of his pocket, so I suspect he was telling him about that. But, I just love the way they’re so engaged and that little tongue…really it’s just too much! Priceless!

Wrapping up the chat with a hug…be still my heart!

And back to running wild and tickles with mommy…wooo hooo.

I’ve gotcha….

Who’s got who? These are the moments mommies live for! And, mommy-lovin’ photographers too! I get a little weepy looking at this next exchange.

Charlie was digging our little game of peek-a-boo. Not as much as I was. Thanks little guy for the picture perfect moment!

What’s better than running wild…building stuff…with rocks. Yeeeaaaaahhhh!

After all of their hard work modeling (aka playing and making their new friends with cameras chase them all over the beach) it was time for PJs, lovies, and night night for our little guys. They look almost as tuckered out as we were. The best kind of tuckered out. Goodnight little bears! xoxo

Brian, thank you so much for thinking of us when considering an anniversary pressie for Amy. It was soooo great seeing you guys again. And, even though it felt like no time had passed since we last saw you, your beautiful, sweet, fun, loving little boys are evidence to the contrary. We are so happy for you all, for the beautiful family you have created and for the way your love has grown and blossomed in such a beautiful way! We hope these photos serve as happy reminders of this fleeting time when you babes are still little, and also of your Cape Cod vacation. Here’s hoping we can do it again soon! Until our next meeting, sending big love & hugs to you all! Christine & Andy xoxo